Raymond Lam: “I’m Hungry for More!”

Riding on the high ratings of Highs and Lows <雷霆掃毒> and in preparation for the TVB anniversary awards, chok king, Raymond Lam (林峯) , recently sat down for an interview to discuss what chok really means to him, his thoughts on the TV King award and what is on the horizon for this budding megastar.

“To me, chok is a form of expression – an attitude. For the entertainment industry, chok is a part of the profession! I have to admit, in the beginning, even the other artists misunderstood what chok meant. They would say to me, ‘Raymond, can you stop being so chok when you’re onstage? It’s very exaggerated!’ What did they expect me to do? Just stand still and look directly into the camera with no expression? As a performer, we have to get into the character. So whether we’re an actor or singer, we will have some form of chok in us, it’s just not going overboard with it.”

When discussing speculations that Raymond will win the TV King award this year, he said, “I’ve been filming TVB series for over ten years and my dad has never praised my acting. In fact, he only gives me constructive criticism. Recently he has been watching Highs and Lows and he actually said, ‘This is your best role to date’. Wow! I didn’t even know how to respond to that, so I simply said, ‘Okay,’ but deep down inside, I already felt like I won.”

Because of Raymond’s wealthy background, he especially wanted to step away from his father’s shadows and stay low-key. In fact, Raymond saved up for 10 years to purchase his first Mercedes-Benz vehicle and shied away from high-profile dates with girls.

“I used to be very self-conscious, so I didn’t go out with girls. Many people thought I was gay because I only hung out with guys. Of course, the photo incident last year [with Mavis Pan 潘霜霜] revealed that I do, in fact, like girls. Haha!”

The reporter could not help but also point out that Raymond liked big-chested girls. Raymond quickly refuted,  “Absolutely not.  Please don’t misunderstand me. Beauty comes from within and that’s what I look for.”

In recent years, Raymond has spent his off time from TVB to advance his movie career in mainland China. “Although my movie career has just started taking off, I’ve been really happy. Jamie Chik (戚美珍) once advised me that it’s important to stay focused and hungry in this industry and I couldn’t agree more with her. That way I will never feel like what I’m doing is enough and will continue pushing myself to improve.”

Source: Oriental Sunday #775 via kuangaitvb.com

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  1. wow, this shows a different side of raymond. i like these honest interviews. 🙂 and though others may disagree, i genuinely believe raymond deserves the place he is at today because yeah, he may be attractive and have a huge fan based along with support from the executives, but really he has to be the one who’s talented and hardworking enough to push through all of that. in the end, it’s all up to him whether or not he succeeds and right now, i truly believe he’s gotten to a point where his success is shown through all his years of hard work. i am definitely rooting for him for TV King and if his dad praises his acting as Happy Sir, then that’s pretty much confirmation right there.

    1. I agree with you. He’s a hardworking person. Honestly with his family background he probably doesn’t even have to work. If he’s not hardworking we wouldn’t be in this industry.

      1. he harworking even more than a phd holder. PHD holder perhaps just everyday study or doing analysis or whatever. But LF sleeping time also no and practice ,acting, doing this and that, those hard work normal people cannot imagine it. But i can feel it. that’s why he has the highest number of fans now!!!! It’s epic and awesome

      2. @ LAM

        It’s very clear that you don’t have an PhD or know what it takes to get one.

      3. #1 I would like to know how you can compare a person who tried more than 15 years to get an PhD compare to an actor. Why are you even comparing like this??

        #2 Are you in college? How do you know what a PhD goes through to be who they’re today. Do you see celebrity in Hong Kong saying that going to school is hard, and some gave up and be an actor.

        #3 Please before you post your comment check your grammar. And I know for sure you’re his “Highest number of fans.”

      4. LOL, failed in arguing then talking about grammar. This is sore loser attitude. This is just ur noob thinking because you wouldnt know how much LF has sacrifice. Like u ah so poor there sure cannot succeed because of ur noob brain. Sorry to say that. LOL

        Advo: like if u have phd? and also you wont have that kind of success that LF has that no 1 else had at this moment. and what it takes to have that success.

      5. Please don’t be so extreme. I admire him a lot but certainly he’s not the most successful celebrity out there. Of course we won’t know how much sacrifices he’d made but I’m sure he has put in a lot of efforts and hard work to achieve what he has today.

        “If example u only love the song, or like the acting, the popularity will fall but if u like the person, then he will popular forever and succeed in everything and richest!!!”
        For me, I like a celebrity through his/her works. I won’t be attracted to someone just by seeing them in the news before even knowing them. Their popularity will not fall if they maintain their standards. On the contrary, I think their popularity will fall as they become older if people just like their idol images.

      6. @ LAM

        I neither claim to have a PhD or being a successful actor. I also don’t need to demean a respectable career choice (PhD) to defend my favourite actor. You’re a pestilence to regular LF fans.

      7. when very old, popularity of course will fallen ignorant. But at least u have to wait in hopeless until he is not popular. Successful anot for me is based on money and number of fans. This 2 terms he wins everything. Unless u ignorant can show another term? pls do not argue stupidly without any factual points to support ur conclusion. face palm!!!

      8. @ advo: you are getting more sttopiak honestly that talking nonsense to support ur argument and ended up talking rubbish. What a failure indeed.

      9. @ LAM

        I fully understand why you wouldn’t understand my line of argumentation.

      10. yea, i also fully understand how come you can be so ignorant and poorfag. Too pity.

      11. @advo just ignore it. Btw, you do think of traveling to Hong Kong ?? 🙂

      12. @E
        Do you live in HK? Know any places that sell clothes for young people at reasonable prices (around 180 HKD? Those that I came across were branded or just really expensive and I went to different parts of HK (Central,Tsim Sha Tsui, Causeway Bay).

        lets all give her an applause shall we?

      14. @fox & E
        Thanks a lot for the tips! 😀 I shall check out those places the next time I visit! E, you seem to know HK really well haha. I’m in Singapore. 🙂

    2. @ star you can try Dna Galleria, it is located in 65 Chatham Road, South. Tsim Sha Tsui. There are some cute and fashoinable clothing. And on the Granville Road, there are many clothing shops, too. And no I do not live in Hong Kong 🙁 i wish. I’m in the State, but my friend live there 🙂 You?

