Raymond Lam Welcomes Arrival of Baby Girl

The 40-year-old finally confirms parenthood rumors!

After months of speculation over Carina Zhang‘s (張馨月) pregnancy, Raymond Lam (林峯) finally  announced the birth of his daughter.  The couple registered for marriage last September in Hong Kong, and Carina quickly conceived. At the end of August, a heavily-pregnant Carina was spotted shopping with Raymond in Shenzhen, where she allegedly gave birth. Though the couple released news of their daughter’s arrival, the exact date of her birth is not clear.

In the photos shared by Raymond on social media, the new parents cosplayed as legendary characters from well-known Chinese novel Journey to the West, with Raymond playing Monkey King Sun Wukong while the expectant Carina dressed up as Zhu Bajie. Showing lots of love, Raymond cheekily pointed to Carina’s protruding belly in a photo and half-knelt in another photo.

Raymond penned his immense pride and emotions at becoming a newly minted dad, “The first time I carried you, I felt your breath and warmth. It is the first time I experienced the touching continuity of life. I’d use my life to safeguard and treasure this perfect happiness.” He also uploaded another heartwarming photo with the couple clenching fists to match their newborn’s tiny fist and wrote, “To protect with my life.”

New mother Carina also posted another heartwarming photo of herself looking radiant in a white buttoned blouse and tulle skirt, caressing her bump while a casually dressed Raymond kissed her pregnant belly. The new mom shared how she felt towards her daughter, “The first time I saw you, I kissed your forehead and embraced you, the pain of pregnancy and labor became insignificant. Dearest darling, you bring new meaning to my life, adding warmth and sweetness into my contented life, my heart pines for both you and Daddy. With your company, Mommy’s life has no regrets.”

When reached for comments, Raymond’s cousin Rosina Lam (林夏薇) shared her excitement at her baby niece’s arrival. “Congratulations, and I’m overjoyed for them. Finally, they don’t have to keep it a secret! Due to the pandemic, I’ve yet to visit the newborn and saw only her in photos–she is so beautiful and resembles both of them. I’ll decide on a suitable gift when I get to see her.”

It is said that Carina is currently staying at a post-pregnancy confinement center in Shenzhen charging a monthly fee of 420,000 Hong Kong dollars. The arrangement was so that Raymond, who is currently filming for Chinese drama Star of Ocean <星辰大海> in Zhongshan, as well as Carina’s family could visit and care for her conveniently.

Source: On.cc

This article is written by JoyceK for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Congratulations!! I’m thinking we’re not going get to see the daughter or her knowing her name. That’s a crazy price for sure.

  2. What a joy to see the happy family! May you treasure all the precious moments with your princess! Wishing you all the best! Congrats and enjoy your journey into parenthood.

  3. Those photos are so cute. Congrats to the both of them.

    Also, LW3 trailer is out and I need a post to talk about it and hear what people think!

      1. @scre OMG…I know, I can’t believe we don’t get to see more of him/Priscilla love line especially since they did NOT kill him off on LW2. 🙁 And why is it always Sisley Choi? Jesus! lol hahhaa TVB really is lacking. Who’s that young fresh meat cute dude? looks like a mainland actor? Interesting but he looks too young to pair up with any of those women. haha lol…

      2. @scre is it Joseph Zeng the Wuji in Heavenly Sword Dragon Sabre?
        and yes the trailer got me excited because I absolutely love all the characters in this series. I can’t believe Pakho isn’t in it. Although no Charmaine the three female leads look really promising and Pris looks so pretty in it!

      3. @bubbles23 Yeah that’s him. I know Charmaine has left tvb, but I was hoping for at least a cameo appearance.
        All those three female leads are contenders for BA, so whoever performs the best wins BA? I mean its the most anticipated drama of the year

      4. @scre damn this is STACKED male cast. LF, Michael, Kenneth, Ben, and now Joseph. Hope Pakho still has his part in the drama. I’m excited for Ben’s character return cause his roles have been such a flop since LW2. I wish Pris gets recognized somehow this year even if she doesn’t get BA.

      5. @bubbles23 lol I feel like that trailer tho was Raymond’s submission for best actor haha but yes such a good male cast.

        Female cast can go either way. I hope Priscilla and Mandy do well.

      6. @scre come to think of it… i feel like they replaced pakho with joseph lol. Very similar look tbh. Maybe that’s his undercover brother that didn’t actually die? Idk. I’m okay without pakho tbh, the rest of the male cast makes up for it and he just doesn’t compare as much as I do like him.

      7. @tt23 you’re right.. I think if they tried to fit in a complete story line for LF and Pakho it would take away from the overall story as both are “main lead” with big fan bases. *Cries for Priscilla’s character haha.
        Funny how LF and Joseph both played Wuji, and LF is so old for that role.
        Dang Owen will be on tv for the rest of the year!

      8. @tt23 I agree the male cast is strong enough to make up for his absence. When it was announced that Raymond was making a comeback for LW3, it was obvious that he was the frontrunner for BA.

      9. @luye Not to mention much cuter than BEN? lol hhahha….Oh boy, it was so sad that he was cut from it just from a social media post? They should really do not post anything these days. lol hahaa

      10. @wm2017 I bet pakho is killed in the first few episodes they did not include him at all in the promo and he was a main character. But so happy Owen is getting more airtime. He’s a better actor anyways

        And his name is joseph zeng, the mainland actor! His role looks good, they really promoted him in the trailer

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