Park Min Young’s Agency Gets Raided by Local Authorities

South Korea actress Park Min Young’s agency Hook Entertainment was raided and searched by police for over five hours. While the reasons for the investigation have not yet been disclosed, netizens are suspecting that the reason is related to Park Min Young’s relationship with businessman Kang Jong Hyun.

Earlier this year, Park Min Young was revealed to be dating Kang Jong Hyun but many netizens expressed concern over the businessman’s past. According to the media, Kang Jong Hyun was sentenced to two and a half years in prison for fraud in a loan scheme. In addition, the media allege that Kang Jong Hyun lives a lavish lifestyle by taking on loans and avoids paying on time.

When the news broke out, Park Min Young was quick to distance herself and announced that they have broken up. Kang Jong Hyun also confirmed their break-up. In his statement, Kang Jong Hyun claimed that he doesn’t care what the public thought of him but he did not want to ruin Park Min Young’s career.

Although the couple have parted ways, the media Kang Jong Hyun is rumored to have been involved with illegal activities and as a result Park Min Young’s agency may have been pulled into the investigation. As it is uncommon for entertainment agencies to be raided, Hook Entertainment’s brush with the law has attracted attention.

Many netizens speculate that Kang Jong Hyun may have had illegal dealings with Hook Agencies considering that three of Kang Jong Hyun’s listed companies were allegedly seized and searched by the police.

At this time, Hook Entertainment has not disclosed why they were searched and netizens are left waiting to see the outcome of the investigation.

Sources: World Journal

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  1. She spend all these years conducting herself privately and orderly so she does not have any bad press which will affect her reputation. But this relationship cost her so much… I really feel bad for her…

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