    1. this is best acting not best looking…

      I like Raymond in Lofty Waters and Brothers… But I’ve not seen a good drama this year from him…

      1. u r dumb or what? u think now is 90’s century or 80’s? nowadays its all about package. Most important you make people to like u and automatically u will succeed and work hard for it. And he is surely will be the most succeessful celebrities in hong kong and china sooner and number 1 because he possess the charateristic of loveable. If example u only love the song, or like the acting, the popularity will fall but if u like the person, then he will popular forever and succeed in everything and richest!!!

      2. @LAM You just says package. If there is only lovable face+poplar and lost his acting skill, it’s not a package anymore but just a person with a beautiful face with talking skills. Also, nothing is forever.

        In addition, do you see me calling another person dumb?? I’m talking and explaining in an intellectual ways and showing my reason why I do not like him as an Actor this year. However, all I’m seeing is ” And he is surely will be the most succeessful celebrities in hong kong and china sooner and number 1 because he possess the charateristic of loveable. “….Why?? Reason?? “If example u only love the song, or like the acting, the popularity will fall but if u like the person, then he will popular forever and succeed in everything and richest!!!”

        What a great example…Because he is lovable by his fans only to be success, so that mean you like him also for his face???

      3. @E – I hated LWVB. I don’t remember what Raymond did in the show, but I do remember that he was a pretty stupid/naive character. He was also stupid in “Eternal Happiness,” but overall, I liked EH much more than LWVB.

        I did, however, really liked Raymond in “A Step Into the Past” and “Survivor’s Law.” After that, I really don’t remember what else he was in LOL

      4. i dun say people dumb and when i said it then its real. If he cannot act, do you think he can have so many job now having 8 digit pay at china for filming drama? you think people simply give him money for fun? So u think how dumb are you in saying he cannot act. face palm..Loveable is a charisma everything combine together not necessary just face. face palm!!! Your reasons have failed as he is earning the most from the entertainment industry.

      5. gooddrama (dot) net/hong-kong-drama/twin-of-brothers

        Only dramas I saw that was good 🙂 you should tried it ^^

        Currently, High and Low … I like Michael’s acting in that and Raymond is in it too. I’ve popcorn, wants some 😉

    2. E

      And u ediot do not change my words. i do not say lovable face. Oh u think lovable is from face oni? Go check dictionary the meaning of lovable. failed max.

  2. Sorry I do not really believe him when he said that he does not go for big chested girls. However, I do hope that he is at least partially telling the truth when he said that knows that beauty comes from within.

    1. It’s hard to say. He is located more in mainland nowadays and mainland girls tend to be big chested. I don’t think he’s only dated big chested girls all his life.

      1. I think it was just a coincidence that the girls he dated (or rumoured with at least) were big-chested… Of course guys like big-chested girls but I think Ray did not ONLY choose those girls for their body and figure….

      2. Apart from PSS, almost all his other girls r not considered big chest

      3. OH. Well that’s even easier for him to defend himself now!! Haha XD

    2. Among all of his gfs, only PSS has the big boobs. You must forget that Linda is only 33C (according to her and look smaller than that) as well as Rain Li.

    3. Oh come on. Considering his track record, I would hardly accuse him of only liking big chested women. I do however, not buy the whole beauty within BS.

      Do I think he’s ridiculous shallow and would date a stunning, but stupid women over an ugly but super smart woman? No, but I do think he would pick the stunning, but only okay smart woman over the okay looking woman who’s crazy smart. Like most men.

  3. Lam Fung is the best and most handsome! Support him all the way!

  4. I am sure RL likes all ‘hot looking’ women particularly well endowed ones like any ‘normal’ heterosexual male. To be politically correct, RL had to answer in a diplomatic manner not to alienate his fans or his critics. In a matter of time, his future interviews will be so eloquent that it would be hard to pin down the “truth” from him on any issue.

    RL can going into politics after his movie career because he is so smooth and charismatic to many of the ladies or so it seems…

    1. I always got the impressed that he’s slightly awkward tbh. Like whenever I see him in variety shows, there’s something self-conscious over him (not his actual performances). I do agree that he knows how to be politically correct/dimplomatic. But he does it because he’s such a pleaser type of person, not because he’s a smooth-talker. It sounds OK in print, but it never comes off as completely genuine when you see him in person (saying these things). There’s just this hint of awkwardness for it to be sincere.

      1. I totally agree with you. I think it’s because he’s in his 30’s yet the way talks is like a teen or someone in their early 20s…just doesn’t sound right.

      2. @ Lol

        It’s true. There is something childish over him. I mean come on, even his photo “scandal” is him sleeping wearing in a t-shirt, lmao.

      3. What’s wrong with wearing t-shirt while sleeping? My father and brother also wear t-shirt.
        I can see the childishness in him too. That’s what attracts me haha.

      4. @ Star

        Nothing is wrong. It’s very basic and ordinary which is exactly my point. Not only does LF appear to be boring but he really is! LMAO. Kidding, bu my point is, unlike Ron, his scandal is so tame it’s funny.

      5. Haters like you gonna hate and poor but LF will still gonna be successful and richer.
        That’s the different between poor fag and richer. Poor fag will only know say this no good that no good but ownself like a shit and poor but poeple getting richer and richer.

  5. LF is handsome and charming. I’m officially a fan after watching HAL. Really hope he gets TV King this year! Cause he deserves it.

  6. LF is a good actor, but I have never been really touched by him before this year, I just love him as Happy sir lol

  7. Never go out with other girls? Was thought as gay? Wasn’t he has always been photographed clubbing and with many girls before Mavis?

    And he looks haggard.

    1. There was a time when he was thought as gay in his younger days. But it was just bromance like with Ron and I forgot the other guy that he was kinda close to.

    2. Who are the girls, Funn Lim? Linda? He has been photographed to go club 2 times before PSS, one with 2 guys and one with Kibby Lau (dance together, nothing else).

      And her name isn’t Mavis anymore, so how many time I have to mention that dun call her Mavis?

      1. And forgot to mention that Kibby’s incident is after PSS, so he only caught to go to club one (in 2004). However going to club is something very normal in HK, what to make it a big deal?

