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Sunny Chan Opens Restaurant to Gain Better Financial Stability

By on November 23, 2011

Sunny Chan Opens Restaurant to Gain Better Financial Stability thumbnail

Filming numerous series in the past, Sunny Chan (陳錦鴻) realized that an acting career may not be viable in the long-term. In order to be a responsible husband and father, Sunny harbored an early interest to start a restaurant business. Numerous celebrities and Sunny’s colleagues would often hold special events at his restaurant. Since Sunny served as a spokesperson for the restaurant, this brought upon much liveliness and business.

In 2003, Sunny Chan founded a restaurant business. The onset of SARS did not impact his business; however, in order to focus on being a good father, Sunny closed his restaurant in 2007 to care for his son. In 2010, Sunny opened his new restaurant in Hong Kong and second restaurant in Guangzhou under his friend’s recommendation. The only change from his initial business was that Sunny’s restaurants offer Cantonese food instead of Chaozhou food.

Sunny smiled, “Several years ago, I had to care for my son and did not have time to manage my restaurant. This time, I am opening a new restaurant because I want to return the favors I owe the investors.”

As a second-time business owner, Sunny established the right balance between acting, running his business, and taking care of his family. This was due to Sunny’s younger sister stepping in to help manage the restaurant. When Sunny has time, he will go to the restaurant to try out the dishes and control the quality of the food. Numerous artists and colleagues chose Sunny’s restaurant as the venue to watch the premier and ending broadcasts of TVB series over dinner.

Sunny stated seriously, “Since I have to act and take care of my son; it will be a long way to pay for the education expenses. Acting is not a viable long-term career. If I do not have any filming engagements in the future, I will still have my own business as a financial resource. My family will have a place to drink tea and eat meals!


Source: Orientaldaily.on.cc

Jayne: I do recall that Sunny had opened a restaurant years ago, just didn’t realize that he had closed it down in order to care for his son more. I admire Sunny as a loving father and his ability to think forward to the future: balancing family, acting, and running a business! Wish Sunny lots of luck!

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  • Readers' Comments (21)

    1. uyenta says:

      Me too, i hope he will be successful with his restaurant and acting!!!

    2. Veejay says:

      Sunny gives me an impression that he’s a quality good husband and father. Besides being a good actor, I rarely hear any bad gossip/rumours of him being with other woman… Wish him best of lucks in the food chain business

    3. Lucia says:

      I didn’t know that Sunny closed his previous restaurant either.

      Good luck Sunny! You are a really good actor and father!

      Does anyone know what is the name and what is the address of Sunny’s new restaurant? Thanks.

    4. Kidd says:

      So many stars open restaurants and food outlets.

    5. AC says:

      I really like Sunny. I wish him a lot of success with his new restaurant.

      I think the reason he doesn’t try to enter the mainland market is because he doesn’t want to leave his son for long periods of time. That is probably why he’s happy to stay with TVB. I hope TVB recognizes his efforts and give him more opportunities in the future.

    6. Fox says:

      I rmb he had one, no?

    7. exoidus says:

      Smart of him to diversify his assets, however the restaurant business is a highly competitive one.

      Wish him luck with his business so he can leave TVB for good…

    8. Funn Lim says:

      I don’t understand why everyone opens a restaurant when restaurant business is not easy to do. Why? WHY?

      • Fox says:

        ^ you can refer to exoidus’s answer above. They want to leave TVB, haha.

      • exoidus says:

        I think it’s due to easy entry and their output are unique although there are substitutes out there.

        It also helps when you are a celeb that makes this an attractive investment. Not sure about Sunny’s target group but i suspect upper middel class which might be more correlation to the economic environment.

        • Veejay says:

          I always think that veteran actors who earned enough frm working in TVb will usually open business whether locally or oversea just to ensure they have a stable income even if tvb stop using them anymore.

      • Larry 3 says:

        TVB pay is cheap.

    9. Drey says:


      Whats the name of the restaurant? Im going HK next month and would love to visit his restaurant!

    10. sushiroll says:

      heaps of celebs open a side business like selina li, jessica hsuan, bosco, christine ng etc.

    11. thewong says:

      What other Hong Kong actors/actresses have opened restaurants in Hong Kong? Didn’t Francois Hyunh open a French restaurant in North Point? I know Jackie Chan has an international chain…

    12. Minami says:

      Kind of off topic, does anyone know where Moses Chan’s cafe is in KL?

    13. shadowrain604 says:

      Sunny is reminding me more and more like his character in ATE I. He’s such a warm, friendly and focused family man. So optimistic, his name does really reflect his disposition! Really enjoy watching this actor, but I still hope one day he could play a villain again.

    14. Larry 3 says:

      It is the trend, a lot of TVB former and current actors and actress are in restaurant business just to get more $$$$$ or for a spare time.

    15. Annie says:

      Sunny Chan seems like a very good man and father! I also like his acting (most of the time). Too bad TVB doesn’t promote him…

    16. rei says:

      I heard restaurant business is very challenging and hard to be sucess. Soemtimes it destroy friendship/families if you patner with them. Wish him the best of luck!

    17. miho says:

      Wish this would help him to raise his son.

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