Raymond Cho: “Family Healed My Suicidal Tendencies!”

With his brilliant performance as an intelligent eunuch in The Confidant <大太監>, Raymond Cho (曹永廉) has finally proved to the world that he can act.  His portrayal of the charming and eloquent An Dehai was highly praised and well received by audiences. With his rising popularity, Raymond appears to be a cheerful person as he always carries a smile on his face. However, he revealed a little unknown secret that he had suffered from severe depression, even considering suicide in 2010.

Many people thought that Raymond is living a happy life with a wonderful wife and two beautiful children. He married John Chiang’s (姜大衛) eldest daughter, Elaine, and they have two children. Brandon and Erin were born respectively in 2007 and 2011. After becoming a father, Raymond appeared in many family oriented commercials due to his healthy fatherly image.

However, Raymond ended up with fewer acting jobs and appeared at less promotional events. He took a break filming dramas for more than a year, and only hosted a few children’s shows. “Due to the overwhelming mental stress, I fell into a severe depression.”

Raymond Fell into Depression

Appearing to be calm and cheerful in public, Raymond kept his frustration hidden inside. His wife noticed his unhappiness, as he became very quiet at home. Elaine did not give up on him and remained beside him throughout his battle with depression.

In 2010, Raymond’s depression had gotten worse and it was the turning point of his life. Feeling hopeless, he screamed in his car and considered ending his life by crashing his vehicle into a mountain. “I realize that if my suicidal tendencies continued in the long run, it is very dangerous. I sought help from a psychiatrist immediately.”

Under the care of a psychiatrist, Raymond took anti-depressants to control his depression. Although he was slowly recovering, he did not want to rely on medication the rest of his life. In addition, due to his weight gain from the side effects of the medication, Raymond decided to stop taking the anti-depressants after only 2 weeks. He knew he had to find strength within himself to truly get better.

Family Helped Healed Depression

As Raymond was searching for a better direction in life, he fortunately met a wise Buddhist monk that advised him, “Open your heart and accept your fate. Don’t ask for the impossible, and let go of your anger.”

Raymond took the smart advice and realized he had ignored his family due to his depression. Once he opened up his heart to them, his relationship with his family improved. Raymond said, “When I took the responsibility to become a good husband and father, my life started to change.”

A year ago, Raymond’s career began to revive as he started acting again instead of hosting children’s shows. Raymond shared,” I can’t say that my career is going very well, but at least it is improving year by year.” With two children, Raymond estimates that he will need $8 million HKD to care and educate them, but at least he already purchased a house and took care of his housing needs.

Raymond was grateful for Wayne Lai (黎耀祥), Raymond Wong (黃浩然), Power Chan (陳國邦), and Edwin Siu’s (蕭正楠) support during the filming of The Confidant. He said, “The five of us are like brothers. This is the best filming experience that I have ever had. I believe if one works hard, good results will await.”

Source: Ming Pao # 2301 via Kuangaitvb.com

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  1. Never knew. Glad he got help and an alert wife who noticed the change in behaviour.

    And he has always been a good actor.

    1. Funn,
      I disagree that Raymond Cho has always been a good actor. In his early days, I found him to be inadequate and unable to deliver emotionally. His expressions were either exaggerated or too middle range. Now, he has better control and smoother execution.

      1. It is my opinion that Raymond Cho is a better actor than given credit for. I believe Roger Kwok expression is much more exaggerated. But Jayne is right that Raymond’s range is limited.

      2. I think his range is a bit limited too, however, he has a lot of potential to improve and become better and better. Maybe one day, he can actually lead a series.

    2. now this is a guy that got robbed for best actor award. i wish him well & all the best.

  2. Yes, good to hear things have turned around for him. I guess we all go through ups and downs in life.

    He was great in TC.

  3. Raymond should cherish the strong family support and branch out to other opportunities to help out the family. I’m glad to hear that Ray and his family have at least a roof over their heads. With the loving wife caring for their children, I am sure he should do fine if he doesn’t put all his eggs in one basket and concentrate too much on acting. Unless he has a super breakout supporting role like Koo Ming Wah, he should take roles while tending to family the best he can and not put too much pressure on himself and cause a depressive relapse.

  4. Still a mystery to me why he wasn’t nominated at all for his role in TC. Is not like he was asking for the award he just wanted some recognition.

    Another artists jumping the sinking ship very soon…

    1. could it be because his father-in-law left tvb for cti? you know tbv is very petty…so i’m not suprise if that’s the reason.

