The King of Ten Thousand Phoenixes Costume Fitting

The costume fitting for TVB series, The King of Ten Thousand Phoenixes <萬凰之王>, was held yesterday. The series stars Sunny Chan Kam Hung, Jessica Hsuan, Myolie Wu Hang Yee, Gigi Wong Suk Yee, Vivien Yeo Sau Wai, Macy Chan Mei, Joel Chan San Chung, Nancy Wu Ding Yan, and Sire Ma Choi.

Myolie Wu will play the Empress in The King of Ten Thousand Phoenixes. It has been ten years since Myolie and Jessica filmed Golden Faith <流金歲月>. Although the pair will be arch enemies in the series, Myolie said she looked forward to cooperating with Jessica again. Although the Empress costume was beautiful, Myolie lamented that the layers were very hot and that she will lose ten pounds in weight.

Wearing Qing style shoes, Jessica Hsuan said that most of her toes lost sensation. As she was unused to the heavy hairpiece, she accidentally hit the wall that day. During filming over the next three months, she was concerned that there will be further accidents. Although The King of Ten Thousand Phoenixes will focus on the rivalries between the palace ladies, Jessica was unconcerned about clashes with the other actresses. Jessica said, “When I saw the cast list, I was very happy. The cast is punctual and prepares in advance for filming. One of the reasons I accepted the role is because Sunny Chan is in the series. During our past collaborations, I was very happy with his [professionalism].”

Eric Suen Yiu Wai’s rumored past and present girlfriends, Vivien Yeo and Macy Chan, will play rivals in The King of Ten Thousand Phoenixes. When introducing her role, Vivien said that she will play Sunny’s concubine and Macy will be her maid. Vivien said that her character wished for Macy’s death. Due to their rumors with Eric, did Vivien’s statement reflect her real-life thoughts? Vivien smiled, “No, I am very kind-hearted.” Macy did not read the script yet and was uncertain of the scenes between Vivien and herself. Macy added, “Vivien and I are good co-stars.”

Source: the Sun

Jayne: Personally, I am tired of series focusing on scheming palace ladies. How many spin-off versions of “War and Beauty” does TVB hope to film? I much prefer a well adapted wuxia novel focusing on camaraderie and some history as a side diversion.

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  1. Actually I expect Jessica’s role in this series so much. Hope this series will be different from the others.

  2. Jessica is elegant and Myolie Wu is cute, but to me their faces suit modern series more.

    Linda Chung is another actress that has a “modern” face. I reckon Fala Chen and Tavia Yeung has “ancient” faces

  3. Masaharu, you’re right that Jessica and Myolie have more modern features. But I think TVB is trying to increase Myolie’s popularity in mainland by featuring her in an ancient drama.

    I like Myolie, but to be honest, have been a little disappointed in her recent series. Hope there will be good chemistry between Jessica and Myolie at least.

    I guess Sunny will play an indecisive emperor.

  4. I used to like Myolie. Now I don’t feel anything towards her. She’s not a bad actress, but I don’t know how to put my feelings of her acting to words; its like in every series that she’s in after she gains popularity with WOIL, I found that she tried “too hard” to act that it really look like she’s “acting”.

  5. Masaharu, I understand what you are saying about Myolie. I think she is trying very hard to re-invent herself as a dramatic actress instead of a romantic comedy lead.

    Ever since “To Grow With Love” (where she gained 40 lbs for the role), her acting has been criticized as over-the-top by audiences and critics.

    Myolie had early success as an actress and consequently became over-worked (as typical of TVB). Many of her performances seem to blend together, as if resorting to the same “Myolie method” of acting. I hope she finds her unique spark again.

  6. Agree that Jessica as a modern face. She has a modern career woman face. So, when she play ancient character, she seems out of place. She lack the grace and gentleness of ancient women. Furthermore, her way of speaking is also very modern. So, she lacks the gentleness when she speaks ancient language. she sound so out of place speaking those ancient language in ASITP.

  7. I am tired to seeing Jess in a costume series. May I be frank? She irritates me in a costume series because she doesn’t have the face for the it nor the ancient lady like mannerism to go with it. It is a miscast and coupled with Myolie Wu whose acting these days is dangerously borderline boring or indulgent, I think this series will be terrible even before watching it.

    Total and utter miscast, all of them.

  8. Jessica look stiff in that costume and Myolie Wu look like she’s cosplaying instead of really being an empress. These two are too modern to play ancient series.

  9. Well, I saw Myolie in the Mainland series, Beauty Scheme and I was impressed. I didn’t think for a sec that she has a modern face. I loved her acting in BS ., something refreshing after the long dought in TVB … am glad that TVB gives her somthing new to try.

