Park Min Young Called as Witness in Ex-boyfriend’s Investigation

Last September, Park Min Young was exposed to be dating rich businessman Kang Jong Hyun. A controversial figure, Kang was arrested and detained for embezzlement and stock manipulation of one of South Korea’s largest crypto currency exchanges, Bithumb. Even though the pair already broke up, Park Min Young is now implicated in the investigation.

Park Min Young made her debut in 2005 after filming a commercial. She has since starred in many popular South Korean dramas including Healer and What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim. Her image took a huge hit last year after her romantic ties with Kang surfaced.

Just as the scandal was dying down, SBS reported that the actress was called in as a witness on February 13, and investigated for her possible involvement in Bithumb and its associated companies. The prosecution apparently acquired evidence showing Park Min Young’s name on anonymous bond transactions. It was said that the investigation would impact her impending work schedule for upcoming drama Marry My Husband.

On February 15, Park Min Young’s agency issued a statement confirming that she was indeed summoned for investigation. Contrary to speculations, she is currently not prohibited from leaving the country.

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  1. Well…very interesting development. I hope she did not commit any crimes. Be careful who you date!!!

  2. whether it’s a rich guy or a poor guy, if it’s a shady guy he’ll get you in trouble. she needs to wear better eyes next time.

    1. Yup and women should not just look at a guys wealth if they decide to settle down. Men should also look for more than a woman’s looks.

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