Niki Chow Does Not Mind Working with Kevin Cheng Again

Niki Chow (周麗淇) has confirmed that she is interested in renewing her current per-series contract with TVB. “There’s a very high chance for me to renew it,” said Niki at a recent promotional function.

Earlier this week, tabloids reported that Niki agreed to renew her TVB contract for an extra five years in exchange for a TVB Best Actress award. The reports further claimed that Niki even agreed to collaborate with former lover Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) again in a new Amy Wong (王心慰) drama. Niki and Kevin dated briefly while shooting Amy Wong dramas Under the Canopy of Love <天幕下的戀人> and The Seventh Day <最美麗的第七天> between 2006 and 2008. The couple reportedly broke up on bad terms.

Though Niki stated that she is indeed looking at renewing her contract with TVB, she found the tabloid reports highly exaggerated and said that she does not believe artists could exchange long contracts for awards. “Why would such a big institution give me [the award] just for my contract? If I could do it, than anyone could do it.”

Niki also said that she would be returning to TVB soon to shoot another television drama. Asked if her costar would be her former boyfriend Kevin Cheng, Niki thought for a moment, then said, “It has already been so many years. I don’t think I would mind. I don’t care who I’m working with, as long as I get a good part.”

She also said she would not mind teaming up with Kevin as an onscreen couple again, saying that it would be for work.


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  1. Wow Niki looks more and more pretty after her love sparks with a younger boyfriend.

  2. Work and personal life should be kept apart, however, it is hard as an actor and actress since that is not the typical kind of job. But if they are professional, then it should not be a problem. Also, they are only working on that series so once the series is over, you all go your separate ways until you happen to work together again.

  3. Think it is just a promotion for her since the awards ceremony is coming.

  4. Why would she mind when she already found a younger and richer boyfriend than Kevin. She looks happy lately.

    1. Remember it’s only a younger boyfriend, they’re not engaged to be married. Niki is still carrying the torch for Kevin (even though she has never admitted it but action speaks louder than words, she didn’t date much after her split) and personally speaking, it’s not a good idea for them to play onscreen couple.

      Kevin is hot in the mainland, very much in demand. To partner him right now could bring Niki extra attention. I’ve never liked her and her acting is only so-so. I would rather Kevin renew his relationship with Charmaine as she’s intelligent and more mature (the type that Kevin wants).

  5. Niki is ok……….to work with Kevin cheng again………………because I think they can get together and work together or as a friend………………………….

  6. I too feel that Niki is still carrying a torch for Kevin and of course she would not mind co-starring with him again. So, she does admit that there was really something serious between them by saying,” It has already been so many years.I dont think I would mind.” Time heals wounds and hurts.

  7. There is rumour saying that Kevin is dating Charmaine again. I hope it’s not true cause I hate her very much

    1. saw it too! it’s among top trending in weibo! i don’t believe it! kevin can find someone better than charmaine!

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