Park Min Young Denies Taking A Lot of Money from Ex-boyfriend

Korean news outlet Dispatch recently revealed that Park Min Young was dating Kang Jong Hyun, the Chairman of Bithumb, one of South Korea’s largest cryptocurrency platforms. Just as soon as their relationship was revealed, the actress declared that they have already broken up.

The published photos revealed Park Min Young frequently travelling to work from Mr. Kang’s home in Hannam the Hill, the most luxurious apartment complex in the area. She would also return there after work instead of to her own home in Cheongdam-dong. When the pair left Mr. Kang’s house, Park Min Young hugged his mother goodbye, indicating their close relationship.

Dispatch also revealed Mr. Kang’s criminal past. In 2013, he was charged for defrauding a financial company of 10 billion Korean won. He was sentenced to two years and six months in jail.

Only Business Dealings?

An extremely wealthy businessman, Mr. Kang is an avid golfer and owns a large collection of luxury cars including a Lamborghini, Bentley, and Rolls Royce. Living a lavish lifestyle, he  is a VVVIP member at a club in Gangnam, spending 100 million Korean won on champagne in one night.

One of Mr. Kang’s companies, Invioge, is also partly owned by Park Min Young’s elder sister. Aside from being the largest shareholder, her sister is also the company’s director.

With allegations that Park Ming Young’s family had received a lot of Mr. Kang’s money, the actress’ agency released a statement denying this and also stated the pair had already broken up.

Despite this, netizens believe that Park Ming Young and Mr. Kang still have business dealings. After leaving her former agency last year, she signed with Hook Entertainment, which was revealed to be partly owned by Mr. Kang.

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