  10. I don’t think Myolie has the right personality and look to be cast as an empress.

    I do not find her to be a convincing actress in these leading and assertive roles. She is like the cute girl next door with the soft and shy eyes.

    Jessica is also suited to a modern series. She has the screen presence in those parts.

  11. Anyhow, I am looking forward to see how Myolie performs in this role…. just find that the TVB audiences are very critical towards her recent roles. Even if fail to revive her popularity in HK, hopefully it will continue to boaast her popularity in the Mainland

  12. No, I think it depends on how TVB invests in this series about custome, you can see, Lady Fan, Sisters and The Chinese Ghost Story (with Daniel, Wu King, Da S…) Jessica’s face is suitable and her voice is also good!

  13. I love Jessica a lot but her modern face is too striking even in Lady Fan. Maybe its a matter of opinion but I found that her speech isn’t suitable for ancient series too. Also in Square Pegs, A Step in The Past. Jessica is a good actress, but her face, speech style and mannerism isn’t exactly versatile.

    I’ll add as another example that as much as I like Daniel Wu, I still personally feel a bit giddy everytime he’s in an ancient or premodern movie and it has nothing to do with the acting. It’s just that some people have some faces that don’t “belong” well to a specific athmosphere.

  14. Yes, I also like Jessica as an actress. In those Shanghai story like the recent Sister of Pearl, she still can do. But, really ancient ones like WTP and ASITP, she was out of place. It’s not only the look. It’s also the way she talks. Her speech pattern is very modern and ‘hard’. It doesn’t suit the ancient setting. I don’t know how she would do in a palace setting where the concubines and empress need to be very ladylike and graceful. I hope she prove me wrong.

  15. I am sorry to say I find Jess’ acting a bit like someone holding own breath. I find it suffocating sometimes. Hard to express except I also find her predictable, absolutely and utterly predictable. And to be fair to her, so is Myolie these days. And I can find none more unsuitable for such roles than these 2, especially Jess. As for Myolie, if her empress is scheming, cue the staring laser eyes.

  16. “Jess. As for Myolie, if her empress is scheming, cue the staring laser eyes.”

    Will there be a day where TVB scheming villains can do without those laserstaringeyes and heavy powder. Darn. Villains can be hot too but hotness doesn’t equal to heavy face powder or abundant lipstick and eye makeup -_-. Can’t the villains in TVB look attractive as in ordinary attractive people who doesn’t need to look like a villain?

  17. Actually everyone has their own opinions, and nobody is right or wrong. However I appreciate Jessica’s voice in The Drive of Life, very womanly and pretty, I think. Jessica is nearly 20 years in showbiz and when she accepts the role, I believe she can handle everything to give the audience the suprise. Waiting!

  18. Looking forward to watching this series with Jessica and Myolie fighting each other. .. and the rest of the cast too

  19. I always like Jessica in every series. With her nearly 20 years in showbiz i think she can handle the role. I used to like Myolie but recently i found her very boring in recent series. Especially Burning Flame III. Her acting was so horrible I had to fast forward to the next scene.

  20. I don’t know about Jessica in those “palace” costume type, but remember her in “Square pegs”? She looked good in that costume, and it was an ancient show (kinda)

  21. hope it not going to be another ripoff war of beauty or whatever …

  22. I am looking forward to watching this drama as I have never see Jessica acting in this kind of drama. She looked pretty and elegant in that ancient costume…can’t wait for this drama!!!

  23. Their costumes reminds me of Pearl Princess 3. But yeah, agree that both Jessica and Myolie have ‘modern’ faces, quite unsuited to ancient drama. But then, they may surprise us as yet.

  24. I really agree with Jayne and am sick of these palace themed series too. I know that TVB is banned from JY series but they can still adapt from other wuxia writers. Maybe they are scared of being heavily critiqued by the wuxia authors themselves, wuxia fans and the viewers??

  25. “. I know that TVB is banned from JY series”

    Banned? When ? How so? What happened? No wonder no remakes of JY stories!

  26. Funn, it was back in 2000/2001. JY doesn’t like how TVB modifies his stories/endings and other details, characters in their 90’s adaptations. He simply stopped selling them the license to adapt his novels. From what I’ve read, I think HSDS 2000 was the last straw.

  27. I agree with Masaharu, as I got the same feeling bout Myolie too…(its like after she became famous, her acting is just hard for me to watch.

    ps: Sunny’s costume looks cheap to me. 🙁

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