Queenie Chu Polishes TVB Executive Catherine Tsang’s Shoes?

With TVB sitcom Come Home Love <愛·回家> extended to a total of 700 episodes, Queenie Chu‘s (朱慧敏) prominence and income are also on the rise. Busy filming seven days a week, Queenie remains in high spirits while at work, happily conversing with her costars and staff members. Rumors are churning that Queenie has used her close relations with TVB executive Catherine Tsang (曾勵珍) to rant on co-stars Angel Chiang (蔣家旻) and Roxanne Tong (湯洛雯).

TVB had intentions to promote Queenie as a leading star on the show. A new story arc, which centers on her relationship with Lai Lok Yi (黎諾懿) and new cast addition Matt Yeung (楊明) gives Queenie more screen time in the series.  A source said, “Queenie is a worldly girl. She would never offend people. She would usually visit Catherine Tsang to have long chats. When there were reports claiming that she was being a diva, she immediately explained herself to Catherine and even had the time to complain about Angel Chiang and Roxanne Tong. She told her that they treated the staff poorly and always committed outtakes.”

Queenie Chu: “I’m Obedient!”

Queenie denied the reports of her polishing Catherine’s shoes, explaining that the rumors were an exaggeration, and that the reports were stemmed from some photos shot at a celebratory banquet. Queenie did acknowledge that her screen time has increased, saying, “I’m good to use. I’m obedient!”

She denied gossiping about Angel and Roxanne, “How can I have that ability? I heard about it and it got me upset, but my co-stars laughed about it, so that cheered me up.”

Roxanne Tong Denies Being Dropped from “Come Home Love”

While filming in Kowloon, Roxanne was seen sitting alone and rarely joined in the conversations with her co-stars and crew members. Asked why she ignored her co-stars, Roxanne explained in a later interview that she had been shooting all night and was too exhausted to talk.

Roxanne denied the reports claiming that she would be dropped from Come Home Love due to her diva behavior. She revealed that her character would soon be involved in an ambiguous relationship with Auston Lam (林師傑). “Earlier the show talked about my character being in a love triangle. During those times, I filmed seven days a week. Now, I work about four to five days a week.

Asked if she would consider having more chats with Catherine Tsang, Roxanne said, “I don’t know how to do that kind of stuff. Never even thought about it.”

Source: Oriental Sunday via kuangaitvb.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Honestly and this might come off bad, but i genuinely do not mind if queenie did suck up to her mgrs. This woman has talent and to not see her go far with it will be a shame. So whatever means necessary to push herself out there would be fine w/ me (as long as it doesnt harm her.)

    1. I think her relationship with that one guy…the one who played Michael’s sidekick in DIF hindered her career. TVB demoted her ever since and with so many newbies out every year, Queenie has been forgotten.

      1. Yeah if she didn’t ruin her own reputation back then by messing with Joey Leung, she could’ve made it really far by now.

        But maybe it’s better she got taught a lesson.

        TVB did demote her but is slowly letting her back in again. They like her; we like her. For what it’s worth, she’s a really good actress. Really easy on the eyes too.

        Problem is, she’s getting opportunities at like a snail’s pace; much worse than Nancy Wu (’cause at least Nancy gets coverage and is pushing her way to the top.) Queenie is acting as support, and the roles are lovely, but she’s just doing background roles.

      2. this is also the reason i didn’t like her at the start.. and also, her voice is kind of irritating. but she’s not a bad actress.

    2. I agree and don’t care whether the news is true or not. Queenie herself is doing really well in the sitcom and her character has been likable throughout the series and becomes more endearing as show moves forward and her character opens up more. The act itself is questionable and I still find it hard to believe that she will rant about her co-workers to Catherine. Perhaps she did, but it was not done out of intention to polish the executive’s shoes and land her better roles. She’s been in the industry for 10 years and is only well-known by this role. If she does as the article claims, she would be more aggressive.

  2. tvb sure promo Roxanne, she was great & look natural… better than those winning miss hk.

    1. IMO I find Roxanne really raw and cant act. She is still new i guess. She don’t look very natural.

  3. We can’t run away from politics, it’s sad that some ppl benefits from it and some don’t. I sincerely hate politics.

  4. Queenie’s acting is smooth playing different roles as a tough attorney, a determined and straightforward GF as well as an understanding auntie. Roxanne Tong is over-rated…her acting is not polished or fluid and her facial expression somewhat stiff (plastic surgery on her nose) either playing the girl looking for love or just a plain receptionist working in the office. The most bubbly and spontaneous female role player is “Water” where her innocence or genuine elated emotions matches her facial expressions.

  5. Roxanne Tong (湯洛雯) is definitely the eye candy in the show. She is also Kent Tong’s 姪女. Everyone needs connection to make it into any industry.

    Even if Queenie Chu‘s (朱慧敏) is suck up queen, you can’t blame her. Every adult sucks up to their boss. You are screwed for life if you don’t do it. Life session for the young readers.

    1. Yup, everyone has to kiss up to their superiors sometime.

    2. Yup, politics are everywhere. You need the bullsh1t skill, when to kiss ass and when to bend. LOL! 😀

  6. why can’t they just end this sitcom. It’s getting boring. TVB just extended it because they ran out of ideas and stories for a sitcom. I enjoyed TVB Off Pedder sitcom much more than this

    1. They don’t extend series if it does poorly. This is one of their better series and that’s why they keep extending it and bringing in new characters.

      1. It is because TVB does not have any new ideas for another sitcom series. Can’t watch one more episode of this anymore

      2. i hated off pedder. and while i don’t watch come home love every day, i certainly prefer it to that. it’s also better than all the other series currently airing.

    2. Agree! I am so tired of this sitcom, that I rather watch mainland JTTW

      1. Are you sure you would rather watch Journey To The West? I’d rather pluck my eyes out.

      2. yes! Rather watch Mainland JTTW than continue on with this

      3. Me too so sick of it, they need to make another sitcom.

    3. I still wonder what they can talk about for so many episodes?

    4. just don’t watch this show then. a lot of people i know like this show.

  7. If she is polishing shoes she is not doing it right because she is at best the lead in a sitcom. I always thought she could have been in more roles, leading or otherwise.

  8. Queenie’s acting is many times better than Roxanne. It was brutal to watch when they focused on Roxanne and her love triangle w/ the designer and thrift shop guy.

    1. totally skipped the episodes when it was about her and the love triangle. Her acting was very annoying..

  9. hi there

    1. come on, I prefer to view “come home” than anything from the “journey west” thing.
    2. queenie is hot gal, tall and slender.
    3. btw, she was also a miss hk.
    4. sucking up, oops! who doesn’t right for the right cause.

    1. Runner up only. She looks like a she-male to me cos she’s got man-height.

  10. I like queenie in Come Home Love. She is beautiful and can act.

  11. She looks really nice in this pic. I quite like her and her acting. I wish she would act more in actual drama series and not this sitcom. The last drama I remember watching her in was Tabloid Sergent with Nikki as a police officer. She needs to get back into drama series again. I’d rather watch her than those incompetent new actress they put in dramas these days that can’t act at all. Eliza Sam for example…she’s still so stiff and unnatural in her acting and I still can’t stand her overly annoying cutesy voice. I would much rather watch Queenie who is more natural and smooth to watch and who can actually speak perfect Cantonese.

  12. Wasn’t there news a whole back about how she was too truthful to her co-stars and offended the director? Now she’s polishing Catherine’s shoes? The hk media…. When should I believe you?

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