Song Kang Shows Improvement in “Forecasting Love and Weather”

Forecasting Love and Weather aired its finale on April 3 with an average nationwide rating of 7.3 percent. Both Song Kang and Park Min Young drew recognition for their chemistry in the meteorological office drama–particularly Song Kang who showed improvement in his acting skills.

Playing a free-spirited and intelligent weather forecaster, Song Kang thoroughly engaged the audience with his positive energy and sunny disposition. Daring to love, his straight-forward character is dedicated towards his job who also grows into a mature and understanding partner. His realization that dating encompasses more than just love, requiring the need to open up oneself honestly and make compromises, demonstrates his awareness of the intricacies of love.

Sharing his final thoughts for the drama, Song Kang expressed that he learned a lot from playing the role. While the filming was tiring, the actor felt it was a very fulfilling experience and hopes it would leave a positive message for viewers.

Having a soft spot for the series, Song Kang believes it will encourage him to continue working hard on future projects. Thankful for everyone’s’ support, the actor looks forward to challenging himself with different genres and characters.

Source: Korea Star Daily

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