Raymond Lam and Ella Koon in Skimpy Tank Tops

Raymond Lam (林峯) and Ella Koon (官恩娜) were nearly complete in filming TVB drama, Highs and Lows <雷霆掃毒>, previously known as Fight Crime. Raymond and Ella filmed a gunfire scene in the hot temperatures. The pair stripped down to skimpy tank tops on the set, in which Raymond revealed his toned body!

Upon discovering that Ben Wong’s (黃智賢) character had mixed drugs in a bottle of distilled water, Raymond and Ella fired their guns at his water bottle, hoping to make him appear. To produce realistic results, real guns were used in filming the scene. Ella gripped tightly onto her gun, causing her hand to bleed. She joked that Raymond did not take care of her, which led to her bleeding.

Raymond appeared tanned and retained facial hair for his explosive cop role in Highs and Lows. Tired of filming gentleman roles over the last three years, he welcomed the change in playing a straightforward character. “My character is in charge of the Intelligence Unit within the police force, but he is nosy and often participates in criminal arrests!”

The hot weather did not deter Raymond and Ella’s good mood while filming in Sai Kung yesterday. Ella indicated that she learned to always keep water by her side to quench her thirst and avoid getting a heat stroke. Raymond repeatedly wiped sweat off his forehead during filming breaks, but was able to sprint quickly for the action scenes.

Raymond Afraid of Ripping His Shirt!

With his concert at The Venetian hotel in Macau coming up on May 12th, Raymond has been busily training to appear in his best form. After doing push-ups and sit-ups relentlessly, fine results can be clearly seen.

Raymond joked, “I’m afraid to train my chest muscles too hard. My shirts have grown very tight. If I become too muscular, I’m afraid my shirts would burst!”

Sources: Ming Pao, Oriental Daily

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Jayne: Raymond seems to have lost weight, but with obviously more defined arms. I guess his back pain must be under control, since has been filming running scenes and likely to have many dance sequences at his Macau concert.

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  1. Raymond not only seems to have lost weight, he seems to have lost TOO MUCH WEIGHT!! And that hair!! THAT HAIR!! Why? Why fight the hotness Ray ge? Why fight the hotness?! WHY?! WHY?! WHY?!??!?!? I am so traumatised. I need therapy!

    1. LF might want to leave his idol good looks but hate that hairstyle too. I swear I’ve seen Bosco and MC jin in that kind of bald sided hairstyle too and i hated those.

      1. but it’s professional for LF to retain facial hair to suit his character although it means risking his hotness face

      2. I think the only guy who can pull off that kind of hairstyle is Pakho Chau. Or maybe I’m just used to it, because Pakho Chau haven’t changed his hairstyle in years lol

      3. He wants to leave his idol good looks I understand, but must he make himself to look LIKE THAT?! I mean if he wants not to look good, well… gain 100 pounds! He obviously is of the same group who thinks skinny for men is good looking. Isn’t abs and all that ripped body an in thing for men nowadays? He not only looks skinny, he looks sick. Is he playing a drug addict or patient maybe??

      4. Ben… Y U IN THE WAY =[ I really like this pic of Fung and Ella.

      5. After seeing another angle, I am convinced, he is fighting his hotness. He is skinny at any angle, the hair is just.. just..

        Guess what? Ben Wong is hotter.

      6. Ben! Lift the shirt!! I bet there;s some abs under that!!

      7. Wait Funn, now you’re going overboard. No way that spicy ginger is hotter than my LF! 😛

        I agree w/ @DC, Ella should’ve side-kicked him out of the picture.

      8. Spicy ginger? Which part of him is ginger ah?

      9. Yeah, don’t like the hair especially now when it’s grown tall a little and makes his face look very elongated and weird. Don’t think there’s anything wrong with the facial hair though. This length or amount of facial hair is ok. Doesn’t look too dirty. And I think Ray still needs to loose some more weight or get more fit. I still think he’s a bit chubby. Atleast his waist can be a little more smaller. This is totally not a toned body. His arms look like they’re toned, but it’s prob fat.

    2. Raymond’s body doesn’t look really tone or ripped…..just skinny that’s all. I would hardly call what they are wearing skimpy tank tops…..barely shows any nipples or private parts. Let’s not exxagerate here……

      1. Didn’t know u were so interested in seeing LF’s nipples and private parts. 😛

      2. I think everyone is interested? But no need to guess. You can see nipples in the above 2 links posted by NX and as for that place aka his package, Mysteries Of Love solves that mysteries with a bit of pause, replay, rewind, pause, replay, rewind, pause and some imagination.

      3. Of course us girls are interested! Just didn’t know this yuaida guy was too. I kinda remember his posts being rather vulgar and demeaning to women before. But that is pretty common lately.

        Anwyay Funn, I’m also surprised that u care about LF. I never knew u thought he was hot at all. Good to know!

      4. “Anwyay Funn, I’m also surprised that u care about LF. I never knew u thought he was hot at all. Good to know!”

        Of course I care. After all I did named him as my most desired sorta guy back when he was in Survivor Law!

      1. Haha, maybe Jayne chose that pic as a tease. The way ray has his jacket half off, drives us crazy. He should take it all off! 😀

        Also, I notice ray is doing the same elbow to shoulder lean that Kevin did to Annie. Poor girls, being treated as a guy.

      2. yeh but for some reason, Ella compliments well with Raymond in that pose. She seems happy, friendly. I seem to get along quite well.

