“Queens of Diamonds and Hearts” Finale Peaks at 40 Points

The last two episodes of Hong Kong TVB drama, Queens of Diamonds and Hearts <東西宮略>, were aired back-to-back last week, showcasing a crowd-pleasing ending for Roger Kwok (郭晉安), Fala Chen (陳法拉), and Sharon Chan’s (陳敏之) characters. The finale attracted 2.59 million people tuning in to watch. The ratings averaged 36 points, peaking at 40 points. This represented an increase of 12 points over the previous week’s ratings results!

Despite the finale’s optimal performance, the average ratings of Queens of Diamonds and Hearts, only averaged 29 points over its entire broadcast. Perhaps the well-known story of Chung Mo Yim (Fala Chen) and Ha Ying Chun (Sharon Chan) contained few surprises for the audience. The drama’s average ratings fell one point short of TVB Executive Chairman, Norman Leung’s (梁乃鵬) benchmark of 30 points in order for a celebratory dinner to be held.

Steven Ma (馬浚偉 ) and Linda Chung’s (鍾嘉欣) new drama, Daddy Good Deeds <當旺爸爸>, took off on a solid start, averaging 30 points. Two complaints were filed with the Broadcasting Authority that the drama appeared to encourage youths in leading easy and soft lifestyles. Daddy Good Deeds marked Steven Ma and producer Miu Siu Ching’s (梅小青) last drama at TVB and should have its share of supporters.

Til Love Do Us Lie Averages 29 Points

Last week’s ratings for sitcom Til Love Do Us Lie <結·分@謊情式> averaged 29 points, falling one point from last week’s performance. The dramas’ stars, Eddie Cheung (張兆輝) and Kiki Sheung (商天娥), were plagued by frequent rumors that they did not get along with each other. Throughout the filming of Til Love Do Us Lie, it was rumored that Kiki acted like a diva, scolded her costars, and refused to accept filming notices. Kiki indicated her exasperation on her Weibo blog, “All these rumors, does the entertainment circle really have to be like this?”

Producer Kwan Wing Chung (關永忠) denied that the cast did not get along with each other, stating that he never received complaints from the director.

Sources: Oriental Daily, ihktv.com

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Jayne: TVB appears to have good luck when their air the last two episodes of a drama in a 2 hour finale. Queens of Diamonds and Hearts perhaps had a much-too-predictable story, as typical of recent ancient comedies. Or perhaps the older reincarnations of “Cho Mo Yim” were too deeply etched in audiences minds?

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  1. Cant believe the final episode can garner rating upto 40. I find the entire story to be just so-so with average acting performance from both Fala and Sharon.

      1. I believe that Chen Fala did exceptionally well in her acting despite having facial paralysis. Her acting has improved over the years and she seems more involved and into the roles of her characters. I find that I was completely drawn to the drama after episode 1. It is among one of those Hong Kong dramas that I really enjoyed the most due to its cast and story line.

  2. Did it really peak at 40 points? I’ve been seeing 39 points.

    1. yeh me too.. i read other news articles and they’re all reporting 39 points.

  3. Fala Chen would be a better actress for Ha Ying Chun than Sharon Chan. Sharon looked too old for Ha Ying Chun vs. Fala who looked pretty young for Chung Mo Yim.

  4. Good to hear that the series got such a high rating. In my opinion the whole series was ok and little lame.

  5. I really tried watching but I feel the casting was all wrong. They should have switched roles. And then I tried to watch some more but seriously, I didn;t think it was remotely funny at all. So I gave up. And I switched to somewhere else.

    1. but funn, don’t you think that Sharon has this sexy and foxy aura too? Its true that Fala has this foxy aura more but Sharon isn’t bad when it comes to deliver a sexy and vixen role but her acting in Queens was just too stiff imo.. like she’s reading a story book without a period.

      Fala tried so hard to be funny but I dont think she’s funny at all.. she’s trying so hard..

      1. Sharon is sexy but she is not beautiful. Ha Ying Chun is someone so beautiful that she can seduce any man with her looks. Fala is sexy too when she wants to be. I feel Sharon is too big sized, she is more suited for the role of Chung Mo Yim who is more warrior like. Fala is more dainty and in ancient world sexy is not about how you describe it but more on the subtle daintiness, not sexy but rather the alluring, the charm, the tease. Sharon is too in your face.