    3. I didn’t think he was gay, but I think a lot of people did. He had a very “pure” image and if he was photographed clubbing, it was definitely kept pretty quiet.

  8. From recent articles, I am impressed how he’s tackling questions more honestly and like a man rather than just an idol caring too much about his image (eg Ron who ends up confusing and not answering anything). I mean, he’s a grown man so its understandable for him to date anyways.

    1. omg i know… whenever i read or watch ron’s interviews its like so awkward cus he never knows how to answer… before i felt like among the siu-sangs only bosco or at times kenneth can answer questions naturally… but now i think ray improved his “speaking” skills 🙂

  9. Glad to hear that his dad has finally told LF what he has always wanted to hear and this is especially important when it comes from his own parent. All of us strive for the best in all that we do in life for example, in school to attain the best grades, in the workforce to gain promotions and a higher salary, etc. and I’m not sure about the rest of you but when your own parents compliment you on your hard work, it totally means that much more and feels special in another sort of way, even it’s for the smallest things. Hence I’m very happy for LF to finally receive recognition from his dad after working his butt off for 10+ years. I really hope he wins the BA award this year and continues his passion for acting and singing. Supporting him all the way!

  10. Any male HK star has as much plastic surgeries done as LF?

  11. I am recently re-watching La Femme Desperado and totally love LF’s character and performance in it. He gives off such a boyish charm as Chai Foon in comparison to his current manly Happy Sir role. He definitely has come a long way in his acting over the years and deserves that BA award.

    1. He really deserved it during that year, but was robbed. This year, I’m not sure if he’s the most deserving.

      1. Okay he really was robbed then. KC’s performance in that series was really mediocre.

      2. Raymond acting was really good that year, but Kevin acting wasn’t the best but the script was really good… who knows… 🙁

        But definitely not this year does he deserve it. I have not feel any good acting this year so far, include Highs and Low

      3. I guess since he got robbed once, TVB will let him rob someone else once? Haha
        TVB should give it to them based on whether they deserved it, rather than it being about time they got it.

      4. I think he’s mostly said to have been robbed in 2008, not 2006 — the frontrunners in 2006 were Joe Ma and… Steven Ma…? I believe, and in LFD LF was actually somewhat overshadowed by MT whose Jeen Man received more applause from the HK audience.

      5. Hmm, my personal preference for 2006 has always been Raymond in 2006 due to his performance. Raymond is a natural actor from the start, I just think he got lost along the way these few years. On the other hand, Joe Ma is dead fish. He’s good in police roles, because that was his actual career, but he sucks in anything that requires emotions.
        I loved Steven Ma in Safeguards, but well, at least he got a Favourite Character Award. I thought it should have been either one of them (Ray or Steven), but never Kevin. Looking back at the award list for 2006, it was a whole bunch of undeserved wins. Like Shirley Yeung for Best supporting. Can she even act?

        In 2008 however, I thought his Goon Ga Jai was bland and boring. It’s a typical good boy character, not much for him to work with, so the audience may like the character, but in terms of acting skills, it shows naught. Honestly thought he was used by TVB to hype the awards.

      6. Was Joe Ma being nominated for his performance in Maiden’s Vows that year? If so, he should have won instead of Kevin because he had to portray 4 different characters in that drama compared to Kevin’s single character which wasn’t difficult to portray at all in my opinion.

      7. Joe Ma’s scandal released rite before the award nite 2 weeks, so he lost it.

    2. I always thought he had a boyish charm in his past shows. I thought that what made him endearing in a lot of roles like A Taste of Love, ASITP (before he turned evil), EH, TOB, LFD, DOL and so on. It’s in recent years that I found his acting more bland. I really think it’s because he’s lost passion for TV(B) acting. And granted, it’s not like TVB offers the most compelling scripts or roles.

      I haven’t bothered with HAL but my sister says LF is OK in it so I might give it a shot later.

      1. advo, I don’t think he lost his passion for TV acting, but he’s too tired and overworked. As I see the same blandness in his movie roles or performances? It’s more like tiredness. With HAL, his back was injured and he wasn’t able to get out of bed during a certain period? I don’t think his performance is as good as he was back in those series you mentioned.

        hope he gets some rest, and actually think about what he wants to do.

      2. It’s possible that it’s more due to tiredness. But regardless, his performances do come of as bland so he should take a breather and think about what it is that he wants to do. While I appreciate the sentiment “to be hungry for more”, in reality, it translates badly when you try to do too much all at once.

      3. @advo: I think he lost his passion to Txb, based on what he talks about them as well.

        For example, he said: “I’m confident that I will win unless the system is crashed again”

        @Nicole: Blandness in his movie roles? Really? I dun think his acting in 2 light hearted comedies Perfect Wedding and Love is… pyjamas is any close.

      4. For acting, his acting is still as good as before but for roles, recently he dun really have any good roles except the one in HAL – with more character. So I blv that giving him a good role and he will let it on the right way.

        Forget to mention, HAL is a good series, the best among the ones I watch this year :D.

        What is so special of DOL? He did Growing through life even better than DOL.

      5. @ Fox

        I liked his DOL character much more than GOL. I thought GOL was a copy+paste performance. But much lesser evenly written character.

      6. Advo: same here.. I also refer DOL and it was one of his best drama. His character/role after DOL are kinda bland, or I should say TvB trying to groom LF as an idol?
        Even master of tai chi is good. All those good drama or character portrayed by LF did not win any awards.
        Hope LF will continue to excel in movie and singing, not limiting to TVB only. Good choice to film one drama per year

      7. that is why the BA is due long time!! i really like his role in MOTC but too bad it was not well received or anything. I think his character or the way he portrayed it was really well and up to now, i will still rewatch it!

      8. Now I think you are one of the ppl who mix acting with role, advo. His acting in GTL is better than DOL but his role is less interesting. Your comment that GTL is a copy of DOL leads me to this conclusion. He acted better in GTL especially the emotional scenes, for example the one in the kitchen. But since the role is similar but less interesting, you mix it to think that he acts worse.

        @Chloe: He won Asia TV Best actor with Taichi, so it won something :).

      9. @ Fox

        No, I think you mean what you write and I mean what I write, and you shouldn’t tell me what I mean.