      3. Ray looks like he’s one of those guys who are out hunting for animals, especially with that gun here.

    3. Funny, I was going to say the exact same thing about Ella… she looks so skinny, and he face has lost that youthful look. Terrible photo 🙁

    4. Haha he won the Best Supporting Actor award for his role as “Spicy Ginger” in Lives of Omission.

    5. Raymond doing too much. What exactly is he good at? Acting is so so and singing is also so so.

      1. his voice is very special,very nice and warm to listen

    1. Are you just saying that to make yourself feel better? LOLS
      Anyways, I don’t find that they are way too skinny. Ella looks good and Ray needs to be more fit. Guess both of them accomplished the goal they set at the beggining of this drama, to loose weight. Good for them.

      1. I’ve always had a liking for Ella. Even voted for her in Jane’s poll a while back. But I don’t even recognize her in this picture. She’s lost her youthful glow and looks so emaciated. I just want to take her out and buy her a good dinner!

  2. I hope his back problem is over and that he’s not on those pain killer anymore.

    1. most likely. There’s a picture of Raymond piggy backing Ella. If his back was a problem, they would of cut that part out.

      1. really? piggy backing Ella? I wanna see that, when was that?

        But don’t you rmb Ray piggy backing Charmaine during the filming of Sister Fa when he had his neck problem. So it wouldn’t matter if he had problems or not, they would still film those scenes.

  3. This HAL series got a lot of attention and so many news. TVB should air this and get LF to fight KM for the award!

    1. MC Jin said they would air it around September this year.

      1. He said it was scheduled to air but NOT confirmed.

      2. sept sounds great for LF. enough time for audience to watch his acting

      3. If HAL is scheduled for September, then is B3K postponed to next year? After all I just realized that Kenneth and Tavia will also have SSSS which might be anniversary series. I doubt TVB want to crammed all these series with the same people back to back.

    2. Dunno why everyone is so in for Kenneth. I’m watching On Call 36 right now and I don’t see any surprisingly good acting from him. Of course he’s not bad, I like him as an actor, but Don’t think he did that well to deserve an award, but maybe that’s cause all the other lead actors were didn’t do that great or didn’t have such good roles.

  4. OMG, LF looks so thin.Okay, i m beginning to think Hawick looks more handsome that LF.

    1. If LF has Hawick hairstyle, their handsomeness are on par if compared since they are look alike

    2. when will LF show his abs from all those workouts? Lets see his muscular and toned abs!

    3. I think Hawick is a boyish version of Raymond

    1. Nice pic. I think it looks like an ad for Guess or something.

      If this pic was used for this news, people would complain that he’s CHOKing again.

  5. I have to say the above pix make both Ella and LF look bad, there are a lot more pix that they look better on the same day. Jayne please kindly choose another one if you do not ignore this post.

    Man, if you afraid your shirt would burst then don’t wear it LOL

    1. Yes ray, either don’t button the shirt all the way or just go topless. Pants need not apply too.

    2. Good idea cause most people here wanna see him naked or see his abs in his concert!
      But hopefully he doesn’t take your suggestion cause that would just be plain disgusting. Atleast I don’t wanna see naked people.

      1. that’s what I thought when the news of naked Bosco come out.

  6. @ jayne: those are just regular tank tops, nothing skimpy about them.

    Just looking at the face, LF is clearly better looking than Ben and Hawick, IMO.

    With less baldness on the side, I don’t mind his hairstyle. It suits his role.

    1. Those are on weibo. Jayne is using the photos from the newspaper medias.

      Still, their outfits don’t look too good for both of them.

  7. I assume he wont be able to get in shape by the time he do a concert in Atlantic City, New Jersey (June 17th); So I will be watching the dreadful special guest, Kate Tsui awful lap dancing and out of tune singing throughout the concert.

    1. Her singing isn’t that good, but her dancing is really professional though. I love watching her dance. She really shows off that attitude and feeling when she dances. Would like to see her danc more.

    2. LOL love your comment Larry 3 but I hope that’s not the case.

  8. This must be a bad picture case of Raymond. He looks like an uncle. Ella looks cute though.

    1. He is an uncle though.
      Blame TVB for making Ray become old quicker. TVB always gives their actors, crazy filming schedules whenever they film dramas and rush everything. Ray has so much wrinkles now due to that. =(

      1. He is not in his twenties now so it quite logical for tvb to enrol him into more mature role. Infact , his new image is quite mandom and macho compare to his professor king’s era.

  9. I actually think LF looks hot with his new hairstyle and I don’t mind the facial hair as well. It’s all good! I am highly anticipating this series. Hope it lives up to the hype.

    1. Don’t say that, or else you’ll be really disappointed and stop watching the drama after the first few eps when it doesn’t seem as good as it looks now.

      1. Right cant jinx it……lol…….
        Anyway TVB’s cop shows usually are not so bad!

    2. LF’s hair is quite the same for previous three years= skin head on the side and back /top head shortened & forehead’s fringe shorten and trimmed . This hairstyle is quite similar to his survivor’s of law’s image when he plays a lawyer.

  10. actually RL looks quite old sometimes i mean hes not suppose that old yet? humm…

  11. i guess the only guy who can pull off that kind of hairstyle is Pakho Chau. Or maybe I’m just used to it, because Pakho Chau haven’t changed his hairstyle in years lol

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