“Curse of the Royal Harem” Trailer

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Trailer for TVB series, Curse of the Royal Harem, starring Jessica Hsuan, Myolie Wu, Sunny Chan, and Nancy Wu. What treachery lies within the palace? What tactics will the concubines employ in order to preserve their self-interests and seize power? What deceptions lie ahead?

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  1. Too many plot spoilers revealed in this trailer of “Curse of the Royal Harem.” Even the affair between Myolie and Joel Chan is revealed, as well as the countless confrontations between Jessica and Myolie.

    The trailer felt like the series will revolve entirely between Jessica and Myolie’s hatred against each other, insert a few helpless and tearful expressions from Sunny.

    Also, the makeup feels almost Chinese opera-like, in which the actresses’ bold eye makeup makes their eyes look more scheming and sinister.

  2. too epic… and i thought BTROC was epic… boy was i wrong

  3. Meh, another series with heavy makeup and OTT acting. The only one that seems to be doing a good job in the trailer is Nancy Wu. The rest of them are either trying too hard or being to weak in their roles.

  4. Yes too much was revealed in the trailer. Seems its more of a summary video of the series than a teaser trailer. Based on this trailer I think Myolie is a bit OTT and I think Tavia did a better job at portraying an evil character. I’m not too sure what kinda character Jessica is supposed to be… But I would still watch it for her! =P

  5. Watched ep 1 & 2 yesterday, Myolie’s performance was okay there as evil concubine.. Actually she has yet to show her evilness yet in the series since it was just ep 1& 2 that was showed yesterday…but I think she would make a better evil concubine compare with Tavia cuz imo, Myolie can carry evil role better.

  6. I watched the first 2 episodes and I think it’s pretty good so far! A lot more happened than I thought it would since a lot of the trailer is actually in the first 2 eps.

    I think Myolie is doing a very good job so far and how she’s more insecure than evil. It’s weird seeing Jessica in roles where she’s more timid but I can’t wait until her character starts to fight back.

  7. So no weird make-up in the first 2 episodes yet? That’s why it’s ok to watch, I think.
    I laughed like crazy seeing their makeup in the trailer. Who in the right mind would put on such makeup?

  8. But I dun think myolie character’s dat good in this series. I wonder if he won the best actress awards for this drama when jessica’s far better than her. Her actings not so convincing. Give her one more years to prove her talent. Based on acting, I think cheung ho yee, jessica hsuan n tavia’s deserved to win this year.

  9. I have just watched trailer of curse of the royal harem and the trailer forced me to comment because it is very much realistic based and it’s fashion designer worked hard I specially like Korean style clothing which is wisely used in it.

  10. I watched a bit of the trailer and found that Myolie’s acting was quite good. But, I personally find that Jessica is too mature for a palace maid.

    Like seriously?==”I dun think myolie is cut out for evil roles larh.I think she was ALOTTTT.Times better acting in GJ.Tavia OBVIOUSLY did a better job in BTROC.(no offence)

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