Rebecca Zhu on Her Road to Stardom

Last year, TVB suffered from an exodus of talented artists to rival television stations. A batch of successors were immediately promoted by TVB. Many of these replacement actresses are former beauty pageant winners. Catapulted to stardom by the TV show, Divas in Distress <巴不得媽媽…>, Eliza Sam (岑麗香) is one that comes to mind. The luckiest of them all is 2011 Miss Hong Kong, Rebecca Zhu (朱晨麗).

Less than six months after winning the pageant, Rebecca was chosen to replace Fala Chen (陳法拉) in the heavily anticipated anniversary series, Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles  <名媛望族>. Rebecca will be costarring with experienced actors, Damien Lau (劉松仁), Idy Chan (陳玉蓮), and Kenneth Ma (馬國明). It is only matter of time before she will be promoted as a leading fadan at TVB.

Rumor has it that Fala Chan decided not to star in Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles because she did not want to play second fiddle to Tavia Yeung (楊怡). Whether the rumor is true or not, Rebecca Zhu ended up with Fala’s role. Not only is Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles an anniversary series, Rebecca gets to play an crucial character who is in a love triangle with Ron Ng (吳卓羲) and Kenneth Ma (馬國明).

Rebecca plays Kwai Siu Yau, who comes from the same orphanage as Kam Muk Shui (Ron Ng). As a big brother to Rebecca in the drama, Ron also has strong feelings for her. Rebecca later becomes Kenneth Ma’s wife, and the angered Muk Shui decides to plot his revenge on the wealthy family.

Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles’ superb cast and dramatic plot about a grand family, are the main selling points of the show. The drama takes place in British Hong Kong during the 1930s, touching upon the themes of polygamy and women’s rights.

It was reported that Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles’ background, characters, and plot are quite similar to a mainland TV series that, coincidentally also stars Damien Lau. Therefore many people suspect that Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles is a knock-off of the mainland series. Damien said other than the fact that the shows take place in the same era, they are completely different.

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  1. Rebecca Zhu and Kenneth Ma are a beautiful couple! From the drama stills, they seem to have good chemistry together, in which Kenneth’s character comes across as quite protective of her.

    They are the couple pairing that I look forward to the most in “Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles.”

    1. I think Rebecca and Kenneth have good chemistry off-screen as well. I like their interactions on the interviews that I have watched of them together.

      1. Weren’t they rumored together a while back? If she’s single, I hope Kenneth pursues her! They look great together.

      2. Yes, Kenneth and Rebecca were rumoured for a short while during the filming of SSSS, since Kenneth was said to have treated her especially good. And also because he said she is the type of girls he likes, that is simple and innocent girls.

      3. yeah i watched their interviews and they looked like best pals. I thought Rebecca’s dating a ballet dancer? and Kenneth said she’s too young for him or smtg like that

      4. Rebecca broke up with her boyfriend earlier this year so she is currently single. As for Kenneth, though he said she is the type of girls he likes, he also added that he hasn’t thought of pursing her since he has never dated someone this young before.

      5. Kenneth said he only likes older women though so Rebecca would not be a good candidate then.

      1. Only if Rebecca will allow Ron to pool wrestling with her in tight bikini lol.

    2. OMG, sorry but I seriously dislike her- this role was meant to be Fala’s and i hate the fact that the producer didn’t give other people the role who never got to get a good chance example selena li!

      1. Fala rejected the role, not that Rec taken it from her. She supposed to have a role in this.

      2. The producer actually held an audition for the role Kwai Siu Yau when Fala withdrew from the drama because of illness. Rebecca was among those who auditioned for the role. The producer wanted to test the actresses ability to adapt to sudden changes and smartness so he deliberately gave them fake scripts to practise and then on the actual audition they were told about “the script adjustments” and got whole new script, which they hadn’t practised to at all. Despite being a newcomer Rebecca’s performance stood out and where thus choosen to take on the role. So the producer did give other people a chance but they may not have suited the role and therefore couldn’t bring out the best side of them.

  2. oh! Rebecca’s nose looks very “tiny”! I wonder when will she gonna grow her nose to the length & size of Tavia??

      1. horrible ppl say horrble things. why arent nasty unrelated comments discouraged?

    1. What the hell is it with you and other artists’ noses? lmao You seem to pay a lot of attention to others noses instead of their acting. You are a funny lim indeed.

