Raymond Lam Services Michelle Ye on “Legend of the Purple Hairpin” Set

Onscreen lovers, Raymond Lam (林峯) and Michelle Ye (葉璇), have not lost their spark for each other despite a 10 year hiatus.

Although the 45th TVB Anniversary Awards is fast approaching, Raymond is currently filming mainland Chinese drama, Legend of the Purple Hairpin <紫釵奇緣>, in Hengdian. Producing her first TV drama, Michelle immediately thought of casting Raymond as the “Yellow-Clothed One”, Nalan Dong, in the drama, which reunites the onscreen lovers after a 10-year break to fans’ excitement.

Raymond and Michelle instantly warmed up to each other on the filming set. On November 28, the duo was photographed chatting excitedly together. Raymond even leaned over Michelle to help her adjust her hair ornaments. Michelle smiled widely at Raymond’s attentive gesture.

Rumored to have only eyes for Michelle, Raymond largely ignored fellow Hong Kong artist, Kingdom Yuen (苑瓊丹), who did not receive the same warm treatment.

Despite Michelle busily developing her career in China and not remaining in frequent contact with Raymond over the last 10 years, the good friends retained their old chemistry. “Although we have not seen each other for 10 years, we feel that we have never separated,” Raymond revealed that their friendship has not been dulled by time.

Raymond Will Be Michelle’s Guardian Angel

Set in the Tang Dynasty, Legend of the Purple Hairpin is adapted from the classic opera, The Purple Hairpin <紫釵記>. In the drama, Raymond’s role has been turned from a supporting character to a main role. Raymond’s character’s heroic traits and unselfish love towards Michelle will become the focus in the drama.

Despite his deep love for Michelle, Raymond is also torn by love for his country and loyalty to his good brother. Under such circumstances, Raymond decides to sacrifice himself and remain Michelle’s guardian angel instead in Legend of the Purple Hairpin.

Source Next Magazine #1187 via kuangaitvb.com; 21CN.com

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  1. Weird how i was never a Michelle Ye fan when she was with TVB. but since she move to Mainland I like her more and more, I am actually excited about this paring again! Hope it works out for the both of them, the photo look so vibrant and looks like a good production!

  2. Technically she is his boss. So he must “service” her.

    Oh the word “service” is not a good word!!

    1. If the boss is that hot, I think most men wouldn’t mind “servicing” her.

      1. Car service is taken by another couple. Oh, its simply eating noddle on car, instant noodle with only one noodle.

    2. Helping to fix hair isnt enough. Service should be used if they would be caught :p.

  3. she actually looks good in the above pic, before not as much haha…

    1. true, when you have $$$, you will become younger and prettier : )

      1. I disagree. Someone can mess up their faces with plastic surgeries, injection, etc.

  4. They seem to really enjoy each other’s company… How sweet and hope that they will work together in the future again.

    1. Me too! Is it greedy of us to hope that RM pairs again when we haven’t even seen this work yet? hehe

  5. They are too cute! It says this is Michelle’s first production, I believed it is actually her third?

    I hope all this high expectation won’t make me disappointed.

    1. Yea, when expectations are too high, we tend to get disappointed. Therefore, it is good not to expect too much…

    1. Not a start. He had a start in China from 2006 and well liked there with high payment

  6. Nah i don’t believe he is interested in her. She is nowhere as good looking as his plastic girlfriends. I never found her talented or pretty. Don’t know if she has improved much either.

    1. Does it matter what we think?? It just matters what Raymond and his family thinks. If he liked her, then that is his choice… None of us have the right to say anything…

      1. Well I like rm and Michelle is very pretty better than his plastic girlfriends

      2. I agree and even IF she isn’t as pretty as his plastic ex girlfriends, at least she is more natural. Natural always beats fake and artificial beauty…

    2. perhaps he’s done with the gorgeous type and wants talented smart women. 😛

      1. I thought that Raymond said he liked intelligent/smart women?? If so, Michelle would definately be the type that he likes.

    1. I agree and if fate allows it, it would be great if they be together for real. Maybe his dad may like her too???

      1. but I have a feeling that LF doesn’t like a dominant type woman and Michelle Ye seems quite dominant in a relationship plus she’s quite high profile in the public..

      2. I have the same feeling. Michelle Ye seems to be quite demanding and likes to be the limelight all the time. She used to compete a lot with Charmaine Sheh when she was in TVB.

      3. Imagine LF get instructed and order around by michelle Ye if they are really dating? I bet LF will swear X##F#@TF# since he often get what he wants always and.. never really been ordered around so much..

      4. At one time after she left TVB, Michelle was rumoured to date old wealthy men and become a socialite to get herself power in the ent industrt.

      5. Sandcherry:

        If Michelle did compete w/ Charmaine back then, maybe some of it was over Benny chan?


        I think Michelle is smart so she knows how to make the guy feel like the dominant one in the relationship. She can be very feminine and won’t directly order LF around.

      6. I know that Michelle can be a dominant and strong willed woman due to her independence at a young age… I think many of you know that she was abandoned by her mother at a young age and her father was always busy, so had to fend for herself a lot. However, I agree with Josie that Michelle does have a feminine side as well and probably knows better not to dominate and control the guy in a relationship.I think she is modernized in a way but also traditonal in her own way as well. Therefore, I feel if they did date, it would work out. But then again, we are all just speculating so who really knows how they are and truly feel towards each other?? only they would know that…

      7. She kinda hinted that they dated in her first book but it dun worked because they understand each other to well and ended up as buddies. 5 years and now maybe both changed so they can restart, though I think its pretty low.

  7. oh man, the title of this article is so negative. “services” almost always connotes something sexually…

    he just adjusted her hair ornaments… that is all…

    1. No, not negative connotation. Just cheeky b/c we like to imagine something more is going on. 😀

  8. ah! def going to watch this drama! looking forward to their collab again! =D

  9. Too many negative reports abt Raymond Lam concerning relationships. Tell him to shape up and dun project a negative image for the youngsters. Also to announce his relationship when he has strengthened up and dun go chasing after wild geese. Heck wit his good look. I prefer Tavia Yeung bf and adorable Kenneth Ma. Unfortunately kenneth and Tavia cant pair off. They make a better couple rather than her current so called bf.

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