Park Min Young Was Troubled By Ex-Boyfriend’s Scandal

(Above) Looking stunning in a tube-style black gown

Appearing at a publicity event for currently airing drama Marry My Husband, actress Park Min Young has finally spoken up, sharing how she was “physically and emotionally disturbed” by her ex-boyfriend’s scandal!

Turning up at the event along with cast actors Na In-woo, Lee Yi-kyung, Song Ha-yoon and Lee Gi-kwang, the drama goddess’s radiant appearance calmed fan worries about her dropping too much weight when it was reported that she deliberately slimmed down, and at one point weighed just 37kg, to portray the drama’s cancer-stricken protagonist.

Looking back on 2023, the 37-year-old called it an exhausting year as she had been “physically and emotionally affected” the whole time, after getting embroiled into her ex-boyfriend Kang Jong Hyun’s headline-making fraud scandal. During filming for Marry My Husband”, the seasoned actress even doubted her own ability to do a good job on set, but is grateful to the drama’s director who had “supported her firmly”, delivering a strong performance, as testified by the gorgeous stills released.

Recalling how she was “tinged with feelings of regret every single day”, Park Min Young said she visited psychiatric services, and even got a brain imaging scan done. Having went through an intensely challenging period, she has learnt to appreciate the happy moments, and wants to share more about her journey, now that she is back in good health.

Source: WorldJournal

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  1. I really view her as a woman who enjoys her craft and artistry…but there is a inner side of her that really wants to be dote on, love and taken care of… She have not be lucky in her romance lifeline…

    1. Plan to watch Marry My Husband? Thought I wouldn’t like it since I have dropped the webtoon but the drama so far has been entertaining.

      1. Lol, I tend to watch drama after they finished… I hated waiting weekly. But I sneaked a preview of ep 1…then it went to 2…now waiting for 3. All broke all rules in my book. I love it so much. Entertaining.

      2. @Hohliu I tend to lose interest if I need to wait till all the releases before watching it. Before it’s a habit, having to wait for daily release of TVB drama during their golden era.
        Hope this drama is good enough to keep me watching since I have the history of dropping halfway too. Just finished Lee Se Young’s latest drama and trying to find more dramas.

      3. @Bearbear, after eps 4, I decided to stop till this ends and batch watch it. I have not wait patience. I dont have long list of dramas to batch watch…lol. Just have to find time to go thru them. When I start, I dont like to stop unless it is really unentertaining. At most I forward parts till I finish.

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