Police Discovers Sire Ma’s Second Steamy Video

Sire Ma’s (馬賽) sex life came under public scrutiny after the leakage of her steamy lingerie video last week. Since Sire had filmed more provocative videos, she filed a police report. It is understood that the police has already captured the person who leaked the video after Sire provided a list of likely suspects. The police also discovered a second video of Sire singing in the bathroom, dressed in black lingerie with what looked like a possible sex toy in the sink.

The video lasted approximately 20 seconds, where Sire spent the first half of it singing to herself in front of a mirror and only stopped to talk to someone outside the hotel bathroom.

Laura and Wang Ziqi Team Up

After Sire befriended married lesbian couple Wang Ziqi (汪子琦) and Laura Lee. According to Ziqi, Sire seduced Ziqi for money. The affair pushed Laura to attempt suicide and wrecked her marriage with Ziqi.  Both Ziqi and Laura have since attacked Sire as being a materialistic and manipulative liar.

Ziqi regretted hurting Laura, who was her lover for many years. An insider disclosed, “Although Ziqi said it was over between her and Laura, she blamed herself for cheating. She really wants to get back together with Laura. Additionally, she has been having very bad luck with gambling these days, and she needs bailing out. She knows Laura hates Sire, so in order to gain Laura’s approval again, Ziqi began dishing out Sire’s secrets!”

More Colleagues Support Sire

Although Damian Lau (劉松仁) was romantically linked with Sire during the filming of the Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles <名媛望族>, he firmly supported Sire and exclaimed that she is very brave to have faced the situation directly. He also uploaded a picture of a rabbit on his Weibo account, evidently backing up Sire – who previously had a very innocent image.

Having worked with Sire before, John Chiang (姜大偉) denied having received any flirty texts from her. John also expressed much sympathy for Sire since he thought she had good acting abilities to begin with.

Ron Ng (吳卓羲), although not commenting on Sire’s lingerie video, he said, “It’s already very pitiful for Sire. Don’t say anything else to provoke her; I hope she will be able to pick herself up again.”

Source: ihktv.com

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Sire’s in deeper and deeper trouble. She obviously messed with the wrong person(s).

  2. Wang Ziqi (汪子琦) and Laura Lee were married. Where? In China? Was it legal to have same sex marriage in China?

    1. I believe not in China. Likely oversea. China hasnt approved same sex marriage.

      1. Same sex marriage is legal in
        UK, it came into effect this year. But I believe it’s legal in Netherlands, France, Spain,
        Portugal, Denmark and Belgium.

    1. who would of thought she would be the horniest of all the females in tvb.

      1. Toby is pretty flirtatious due to her westernized personality.

  3. So where I can the video. Actually, I think Sire Ma is greedy but her ex partner is very disgusting when exposing her love’s private video to public.

  4. the drama just keeps on coming…..this is getting so ridiculous

    1. Yup, there is a very thin line between love and hate.

    2. To begin with, not sure whether theirs were really love at the first place. It could be just a transaction over money & sex.

  5. Wao, sex toy?
    Why need sex toy Sire? Get a real man with a real thing, LOL!

    1. she wants something big.. something hk guys don’t have.

    2. If she doesnt have feeling toward men, then real thing is meaningless.

      1. I agree, I just was joking, LOL!
        Even straight women use sex toys, when their husband thing no longer can function enough to satisfy them. So I wasn’t mocking at her, I was just playing around when I said: Go get the real thing, LOL!

      2. Which man would go for her? Maybe an old man looking for a geriatric caretaker?

  6. So the news is she is either into rich guys or wealthy women or old men??

    1. If Sire Ma and her mother loved money, it could be possible. A normal person will not be able to satisfy her and her mother.

  7. I think I saw a pic of kenix kwok with someone on the Chinese article for this!
    Can somebody explain? :/

    1. Wang Ziqi is Kenix Kwok’s ex-manager. Things got ugly after a scandal broke out about her husband Frankie Lam and some mainland actress. Wang Ziqi supposedly released voice recordings (or something of that nature) that exposed Frankie’s infidelity.