      10. You mean it’s what you feel given your own opinion of his acting choices in GTL/DOL. There were a lot of scenes that touched me in DOL. Not so in GTL. Therefore, I consider his DOL role more successful. Perhaps I’m influenced by the writing, however, acting has always been a combination of acting choices and writing. I don’t appreciate you telling me what I mean/think and we’re always been respectful to each other no matter the topic so it does sadden me that you let your bias influence the discussion to such a degree.

      11. Lolz, what is my bias in this? Both roles are done by LF himself and I can’t be biased with the same actor :P? I also agree that DOL has better character, you can read it in my previous post.

        You have just told me that you mix both of acting and role in one :D. I think role is role and acting is acting, which give us the differences in view.

        Btw, so far only Happy Sir in HAL is a role chosen by him, the rest are roles assigned by Txb to him. HAL is the first series he excelled his right of choosing series through script.

      12. I agree that I think he is just overworked and probably burnt out. Regardless if you have passion for anything or not, if you are overworked and too tired, then it is hard to enjoy anything or put your best efforts into anything. That is why the companies in China allow people to get adequate rest so that they can give their best performances unlike TVB who overworked their artists and staff. I really wonder how they all put up with it.

    3. haha that’s the only series that made me like him other than that i don’t find him good.

  12. Obvious LF most deserves it this year. The best package so far in the history of TVB and not any other. There is one natural magic from him that is lovable. When u see him, it feeling so nice and warm and feel like hugging him. hehe

    1. yeah he has the best package among the current siu sangs. But i think you’re pushing it too far by saying ‘in the history of TVB’. He has a looooooooong way to catch up to the levels of Andy lau etc

      1. If you rmb, Andy Lau’s singing wasn’t accepted when he debuted with it. But I think most of young ppl dun rmb such thing.

      2. I remember but that also shows what a long way Andy has gone and how hard he has worked. He made it so it shows that others can if they are willing to put out the effort.

      3. But showing how hard you worked takes time, no? I don’t think even the biggest LF hater can accuse him of not being hard-working. But I do admit that he’s stretching himself thin over too many different things. He should focus on one thing at a time, but I suppose there is a certain pressure for entertainers to be multi-artists.

      4. Ppl always talking about level, level, level. Can anyone actually define what those levels are?

        LF not hard-working??? OMG

      5. @advo: He is trying to put away his TV career by choosing only 1 series he likes each year. Good decision.

      6. @ Fox

        But it doesn’t matter if he only films one TVB series a year if he’s still doing a ton of other kind of work. It takes away his focus and he cannot immerse himself into the character. You know his schedule better than I do, so can you say that he’s not very busy?

        My mom saw him singing on Yan Oi Tong and she commented that he looked like he had lost a lot of weight! I don’t know if it’s because he’s overworked or if he’s sticking to Miss Lok’s diet plans but I think he needs to put on some weight too.

      7. Oh well, I said this thing before: He has the right to choose series from HAL and he had a very right choose. His role in HAL is much more interesting than the one Txb assigned to him 3 recent years.

        So he actually knows what he needs for himself.

        If you think he can’t put himself in the characters, I disagree with you. Yup, he is busier than most of ppl in Txb, but it dun mean he can’t portray his roles. It’s something he can.

        For diet, I agree that he is kind of obsessing with diet. But I guess it’s the trend in HK that the singer must go diet before concert? All the time I hear of a concert, the singer will say s/he has to go on diet.

      8. I see blandness as an inability to immerse yourself into the character. OK, I haven’t watched HAL so I can’t comment on his newest-newest character but that’s what I feel about his acting since MOL.

      9. pushing it too far? LF indeed proven that he is the best package. Because andy lau cannot acted in drama and popularity cannot sustain only he went into drama. And andy lau has been poorer when he was younger. So andy is still a loser if compete with raymond. Raymond at the age of 32 now already superb rich but andy at the age of 32 is still poorer. And in terms of fans, andy lau lose kaw kaw when he was 32.

      10. *raise eyebrow* May I know if you know that Raymond was born in a wealthy family vs Andy Lau whose was born in a poor family can compare to their wealth today??

        nhu vay, ban la nguoi ham mo Raymond nhung ma ban da noi qua roi. Neu ma ban biet minh dang viet vi moi la tuyet voi. Neu Raymond khong nhan duoc thi 🙂

      11. @advo: How do you want him to act in MOL to portray the boring at core Kingsley King?

      12. ediot is ediot. I am comparing when both of them is 32 year old and their revenue per year. Andy lau lose kaw kaw u ediot vietnamese. LOL.

      13. @LAM: It’s not nice to bring the nationality of anyone to a convo like this

      14. lol, i did not mention any1 la. Those really idiot+brainless will only feel it.

      15. @ Fox

        There’s no denying that Professor King was the most boring @ss character ever. That doesn’t excuse him sleeping through the role. My opinion.

      16. But what do you want him to act in this role? Like the facial expression or the actions you want him to do? It’s a boring chac and he acts out boring, so what is the matter of the acting?

      17. @E hahahha I actually agree on the vietnamese part you wrote 😛

      18. True that it is not right to be nationality into this,but I find it a bit strange that someone would all of a sudden start writing in Vietnamese??

      19. @hts : maybe they know each other.

        I find LAM is kinda getting OTT, but like s/he intentionally does so.

      20. @LAM: lol you cant compare it like that. it was 1993 when Andy was 32 and the inflation levels has gone up since. What used to be $10 now prolly cost $50 now. And Andy made way more movies than raymond before he turned 32. Just because others do not agree with you doesnt make them an idiot.

      21. @939393 ignorant. It’s nt just about movie. Minus back the inflation rate and everything LF still win andy kaw kaw. But i guess you dont have the ability to count it. Pointless to argue with someone who only think a person can only earn the most from movie. facepalm!!!

      22. Omg LOL! She even changed her name. I think she must be very young to type in this manner or just faking it all. That’s alright, quite entertaining to me. What does ‘facepalm!’ mean? And ‘kawkaw’ also.

