Jessica Hsuan’s Secret to Maintaining Her Slim Figure

Currently seen in Armed Reaction 2021 <陀枪师姐2021>, Jessica Hsuan (宣萱) had a show-stealing scene in a low-cut shirt and fishnet stockings. Aside from her fit figure, the 50-year-old actress shows little signs of aging because of her commitment to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Mountain hiking is Jessica’s favorite activity, as she likes the challenge of trekking through uneven grounds while enjoying the natural environment. “Hong Kong’s outskirts have beautiful scenery and convenient transportation. It’s a great place for  urbanites to relax. I did limit my hiking activities during the pandemic,” Jessica shared in a promotional clip aimed at encouraging the public to have hope during the pandemic.

Encouraging others to maintain an active lifestyle, Jessica said, “Right now, even if you are unable to go outside to exercise, you can follow online videos like me to do some exercise, stretch, and stay being active. Of course, you need a balanced diet and adequate rest. This will help you stay healthy during the pandemic.”

Jessica Lost 11 Pounds in One Month

Although Jessica currently has a healthy lifestyle, there was a time when the actress struggled with her weight. After filming Tiger Cubs <飛虎> in 2012, Jessica had a stressful year filming in China while also dealing with a breakup. During this time period, Jessica turned to binge eating and ended up gaining 20 pounds. Her weight gain looked obvious in front of the camera while filming 2013’s drama The War of Beauties <愛情悠悠藥草香>.

When the director requested Jessica to lose weight, the actress was determined to lose 11 pounds in one month and shared that she achieved this by hiking and watching her diet closely. Preparing healthy smoothies for herself after exercising, her favorite smoothie is a blend of blueberries, raspberries and milk because it strengthens her immunity while promoting blood circulation.

In addition, Jessica also likes to scrape and massage her body to promote lymphatic drainage. When her lymphatic system is congested, she will look swollen. Persistently giving herself a daily massage, she has seen good results.

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    1. @hohliu Guess they have a lot of highlands. Pretty popular sport for retired people as well I think? I remember visiting Mt Takao in Japan and struggling whilst all the pensioners sauntered past with no problem lol.

    1. @asiansensation
      True but it depends as many women in my family actually look better after having kids. Some have it easier than others. Just having kids versus raising them are 2 different things.

  1. I think it’s really sad that the director even asked her to lose weight. She’s already too thin, and they need her to lose more. That’s why you have people like Sammi who goes overboard on weight loss. I hate repeating this, but in the US they would be considered way underweight.

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