      I think that’s why Kenix would be mentioned in articles about this scandal with Sire.

  8. The person that wrote this article does not have a sex life and is jealous and the people making a big deal out of coffee and sire like 620 especially 620 the loser

  9. If she did the video, then how the hell she can not act good in TVB dramas?!

  10. wonder who would be hurt more? sire ma or wang ziqi? considering wang ziqi is the manager for some actors..

  11. So Sire Ma likes sex, likes using sex toys, likes having sex outdoors, has a good sex drive, made videos of herself doing whatever…big deal. She’s young, attractive and horny. There’s really nothing wrong or abnormal about it. In fact I find her more normal and more human than someone like Linda Chung, who’s still a virgin and supposedly pure and innocent at 30. HK media needs to take a chill pill.

    1. Gooooooooood point! You really hit to the point! I have always wanted to say that since this Sire’s incident came out, but I didn’t do so ’cause I didn’t want to waste my time writing something that people deny.

    2. well written ….fully agree 110%…aleast she real women…have all the desire of a human..and nothing to be ashmed.

    3. @MT

      If Lida Chung is still a virgin,I guess that is her choice.

      I too have to agree with what you wrote. It was very, very well said. There is nothing wrong with being young, and having an active self life and a high sex drive, no matter what a person’s orientatin is. Like I said, some cultures need to stop the hypocrisy and and stone age puritan fantasy and get real. And even when a lot of idols are preaching chastity, it is to protect their well crafted façade of an image. Some are genuine in what they preach but only a finger -counting few.

      @Mt, again, very good point. Good to see that Sire is human with human desires.

      1. In the end she got herself into all these mess. There is a price to everything.

    4. In the end Sire got herself into these mess but Linda didn’t.

      1. Linda seems more conservative, which is good. Battle of good vs evil. Conservative will win every time.

      2. linda didn’t have to be a clown, to dance around naked/different attires and mood settings, she was in charge, she has $$

  12. So who is the culprit behind all this leaking videos?? Seems like everyone more interested with the video contents. lol.

    1. Yes, the most important thing is where the video is but it was not mentioned….

    2. how many of these steamy videos did wang ziqi take? she meant to take revenge on sire ma even while they were on good terms or was it meant to blackmail sire ma instead after / if sire ma became famous

  13. where are these videos, i could clear out my schedule this evening if someone finds it.

    1. Both are horrible. One goes for money while the other wants to have revenge.

  14. Sounds like Wang Ziqi already chose Sire Ma when Laura Lee was in the hospital. But, Sire doesn’t want Ziqi (without the $$$$) so Ziqi attacks now?

  15. I’m confused… if police found the video, then why are there details about the video in the public domain? Did the police release the details about the contents of the video to the press? If so… I find that highly objectionable.

  16. Bias… y supported her wit all evidence available.. no one support coffee.. this is much more explosive than coffee scandal.. happy that coffee better after leaving tvb.. hahaha… tvb should make it self a drama on its own :p or perhaps hktv can do one.. this is really a joke it self

    1. My hope lies with Wong Jing to make a movie out of this.

  17. I don’t think there is anything wrong with Sire making steamy sex videos and playing with sex toys, regardless if she is a lesbian or not. It is just unfortunate that she is a celebrity in HK / Asian country and not in a westernized country. Let’s be real, heterosexual couples plays with sex toys or film their own videos all the time and there’s nothing wrong with it.

    HK media needs to leave Sire alone. Every human being has their own sexual lives and it should be a private matter. Regardless if Sire is a celebrity or not, it is no body’s business what she does with her sex life. Chinese culture literally takes a person’s sexual life to the next level. Chinese culture and HK Media need to relax and NOT have such a “backwarded” mind. Does Hong Kong media not understand what privacy is?

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