      23. @Linnh (giggle) 😉

        @HeTieShou Oh, because she keeps commenting on me, and bashing me so I just started to type in Viet for the fun of it. And she didn’t even know what I wrote. ^^

        @fox i do not know anyone on here. Just saw jaystar a few weeks ago. I actually only fluent with Vietnamese and English, Mandarin is just a bit 🙂

        @star Lol I’m just gonna ignore her. No point.

    2. the best package in the history is alittlebit to overreacting don’t you think?

      1. who cares if he will earn the most from the entertainment industry and be the richest and having the highest number of fans.

        Haters like u butthurt also useless because haters will continue to be poorer and LF will continue to be richer and famous.

      2. good, butthurt internally and poorer. hehe. I will not say wrong. Normally poor fag will normally butthurt when his own weak idol not that popular and more butthurt when other famous idol is so famous and richer. In this world only have loser and winner.

      3. I’m not a hater just because I don’t find him to be the best package in the history, there is a lot of other people out there that is in his level or even better. I do like his series, and as i stated before I love his character in HAL, and he play his role really good in there. But i guess telling you this won’t make any difference. 😀

      4. best package? who? not dare to say it out with proof? already poor still wanna be ignorant? Haha, between ownself know that person is not popular and richer than LF but still wanna argue nonsensically. facepalm!!!

      5. pls la vietnamese but acts like knows everything but actually an ignorant. Don write out ur poor weak judgement without proof or fact to support. face palm!!!

      6. LAM, you’re rude & obnoxious! I don’t think even Raymond Lam appreciate fans like you. Please grow up & have some respect for yourself.

      7. hi dupe useless LOL. Dont talk rubbish if u cannot argue my points. I am very pity u are poorfag and brainless.

      8. Anyone can become famous these days, especially as the line between fame and infamy has been blurred. The number of reality TV stars we have today who earn money by the bucket load – are they considered “successful”? And for what?

        Is there also any need to compare Andy’s wealth with that of LF’s? People were paid less back in the days anyway. If anything, a lot of entertainers and athletes are becoming increasingly overpaid as the years go by.

      9. its still the same. The value of money last time is higher. But andy still losing to LF in term of wealth through entertainment industry and popularity when there are both 32 year old.

        I am just hating those haters who have weak perception and judgement on someone that already earning the highest from the entertainment industry and having the highest number of fans and somemore has no clear competitors so far except those veteran perhaps LOL. It’s monopoly and not even oligopoly.

      10. @ lam, no one wants to argue with a hoodrat, so you can keep talking to yourself.

      11. @LAM: you’re calling people butthole and what not just because others do not seem to agree with you. I dont think Linnh has mentioned anything offensive or in anyway trying to be a ‘hater’. On the contrary by calling ppl butthole demonstrates that you’re immature and is the one hating on other people. please take a good look in front of the mirror before you say so next time. tqvm.

      12. I think LF will be quite embarassed to have such a ‘fan’ who goes round bashing others with name calling, english not good but still want to type in english and act all scholarly..

        By ‘defending’ LF the way u are doing so, is doing him more harm than good.

        So for ur best package’s sake.. Keeps ur lips shut/ leep ur fingers off the keyboard..

      13. @ lol, lol, You better lol at at urself that so brainless and cant even argue a single thing. facepalm!!

        @939393 , hi ignorant, people like you who are hater and canot argue a single points to support ignorant linh that LF is not the best package better look at ur mirror before blunted anything out.

        @sand, dont worry, LF only wont want any brainless and incompetency fans like you as fans. Then your english is very great? LOL. In this world doesnt need good english to be the richest. Only poorfag like you need to struggle hard because brain cannot argue a single things out but talked nonsense in an efficient way.

      14. @sand , you English are not good as well and if this was the only point that you can argue at, you are embarrassed your personality as well.

      15. My last post to you Lam!

        I never said that he isn’t the best package, i just said that he is not the best package in the history.

      16. @linh yea better to be the last because if you cant write out any proof to support ur statement then its useless and i doubt you understand the meaning of package. facepalm!!

      17. Linnh, 939393, Sand, completely agree. I might not appreciate LF’s art because of my personal taste, but I do respect LF as an artist. Much like I am not a fan of hip hop or rap, but I respect 50 cent and Eminem!

        It is best to be mature and ignore those who are not respectful, ignorant, rude and cannot comprehend the beauty in diversity!

        I only started commenting on Jaynestars this week, but I think this will be my last post…

      18. Everyone has different perception and judgement in life. But LF indeed the best package at the moment and huge base of fans.
        All this doesnt comes by luck but with hard works and talent.

    3. @LAM, quite juvenile to call people by insulting names. Totally denigrating the site and other commenters! LF will not be proud to have fans like you. Thank heaven he’s prob not reading it!!!

      1. @Tim: Yeah, i hope LF doesnt read it.. may not make him proud to see how people are trying to defend him..

      2. LF wont bother to have haters and ignorant like u who has poor judgement in life. facepalm!!!

    4. @E
      Lol, of course no point because you cannot argue my point instead of talking rubbish out. facepalm…

  13. it is great to see him interview…it feel so close and see the other side of him…also…proud of him that he improved so much and reply on the wealth from him family!!!

  14. Tv King would be LF this year
    Tv Queen battle between tavia yeung and kate tsui. Because now is 100% voting, tavia should have more fans than kate because she acting for more than 10 years already. So most probably tavia yeung will win. Tavia and raymond will hug each other for sure. Just see i will say wrong a not. haha. But raymond say he not free to go to the ceremony? pls go leh fung ger. hehe

    1. i know…i worry about that too…i think he want to come back for the prize…just from China…just a few hour…

    2. He’ll be in HK for a stage drama 2 days before the award nite.

      1. Btw i cant find his revenue every year from the entertainment industry. Must be very astonishing. Maybe he wanna be low profile since his dad already a billionaire. There is no need to brag anything. But still wish to know it.

  15. Of course he is a good-looking fella. His fault is not that he is rich, his fault lies in the fact that he pretends to be something he is not. “He quickly refuted he does not like big-breasted women.” It is okay if you are shallow Raymond, just don’t pretend to be different!

    1. Your statement do not have any premise to support ur conclusion. facepalm. big breast or whatever, in his heart most important is suitable for each other and in cantanose is “wu dong wu dui”.