      1. Haha, you are right. I didn’t know his father in-law was that guy. No wonder he was frozen by TVB.

        Even more certain now that he will swim to CTI 🙂

      2. Very good point lol. Shame on TVB for being so petty! Raymond Cho should have been nominated! He was so so good as AnDeHai

    2. Do you work for CTI? TVB is a listed company in HK with many employees and their families depending on it. What gives you the right to say TVB is a sinking ship. Shame on your biased view.

      1. Haha nope, do you work for TVB?

        So what if TVB is a listed company? CTI is also a listed company. FYI there are many “empty shell” companies listed on the exchange no big deal.

        TVB is def. a “sinking ship” in terms of production quality and yes the time of monopoly will be over soon which will cause their revenues and margins to shrink.

      2. TVB is part of HK culture and we grew up with it i.e we have feelings for it. An empty listed company, check your facts before you post something. TVB production needs overhaul and improvement but don’t go bash it. CTI, let’s see what they have to offer provided they get their licence. Nobody force Ricky Wong to invest before even getting the green light. Now he’s crying unfair etc.

      3. Well im aware of that as I grew up watching TVB series myself. However TVB has changed and I don’t mean the artists but their corporate culture e.g treating their artists without respect etc.

        Im only saying that being a listed company isn’t a big deal not saying TVB is an empty shell yet. Im criticising it bc I want them to be better in terms of production quality and HR.

        If you have done yr homework you would’ve known that Ricky Wong was approached by a HK politician with regards to investing in a new broadcasting company. So ofcourse he is mad now who wouldn’t be?

        Truth is TVB won’t improve until they face some real competition yes ATV wasn’t one. So I suppose you are very satisfied with TVB productions as they are now? You must either be a TVB employee or heavily invested in their shares otherwise you wouldn’t be so protective of them.

  5. Never knew that and glad that he is better now. What a good role model and it is great that he has a good wife that was there for him. Good to know that the cast grew close and support and work so well with each other…

  6. I found Raymond’s character more memoriable than Wayne Lai in TC. Actually even Power Chan is put in a better effort IMO.

    1. I would say Wayne’s character was one of the least if not the least memorable of the 5 eunuchs….

      i’m actually bored of Wayne.

      1. I loved Power Chan in the Confidant.
        At first I hated him.. but then i slowly liked his role since it’s a dynamic character 🙂

    2. I LOVED Power Chan in that series, at least he looks more like a eunuch for me than the other 4. The Confidant is kind of boring for me (No offence for those who like it), but I always crack up when Sam Shun said his favourite quote ‘ hou hou dei mm dak geh’. He’s the reason why I watch TC. Felt so sad that he lost BSA.

      1. but that’s the whole point the director is trying to make…not all eunuch are feminine and petty. And I do agree with you either Power or Raymond Cho should of won for Best Supporting Role.

    3. Of all the eunuchs in TC only 2 stands out- Power Chan & Raymond Cho! I really love the 2 charcaters, protrayed skilifully by the 2 of them!
      Wayne’s role was a big disappointment-due largely to the writing, probably not mean & cunning enough…lol….

  7. I loved Raymond Cho’s acting ever since I saw him act in Forensic Heroes! In my opinion, this is the best performance of his. I just wished he was recognized for his role in The Confidant.
    He’s improving a lot! 😀

  8. Always like Ray’s acts..regdless the roles are of bad/good guys, he seems to have a tiny bits of cuteness & funny side..See his face will cracks smile unknowingly..same goes with Kenneth Ma..But Ray, this maybe the best experience, but is this the happiest?? In Healing Hands, like to see u 3 (Henry, Paul & Chris) yea yea..they both bullied u all the time..poor thingie.. Jia you!Jia you! Jia you! My support to u & Power Chan as The Bestest Supporting Actor..for now.. ^.^

  9. It is hard for the guy to always carry the financial burden which is why I feel it is also important for the women to contribute financially as well so that they can ease the financial burden and stress from the guy. It is no longer the old days where it is always expected that the guy always bring home the bread. Woman should contribute as well… When a guy faces that stress of always having to carry the financial burden and his job/career is not going well or not bringing in enough, it is very easy for the guy to suffer from depression and other factors. Luckily, Raymond has a good wife that was there for him… I can imagine other selfish wives who could have easily given up or abandoned their husbands during such tough times… Hope that Raymond has more success in his career now and in the future…Good luck to him!

    1. Doesn’t help with the crazy housing market and high cost of living. As for RC,think finacially they are doing ok, his wife has a clothing store. If anyting he’s prolly frustrated with his career and lack of opportunities.

