Park Min Young and Song Kang in Talks for “Office Romance Cruelty”

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Park Min Young and Song Kang in Talks for “Office Romance Cruelty”

Another exciting Korean romcom is underway as Park Min Young and Song Kang are currently in discussions to lead Office Romance Cruelty. An unexpected pairing, fans are curious about their chemistry as they patiently wait for their responses.

JTBC drama Office Romance Cruelty tells a story about love blossoming between an older woman and younger man working together at a weather forecast agency. Park Min Young is offered to play Jin Ha Kyung, the chief of the second meteorological division. While she is smart and well-disciplined, her cold demeanor and sensitive personality make her hard to approach. On the other hand, Song Kang is invited to play Lee Si Woo, a kind and down-to-earth employee who grew up from the countryside. Despite looking incapable, he possesses an IQ of 150 and is passionate about his work.

As rumors of Min Young and Song Kang’s casting circulate, their agency Namoo Actors commented that “the two have received offers and are currently reviewing them.”

The Office Romance Cruelty will be directed by Cha Young Hoon who previously worked on When the Camellia Blooms along with writer Sun Young.

While the final confirmation is not out yet, there is already a flurry of excitement among fans as Min Young may finally be back after her one-year break since When the Weather is Fine. Rising star Song Kang is also participating in many projects lately including Love Alarm 2 and Navillera.

Source: Korea Star Daily

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