    2. He’s not pretending to be different. I don’t think that’s the only factor he looks for in girls since he’s thinking of marriage, a long term relationship. He may be worried that people will believe it and his potential partners will shield away.
      Besides, do you expect him to reply like Kenneth, to announce his lustful thoughts to the world and saying “Oh yes! I like them cause I can …”?

      1. No, MM said “I like woman, no matter of age or boobs”, oh sorry, wrong, actually he said “I think of sex everyday”.

      2. LOL! that’s brutally honest of him. Maybe a little too honest. but ah well, who doesnt think about sex everyday? A saint perhaps

      3. Many ppl dun think of sex everyday 😀 without being a saint, don’t generalize.

        Don’t tell me that all you can think of the whole day is sex, if that then you are MM’s soul mate.

        Who said that MM isn’t “honest”, but his “honesty” is necessary? Or it only makes him look like a sex addicted man?

      4. -.- I dont recall myself stating that I think about sex the whole day and wasn’t in any way agreeing to his statement about sex. that’s why i said he was a little ‘too honest’.

      5. Yep so you agreed with me that not everyone think of sex everyday, thats all.

  16. Not sure why, but I seriously can’t stand LF. He can’t act, barely ok singing, annoying chok dancing!

    1. actually, he sings very well…please search his songs on youtube…he has pretty good voice…people just said too much about his chok…and he improved his dance and act too…but it is okay…i understand everyone has he/she preference…if he is not your favor actor…it is okay…

      1. What is the meaning of chok? Is it just a facial expression? I’ve looked it up previously and found a video explaining what chok is but LF don’t give the same expression as that one in the video.
        He often laughs like a child to me, of course he also gives off the cool and charming look but don’t most artistes do that?

    2. I feel that Raymond has an amazing voice. The theme song he sang in ‘The Last Breakthrough’ still plays in my head every now and then. But in recent years his acting has gone downhill, except for his role as Happy Sir.

      1. Yup I start like him because of of this song,even at that time I don’t know that he is also Dr. Ken in that series,I just like his voice before get to know what the actual look of his face…Until I found out when he received award and performed that song at ASTRO AWARDS

      2. @kcabc: nope i did not. I feel that he’s not as passionate in terms of acting (in Tvb series i mean) as before. cant blame him though since he has to also juggle btwn film, mainland series and music.

      3. You keep saying about the passionate, so what is the passionate of others? I think all of them are doing their works in their own way, so they are passionate with it.

        He can go further than Txb, it’s his good. Who want to stay with Txb forever if they can go? In other words, I doubt that anyone can do better for Txb than LF if they are in LF’s case, ie. their so-called “passionate” on Txb series is up to their chances outside Txb.

        If you like him just because of the roles, you are watching roles and please don’t mix role with acting. Acting is acting, role is role.

      4. I see the opposite. With such packed scheduled, he can still draw out his roles well, he must have great passion in his job. I see his acting even enhanced recently, just all the LKH roles he received lately are bland and boring. His other roles in Sister Fa and MWNS although show his diverse acting skills, is not that popular because of the low rating series. I see Happy Sir’s role interesting but the various expressions he delivered in MWNS is more diverse and attractive.

      5. @fox: dude i’m not in anyway trying to diss LF here. I agree that he’s the best package among the current siu sangs. and yes he definitely should go further and end his contract with TVB because he’s already beyond that. That’s why i said that he’s not as passionate when he’s acting in TVB dramas because of the low pay, low production value and around-the-clock schedule and I dont blame him for that.

      6. @kcabc: what does MWNS stands for? I think his best was in moonlight resonance. yeah but i think he should go for the ‘bigger fish’ instead ie the mainland market.

      7. I still dun get wat is the passionate attitude you need. Like kcabc said, he has more thing s to do not only Txb but he still put s his efforts on Txb series, is it the passionate attitude you want?

        Btw, fyi MWNS is Men with no shadow.

        His best is MR? I officially dun understand since I blv he has more chances to show acting in many series after MR.

      8. Agree that he did good in MR, but not the best. After MR, he did better in some other roles.

      9. A lot of people like him in MR, including myself because of his “Goon Ga Jai” character. His portrayal was good but it was a pretty simple role to act out compared to Growing Through Life in my opinion.

      1. Agree with Gar, LF himself said his MR role is too hard to act because there’s nothing to act in this character, he would have to work hard and think hard to make the character memorable.

    3. Lolly: honestly I felt LF is the one TVB artist that can sing. Heard his album and concert are doing well… These are the evidence that his singing is acceptable?
      Or maybe just his diehard fans support him blindly? 🙂

      1. FYI, my sis in law gave me LF concert video and got me to watch it. I did. Then very quickly had to watch Adele and Jacky Cheung concerts to recover.

        It’s a personal preference, I am not convinced he is worthy of the awards for singing or acting.

      2. Among Chinese singer – only jacky cheung & Faye wong are the best. Current singers are far from their level…

      3. can sing superb well is not the criteria in today’s world anymore. Its all about package. Jacky cheung can sing well is already past and he no longer can produce any good song and its out dated and not handsome like LF. Faye wong even worst i just knew recently during his concert she will not say anything except thank you. OMG.How boring it would be. But in lf’s concert, u will feel so different and worth it. plus jacky cheung and faye wong cant dance a shit out. So LF most balance plus handsome and the best.

      4. a bit unfair to compare cus from differ generations and experience but yah, i like jacky cheung 🙂

      5. And unfortunately, he has many “diehard fans” to support in years :P.

    4. I wun duno why say that u r useless because u r indeed a useless in judging. A person who judge a celebrities who has unlimited fans, earned the most from the entertainment industry, and yet still dare to say he is worst. Just like politician. Every country has it’s own parties. 51%>49% and 51% is still the winner and the 49% is the loser. And indeed u r in the 49% group who are loser and failure. Nobody will be like by anyone. Most important to be the winner and i am happy LF is the winner and chok u loser forever.

    5. Lolly,
      U would not mention Chok if u do not pay attention to his presence.kindly correct me I am wrong.

  17. Chok is an attitude, a look that says I’m sexy & I know you want me lol. The original king of chok is Andy Lau. LF is alright, his acting is a hit or miss, his singing is ok, his dancing is actually quite bad…he doesn’t have rhythm….you can tell he’s trying really hard just to complete the steps instead of dancing. Overall, LF is a pretty good entertainer but he’s not a superstar.

