Park Min Young Goes Method Acting in “Marry My Husband”

New time slip drama Marry My Husband has a newly dropped teaser!

Dramatic Weight Loss

Starring Park Min Young from What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim, Jinxed At First’s Na In-woo and Royal Secret Agent’s Lee Yi-kyung, TvN’s Marry My Husband is due to premiere on January 1, 2024! Actress Park Min Young has reportedly dropped her weight to just 81 pounds, to realistically portray the struggles of her cancer-stricken character.

Revenge Story Arc

Adapted from a webtoon, she plays protagonist Kang Ji-won, who is diagnosed with cancer and learns that her time is limited. She further suffers the agony of witnessing the affair of her best friend with her husband (played by Lee Yi-Kyung), and is tragically murdered by them. Our protagonist then gets a second chance at life when she is taken back to 10 years ago, with all memories intact, and seeks revenge on her husband and friend, with the help of a colleague.

To portray her cancer-stricken character with just days to love, Park Min Young reportedly put in much effort to undergo a weight loss transformation, despite being already slim. The 37-year-old actress is seen in hospital attire and a beanie in recently released stills from the revenge drama, which will be aired in the Monday-Tuesday slot come 2024.

Watch Teaser for “Marry My Husband”:

Source: Mingpao

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