Park Min Young Looks Stunning in “Forecasting Love and Weather” New Stills

South Korean drama Forecasting Love and Weather starring Park Min Young and Song Kang are ready to show their new images as professional weather forecasters.

The romance drama follows the lives and love stories of the employees working in Korea Meteorological Administration. Like the weather, the employee’s lives are unpredictable and characters who are polar opposites might collide unexpectedly.

Park Min Young stars as a hardworking forecaster, who lives by the books and is stubborn with separating her professional life from her personal life. Due to her strict demeanor, she is feared by her colleagues and is labelled as an “outsider”.

In the new stills, Park Min Young looks chic in the office and delivers a serious and professional image. Passionate about her job, Park Min Young’s character is seen meticulously analyzing meteorological data and leading her team with charisma.

Sharing details of the character, the production revealed, “Park Min Young nails down her character with her accurate pronunciation and excellent acting skills. Even though the script has many difficult jargons, the actress is able to pick them up and recite them naturally and fluently. Please look forward to Park Min Young’s character in this new theme.”

Forecasting Love and Weather will premiere on February 12.


Source: Korea Star Daily

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