    1. I think it’s funny that LF has patented the “chok” since I think it fits Michael Tse much more (for Laughing). Raymond has always come off too gangly for me to associate him with having a “sexy and I know you want me” attitude.

      Raymond might not be a superstar – yet. But I don’t think any other TVB star in his generation comes close to being “the whole package” like he does. So he’s likely the closest to a “super star” or potential super star for his generation. He receives reasonable acclaim for his acting, singing and performances. No other TVB star has accomplished this (again for his generation). Linda is perhaps the only singer who sells okay (?) and she’s a lot behind LF. Her acting also divide people a lot more than LF does.

      In conclusion, I don’t think TVB has produced anyone else (in this decade) that can transcend the idol stage to becoming a big star like LF.

      1. Linda’s sale isn’t half good of LF, in fact that. The best she had was 15k/album. And LF got 1 mil for 6 albums, equal to 167k/album. So in fact her sale is only 1/10.

      2. Advo, you do have a point if you break it down like that. Best of luck to him.

      3. P/S: I don’t think anyone in Txb now have the whole package like LF.

      4. @ Fox

        Hate him or love him, I don’t think any other TVB star (of his generation!) can compare to him in terms of commercial success.

      5. I agree that LF is the closest TVB can produced to be an idol artist, compare to the past actors like Tony Leung, Andy Lau etc
        Guess that’s why TVb really “sell hard” LF but he is given the good script/character for a long time. However, TVB does not seem to groom LF for long term result, more like short term popularity or money making

      6. why seem like tvb dun cherish him much? like they give him horrible series in recent years to act with terrible script that even me as a fan cant finish watching! why do tvb not give him better roles and never cast in grand productions? and during tvb awards, he always gets dragged in but always wins the candy of fave character. so sick of tvb treating raymond like this and now i just want him to leave tvb because he dun need them! they need him more as they only focus on milking him really dry haiz

      7. Ya.. I felt TVB doesn’t cherish him. But LF is always been criticised by public that he will win this and that being TVB biological son and Ms Lok’s fav son
        Even Bosco, Kenneth Ma @Him Law are being treated better by TVB
        I honestly felt LF is hardworking- he could have better life being real “Sui yea chai”

      8. I think 620 favor moses and kevin more than raymond?

        btw i am not surprised if tvb give ma ming BA this year and raymond dragged for hype -yawn

        but yah, just get the award and leave and if tvb dun give then just leave too hehe i def wont miss cus tvb series r crap and movies will get him into the bigger world

      9. And now he also can’t bear the treatment Txb given to him anymore. He often mocks them.

      10. Michael Miu >> Laughing >> LF in terms of chok severity IMO. I even find Bosco Wong to be more chok than LF.

        But LF can be pretty chok in concerts so I guess now I can understand where chok is coming from LOL

      11. What is really the “Chok” that ppl are talking about? A way of pose? Or acting cool?

        This chok dun come from his concert but a joke about a scene in Perfect wedding starred LF.

      12. A way of pose? Or acting cool

        Both? Isn’t that what chok means? An exaggerated expression of looking cool/handsome/cute and it makes the onlooker “choke” from hilarity/embarrassment? If this is indeed the correct definition, then it can be applied to Michael Miu. And LF at concerts. And Michael Tse since the birth of Laughing.

      13. Chok started as a joke about a way of pose that can make ppl around “choke”, but I dun know why ppl make it like “Act cool”. LF dun act cool, so he dun suit the word “chok”

        I wonder when in his concert he acts cool. I only saw him sing, dance, show sad face in sad song, wave hand to fans, shake fans’ hand, interact with fans, etc. and I was there in his concerts, but when he acted cool or posed Chok, why I don’t know?

      14. LF is a superstar, heading to megastar.He would not have sold -out concerts in hk ,macau,malaysia,china,singapore,australia,
        canada and u.s.a (throughout asia pacific)if he is not popular.

      15. those brainless will tend to ignore all these things my dear. They just will stick to their poor perception and judgement while LF is getting more richer and successful.

  18. i like him.. nt sure why.. a quality in him… lol st least hes admitting he likes girls lol…

  19. Multi-talented singer and actor, charismatic, handsome, humble, caring and loving to his Honeys = LF !!! Love Fung! Always and forever!!!

    1. Agree…support him….Please watch out the news from TVB during Nov…to vote him for TV King…This is only of the award he missed…he deserves it…Wonderful Fung!!!

  20. Raymond is a talented actor and singer! Why would producers ask for him, why would he be offered to hold all those concerts?  What about the platinmum sales for his CDs if he was otherwise?  Even after all the unnecessary bad comments and bad press generated every time he gets a award, he remains humble. Like he said, awards are bonuses.

    In the hearts of his Honeys, we would like Raymond to be healthy and happy and continue to do what he loves to do. He is passionate about his singing and acting careers. He loves and appreciates his Honeys. Love and support 峯 FUNG FOREVER!

  21. This is a good interview. I’m glad he’s finally crossing over to movies. The movies is seriously lacking a major star. The last one who successfully cross over & became big was Louis Koo perhaps? And that’s a long time ago. The rest just wasnt that successful. I hope LF will do it this time. He has enough fans to make this happen. Still we need good stories!

      1. That’s Esther’s Kwan husband right? Sorry not so familiar with the names.

      2. Yes and,he won 8 best actor awards for his movie. I blv he is definitely more successful in movie field than Louis. Providing that he dun have any TV king titles but it dun affects the blossom movie career he is having

      3. Love Nick Cheung! He seems very into his art and a devoted husband, not to mention a great guy.

  22. Raymond sure hot but his acting is all right not best. Though I do really like him in La Femme Desperado and that is the only series of Raymond.

  23. I hope Raymond Lam could win the TV KING title. I am looking forward!
    Support Support Support LF!

  24. Has he done any plastic surgery? I just watched back his old dramas in 2002, and he looked different than here.

      1. He does look like Wong Cho Lam in that picture. I do remember the whole thing about filming in China, and getting a new nose in between filming. The new nose compliments him which was why he looked better. As to what other things he did, I am not quite sure. But now Wong Cho Lam can walk around and say I would have been Raymond Lam, if I had been taller.

