Park Min Young’s Boyfriend Reveals Why They Broke Up

It was recently reported that Korean actress Park Min Young had dated Kang Jong Hyun, the chairman of Bithumb, which is one of South Korea’s largest cryptocurrency exchange companies. The businessman was sentenced to two years and six months for financial fraud. However, once the news broke out, Park Min Young was quick to cut ties and announced that she had already broken up with Kang Jong Hyun.

Netizens were not keen about the quick response, criticizing the actress for publicly cutting ties so hurriedly.

Kang Jong Hyun recently stepped forward to address the controversy. Clarifying that he was not as wealthy as tabloids claimed, he admitted that the couple had unanimously agreed to breaking up so as not to affect Park Min Young’s career.

Emphasizing his ex-girlfriend’s love and passion for acting, Kang Jong Hyun pleaded with the public and the media to leave Park Min Young alone. They can focus writing about him if they wished, but to not link him to Park Min Young anymore.

Although the media photographed Kang Jong Hyun exiting luxury homes and cars, he explained that he did not own the properties. Allegedly possessing five Rolex watches, he admitted that the watches were counterfeit. He also confessed that while he had gifted one Chanel purse to Park Min Young, she was actually the one to give him more gifts.

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Park Min Young Denies Taking A Lot of Money from Ex-boyfriend

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