“River of Wine” Theme Song

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Theme song of River of Wine <九江十二坊> performed by Taichi. Series features Bowie Lam, Sunny Chan, Nancy Sit, Linda Chung, Pierre Ngo and Sire Ma to be aired on Monday, August 29, 2011.

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      1. Is it the one with curly hair as the lead singer? Is that Tai Chi? I kept confusing them with the rather effiminate but very atmospheric singer, Tat Ming something.

        Wow! No wonder the song sounds good. How come suddenly use bands? Why didn’t ask… oh Bowie doesn’t sing, Sunny doesn’t sing, Pierre doesn’t sing… thank god!

      2. Yeap, the lead singer has curly hair.

        The effeminate but atmospheric singer is from Tat Ming Pair. His name is Anthony Wong Yiu Ming. The other half of the duo is Lau Yi Tat who mainly played the guitar.

        Bowie sing lah. Remember he sings themesong of ‘War & Beauty’ and ‘Dance of Passion’? Don’t know why they didn’t ask Bowie. Pierre can sing pretty well although he didn’t release any album.

        TVB nowadays use a variety of singers to sing their themesongs. Some themesongs used professional singers, some use participants from The Voice while some use the actors of the series if they happen to be singers as well.

        ‘Ghetto Justice’ didn’t let Myolie or Kevin sing its themesong either. The themesong was sung by MC Jin and Hanjin Tan.

      3. There was also a Taiwanese group called “TaiChi”, but I think they are disbanded now and weren’t that popular to start with. They emphasized martial arts more than singing though..

  1. Wow it is a nice song. I watch 6 episodes already and it is a good series. Love Bowie, Sunny, and Linda. Not sure about Sire Ma though. Is she new?

    I don’t like Bosco sing theme song in LOO. Not good at all. He doesn’t have a voice to hit certain notes.

  2. I have never heard of this series… How many eps does it have? I guess I am just not into TVB series as much.

      1. THanks for the info Larry! I thought that I was the only one that was watching less and less of TVB series. Good thing I can watch series from China, Taiwan, Korea,etc.. so I have other options.

  3. Beautiful song! SO happy a proper singer is singing for once. And very good series thus far.

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