Raymond Wong is Thankful Illness Allowed Him to Treasure Family More

Raymond Wong (黃浩然) was diagnosed with Behcet’s disease in September, causing him to have to withdraw from his lead role in the TVB series, Captain of Destiny <張保仔>.   Being a workaholic, the illness finally forced Raymond to take a much needed break from work. The illness allowed him to have a newfound appreciation for his family, friends, and health.  While his career is important, Raymond now places family as his priority and seeks to maintain his health for the sake of loved ones

Takes a Break after Seven Years

Joining TVB in 2007, Raymond has continuously filmed dramas in the past seven years. Raymond rarely fell sick, but he suffered from Behcet’s disease which affected his immune system, and was hospitalized for two weeks in September.

Although he missed out on the opportunity to star as the main lead of Captain of Destiny, Raymond will make a guest appearance as a pirate in the drama.  He praised Tony Hung (洪永城) for being a talented host.

During the time of his illness and recovery, Raymond appreciated his wife Ka Ka’s love and support. Having to take care of him and the children, as well as deal with the media, Ka Ka was both physically and mentally exhausted. Raymond learned a valuable lesson: he will no longer sacrifice his health for his career.

Chemistry with Wayne Lai

Raymond’s last aired drama, Overachievers <名門暗戰>, generated heated discussion over his controversial role. He felt pressure in portraying his villain role and suffered from insomnia. Despite this, Raymond expressed that it was still a fun filming experience, as the character allowed room for development and breakthrough. Having previously collaborated with Wayne Lai (黎耀祥), Raymond had a strong chemistry and understanding with Wayne.

Raymond said, “Towards the end, the character [in Overachievers] become very senseless and believed he is not in the wrong. Everyone else’s opinion is wrong. I hope the audience hates the character and recognizes my efforts.”

Source: stheadline.com

This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I just finished the last eps of overacheivers yesterday night and suddenly realized that Raymond was a better villian than Roger. In fact I thought This drama was much better than black heart. Never knew Raymond was sych a great actor. He should have won an award!

  2. OA is okay. Raymond is also an okay actor. He’s no where at Roger’s level IMO. Raymond’s acting rigid, boring at times. He’s still much better than a lot though. IDK why his role in OA such “controversial”? He wasn’t even that “evil.” His character is confusing actually, a big pile of mess. His so called “child scar” is too conveniently emerged at the end. Funny how he complimented Tony as a talented host and not as an actor, heh.

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