      2. No wonder people commented that his sister looks like Wong Cho Lam (during the news of his sister’s wedding). He also used to look like Wong Cho Lam. Haha.

      3. So what if he does any plastic surgery and not made known to others.Many korean stars also like that.It is just matter of his own personal comfort and as long as he does not messing around with others or his religion.

      4. what’s a big deal on p. surgery?

        donnie yen- eye -lid, nose

        jolin tsai-nose

        dodo cheng-eyelids, nose

        chow yuen fatt – eye bag, eye-lids

        andy lau- revamp broken nose

        michael miu,jacky cheung & jacky chan- eyelids

        angelababy- eye lid, nose,nosetril,chin, ,ears

        wong cho ming- chin

      5. Ah this pic is famous on weibo for a long while and a weibo came to claim that this pic is his, not LF’s. But he looks like LF a lot so after seeing the comments, this guy went to search for LF and claim that its his pic.

      6. @loooooo,

        Jolie Tsai – not only nose but boobs, chin, jawline and etc. She almost had 80% of PS done.

        Angelababy – almost everything on her face. like 98% PS done.

      7. plastic surgery. He used to look alot like this brother and sister.

      8. I dunno who is the woman but there is a guy who claimed the photo is his. Yup LF was Dai Si Chung’s student. And LF’s bro looks resemble to him. You can check out the weibo of his brother Rocky. Recently there are a lot of his old childhood pix posted. He included them in his photobook. Ask HTS, she bought one.

      1. Uhm, that IS Lam Fung. Not someone who has the same name as Lam Fung and looks like Wong Cho Lam. So Raymond Lam Fung did look like WCL when he was young.
        聖保羅 160周年紀念,早前展出林峯中五時勁似王祖藍的學生樣。

      2. oops, i just read your other posts and realised you were bein sarcastic. LOL

      3. This one is his pic, posted years before. But the one you given before someone claimed to be his, not LF’s.

        Not only WCL but also Evergreen Mak. When Evergreen was young, LF looks kinda similar to him.

        Btw his old name wasnt Lam Fung and Raymond. His old name is Leo Lam Hooi Man.

        But wat is the matter if they do look alike? Until now they still look a bit alike, for the upper part of the face

      4. we all know what his name was then. It’s just his name now, and everyone uses it to refer to him, so why are you lecturing us about his name?

      5. To let muu find his old pic easier when searching on internet 🙂

      6. What?!! On top of a fake face, fake personality, now he has fake name too???!!

        What about these guys? Are they the real LF or just some random dudes on the internet that looks like him? I think some of them may have worked for TVB but may have disappeared over the years due to competition.





      7. These pix are all his, but it doesn’t mean the first one you posted is because there was someone claim the ownership.

        I suggested you, if you wanna find more pix of kid LF, go buy or borrow his new photobook. He included a lot of old pix in. Dun need to search on internet that hard :P. Some of the link dun work. I even gave you his old name in order for you to search easier. If you are hooking on this, I think I can help you to find some more. Feel free to ask for help if want.

        Wanna know more fake names (actually it’s artist name) of the artists they used when they turn artists? I can give you some. For example, Ron Ng Chek Hei was Ng Chiu Tong, Bosco Wong Chung Chak was Wong Shu Fung :D. Raymond Lam Fung is an artist name.

      8. Great, thanks for confirming Fox! I can always count on you to provide endless useless information about LF.

        It’s not hard looking for his old pictures. All I have to do is type Raymond Lam, and google automatically suggests Raymond Lam plastic surgery so his old pictures will pop up. No need to use his real, fake, artist, whatever, name.

      9. LMAO~, you are so addicted on this. Go on and do spend your time on it and good luck to you :P. It’s good to know that my info helped you, although you don’t want to admit :P.

        And it’s obvious that he didn’t plan to hide his old pix, so you can find them easily. Hehe, *blink* I blv you can understand what I mean. Hence, you can post many old pix of him, it can’t change that the first pic you posted has a man who claimed that it’s his. I hope your head won’t be too “stone” to put it in mind.

      10. Btw, as for fake name, don’t tell me that muu is your real name :P.

      11. Hey Fox! Muu is my real name. Didn’t you know that everything on the internet is real? The guy that claimed to be the person in the first photo is telling the truth. How do we know that? Because he said so!

        And sorry to burst your bubble, but no, LF does not control the universe so he cannot control what is seachable and what is not searchable on the internet. However he or his fans are ashamed of his old looks, it can never be erased from the internet.

      12. Ashamed of his old look? His fans? Who? LMAO~. Nobody feel ashamed for his old look, even himself. Do you see what I wrote? He even included all of these old pix on his photobook so nobody feel shame for it, or only the ppl in your own imagination. If he wants to hide his old pix or control the search on internet, LMAO~, he must be stupid to put them all on the photobook? Ask HTS, she bought one and she can confirm to you that most of the old pix you found are in this book.

        There is a guy who said the pic is his and I say so, what is wrong? Lolz, you can blv this guy or not, it’s up to you. But still have a fact that someone claimed the picture belong to him. I have ever said a word that I blv 100% in him, or I don’t blv him. I stated a fact.

        Your real name is Muu, not muu (with M), so it still can be considered as a fake name? May I blv you 100% that your real name is muu? By your logic, I can say “No” to you and think that you are using a fake name. Haha, just an example to tell you that there is no fake name in such thing.

        Btw, his look means nothing to me. What is the big fuss for it? I rarely say “Oh he is handsome” and on the other hand, I often said such thing to Ron before. I just want to help you to find his old pix easier because I saw that you were so addicted in doing such thing :). And until now you still can’t understand this, aiyoh, “stone” too much. Maybe you are caring for the look too much :D.

        One again, I have to repeat to you that nobody wanna hide his old pix, including he himself. If you wanna see more of old him, buy his photobook and you can find more there, dun need to take time to search on internet. Faster and more.


  25. He’s reduced his TV series by a lot compared to a few years back. He seems rather distanced from TVB for me for some reason.

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