      2. Hmm Funn, you raise a good point. I was thinking Sharon does sexy in a more blatant way than Fala. I don’t find Fala sexy tbh. But in terms of body size, then yeah Sharon seems oddly matched to seduce Roger, more of a fighter spirit.

    2. Agree with Funn. They should have switched roles, and the drama series would be more entertaining. First, Sharon looked so much older than Fala in this series. I believe in history Chung Mo Yim should be older than Ha Ying Chun. Please correct me if I am wrong.

    3. yeah, sharon chan does not belong to ancient world. Her outfit, hair, make up all just look very odd. Plus she is so tall compare w/ roger. Agree that the role should be switch. Sharon would be more believable as chung mo yim w/ her body size.

      1. I think just in this series Sharon dun look fit to the ancient outfits. Normally I think she looks fit.

      2. For some reason can’t remember which ancient series she’s in.

      3. Devil’s Disciple
        The Charm Beneath
        Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion
        Word Twisters’ Adventures
        Can’t Buy Me Love
        Better Halves

    4. I also agree they should have switched roles. Fala Chen wasn’t convincing at all. Then again, I never really liked her “acting”

  6. kind of gave up after the first few episodes…it just wasn’t funny to me. caught some random scenes from later episodes on TV while my mom was watching it and it didn’t seem like it got any better. i think i made the right choice in skipping this.

    1. I watched Ep. 21, which was supposed to be the most interesting episode. Unfortunately, it was not as good as I was expecting.

  7. “Two complaints were filed with the Broadcasting Authority that the drama appeared to encourage youths in leading easy and soft lifestyles. “

    I light-hearted feel good drama also people have complaint. Sigh.

    1. haha…i know, nowaday ppl complain about everything. Really like the drama, quite funny especially the part where Steven ma and edwin siu pretend to be brokeback mountain, just hilarious.

    2. There are ppl who like to complain. It happens everywhere, even here.

  8. my 2 cents commend is not the 2 leading actress but rather Roger Kwok.. He is really painful and wrong for this role. But then again why reprise this so so story ? should hv buried at Carole cheng’s era.

    1. I think tvb can reprise this series providing they get a better actresses than these two namely Fala and Sharon..and don’t it a comedian cuz it just sux..imo

      1. I think it would have been better if Tavia acted as Mo Yim, Ron as the king and Fala as Ying Chun.

      2. Just let Celine Ma acts Mo Yim. She actually can act better in comedy than all the listed name.

      3. Celine Ma as Mo Yim… I’m sure ‘Dai Wong’ get nausea throughout the whole series.

      4. You mean the scriptwriter will plan the nausea throughout?

    2. I think Roger Kwok is wrong for this role too. Dont know why though. Perhaps he’s too old, he looks very dull to me-his face!

  9. I watched all the episodes and yea, it wasn’t that good =_= The three main leads are so-so; rather it was the supporting actors like Ben, Oscar, Raymond Cho and Louis Yuen (surprisingly) that made the series more interesting…

    1. I feel the same way! The supporting cast seems more fun to watch. Espcially Oscar & Louis’s characters.

  10. Sharon Chan is ugly. Even with that red s*** on Fala’s face, Fala still looks prettier than Sharon.

  11. This one is a so-so series, light-hearted and overall, nothing new. It can be funny sometimes but the type of funny is forced. Mui Siu Ching lost her aura on these types from Can’t buy me love.

    1. what do you mean? Mui Siu Ching is not the producer for Queens

    2. oh you probably meant DGD’s? yeh both ain’t funny but i think DGD is a little bit better. I’m not watching it though.

  12. oh nooo.. 29 points=no dinner! what to do lol!

    just a question, so if it did reach 30 points, they will get the same treatment as THC which also got an average of 30 points? but honestly, compared to Queens, THC was so much better. At least it generated a lot of discussion and positive reviews.

    1. Well, it’s not a fair comparison when the genres are different…

  13. I don’t know if it got any better but I lost all interest after episode 7 or so.

  14. Congrats to the cast. Isn’t it highly unusual for an ancient drama to hit 40 points?

  15. i am watchng ths series nw.. i actually fnd it pleasurble to watch

  16. 2 hours special allways highest ratings, maybe on sunday ?

  17. fala is so cute in the drama.the drama is cute and funny better than some serious complex/family-problems drama shizz. i’m tired of drama like that.

  18. I prefer Queens over DGD, think the humour in the latter series is just as forced but more cringe inducing. I can see I’m in the minority here.

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