      1. Yea, the very high standard of living in HK makes living there really stressful financially. It is good that his wife has a business and is doing something rather than just staying at home with the kids. If she was, they would be in financial trouble due to his unstable career and the low pay at TVB.

  10. Raymond did so well in TC, hope we’ll see meatier roles for him soon! It’s fun to watch him!!!

  11. I feel I can understand his feeling. I was almost at the depression stage when I was in UK doing my phD degree. The stress of study was bearable but it was the bgr that broke me down. The unhappiness of having to be the sole breadwinner of this relationship made me unbreathable. My cowardness prevented me from dumping the selfish boyfriend who was also studying phD with me, who treated me as a ATM since 8.5 years ago. I always told myself that he would grow up one day and be finanically independent. I am grateful to the heaven that he dumped me. Now I can finally breathe and spend money on myself.

    Become wiser now when choosing boyfriend.

    Happy now.

    1. congrats! i’m glad you’re able to have such positive outlook. take it as lesson fees well spent. good luck!

    2. Good for you!

      But I don’t understand why you acted like a human ATM for 8.5 yrs?

      Moreover he was the one that dumped you. Does that mean if he hadn’t you would still be an ATM today?

      Good luck finding future bf.

    3. Sorry to hear that but I don’t feel that a woman being the breadwinner is a bad thing these days. It is always good for both to contribute financially. Anyways, good luck to you and hope that you find a more responsible guy in the future!

  12. Exoidus: I did say TVB needs to overhaul their programs, right? And I believe with their experience and public support they can do it. Ricky Wong and other parties were invited to submit proposals for new licences. Surely that doesn’t mean he will get one. Who will start baking the bread before setting up a shop? Now he’s crying foul and playing up the public. Suggest you read a fair editorial comment in SCMP about this guy.

    1. Hehe, then why are you so against new licences since TVB will be able to overhaul their programs? Surely competition will benefit the artists and the audience in HK right?

      Ricky W. isn’t stupid do you think he would invest so much if he wasn’t given some assurance? It’s TVB who is afraid to lose their monopoly and hence the power to bully.

      1. I’m not against more new free TV licneces but there is a limit as to how much local advertising market can support.If Ricky Wong has been assured of getting the licence within a time period then he should sure that person/dept i.e HKSAR Govt. So far he has done nothing of that sort, just playing up the public opinions to pressure the govt. TVB is not against a reasonable number of new free TV stations not but not until their own licence with its present restrictions expire in 2015 to make it a fair game. In my humble opinion Ricky Wong is always out to attack TVB programs but so far 95% of his recruitment comes from TVB. Of course he’ll say he’ll make them better people etc. Let’s see.

      2. Haha that’s totally BS the pie is enough to feed them all, besides TVB is not entitled to keep the pie for itself i.e if cannot compete then please turn belly up. TVB has also understated the size of the pie according to a research company.

        I suppose the politicians aren’t that stupid i.e have it written down on paper. Many business deals in HK or Asia for that matter is done based on mutual trust/understanding.

        I don’t see how recruiting from TVB is a issue. He is actually doing the audience a favor by letting talented artists a chance showcase their skills and shine. TVB is all abt favorism, acting skills is a non-factor. The critical factors is backings, bootlicking, attend business dinners etc.

        Lastly if it’s that easy to influence public opinions then ppl living in HK must be morons which I doubt!

  13. life is difficult, there’s no guarantee that one will do well and make it rich, don’t put your eggs in one basket

    1. Yea, there is no guarantee in life. Honestly, the only guarantee is death which is what we all have to face one day…

  14. I’m not impressed by his acting but this time, it was one of his better roles. Great to read that he was able to overcome his depressions.

  15. Exoidus: Wow, wow, you really want to see TVB down on its knees. Why? You’re CTI secret spy, a trusted friend of RW, what else. Plus you also know all the dealings of HK politicians i.e business people are supposed to invest millions based on a gentlemen’s agreement.Wow you know everything.

    1. Hehe, even with 3 free licences issued next year (prolly March), TVB will still be the market leader for some time. If they get their act together e.g stop push those artists who clearly isn’t ready to play main roles, better stories etc TVB will still hold an advantage.

      What I blv in is the free market and the economic forces. HK is suppose to be pro free market i.e free flow of capital. The indecisiveness of HK politicians will for sure hurt the reputation of HK and scare away potential investors.

      Moreover TVB has increased the list price of their adv. space by approx. 40% and the consumers will bear the costs in the end.

      I can see you are out of arguments already. Whether you like it or not TVB will certainly lose their monopoly so please tell your employer to prepare for war!

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