      1. i think both funn lim and FUNN LIM have the same disorders issue – obsessive of nose. hhaahha

      2. Just so you know funn lim is not me and I have never said anything about Rebecca’s nose. Never even noticed it. And this imposter is getting lazy and unoriginal.

      3. I don’t talk about nose. I ralk about beautiful face. Only people here who know me can differentiate who is a real and who is fake Funn Lim.

    2. why on earth would you bring tavia into this when she’s not even related to this topic whatsoever? you’re just finding an opportunity to be nasty.

      FYI, Raymond lam did smtg about his nose too but i dont see anyone condemning him.(not that i’m against plastic surgery but i”m definitely against hypocrisy.)

      1. Coz Raymond Lam’s nose looks good and natural on his face. Tavia is not being made fun for plastic nose, but for bad, funny, stand out amazingly long plastic nose

      2. And why on earth would you bring Raymond Lam into this when she’s not even related to this topic whatsoever? you’re just finding an opportunity to be nasty???? LOL

      3. Agree with kcabc. Nothing wrong with Plastic surgery, just bad plastic surgery. Spending all that money to end up like pinocchio. What a dimwit.

      4. I guess because of the result. LF’s nose looks perfectly fine on his face and dun stick out of the screen. There are more ppl who did nose job but because of the good and natural results, ppl dun complain.

  3. article about someone else and tavia’s name is still dragged in here…i guess tavia is quite unpopular on jaynestars. anyway, looking forward to this fresh pairing.

    1. Quynh,
      “ article about someone else and tavia’s name is still dragged in here…i guess tavia is quite unpopular on jaynestars. anyway, looking forward to this fresh pairing.”

      We are only reporting what the HK tabloid rumors claim regarding Fala’s withdrawal from “Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles”. This has nothing to do with whether a certain artist is favored or not. We attempt to offer fair coverage of hot artists and Chinese entertainment topics. Your point is very accusatory in tone and not appreciated at all.

      1. Jayne, I thought Quynh is commenting that an article about SSSS unrelated to Tavia still attracted criticisms about Tavia, thus she is unpopular on jaynestars, I.e the website jaynestars. I think Quynh did not intend to make any accusation against Jayne.

        I kinda agree with Quynh bases on comments re Tavia, even in article unrelated to her, she seems to be really unpopular amongst jaynestars reader.

      2. I also noticed Tavia has become a fun trend for comments these days. It’s price of fame, sad to say.

      3. Yet some people here still deny that this site is a Tavia’s-hater-haven lol It’s clearly written all over this site with the amount of hateful comments even on articles that are not close to relating to her. But oh whatevs, everyone has a right to voice their own opinion. Their choice in living in their own hating world.

      4. To Catie: I don’t think it’s a what you call “Tavia-hater-haven”. I see many other artistes having their own share of bad comments too. As a well known artistes with some of latest hottest scandals of the town, it’s inevitable that Tavia will have both fans and “haters” and not only in this site .

      5. It’s funny how sites get labelled as “haters haven”, just because there are people who dislike some artiste. Like when people on jaynestars make fun of tavia, the cult members say jaynestars is full of tavia haters. When HK discuss forum have people who dislike tavia, they say OHH that place is full of tavia haters. Don’t they used their brains to think? Maybe more and more people start disliking tavia due to her own problems, NOT because a huge bunch of tavia haters congregate at the following places. Eg. In the past if 3 out of 10 people dislike her, it doesn’t seem like a lot, but it appears more and more people dislike her appearance, and her boring acting, so now maybe 6/10 people dislike her?
        Point being – she gained a lot of people who dislike her due to her own problem, NOT because of a bunch of people congregating here to dislike her. It’s just that her look is really horrible now and her acting is bland and boring. Work on improving those, and maybe people will make better comments. Nothing more.

      6. This post is about Rebecca Zhu and some people just have to jump on every chance to diss Tavia’s nose.

      7. Jeez. Another wave of fans coming and branding Jaynestars as XX haters site? LOL


        I join as usual.

        TY: Jaynestars commenters hate me and my nose! Why? [cries at the wall]

      8. vivien: It’s always the fans of the SAME cult. Not xx hater site but tavia hater site. zzzzzzzz

      9. I agree with Nicole. The same cult of fans keep complaining and can’t face the reality of entertainment forums.


        TY : ” I *hic* can’t *hic* understand why? *SOB SOB* WHY?! WHY?! Why won’t they all love meeeeeeeeeeee? What more do I have to do? Plump up my lips? Why? *SOB SOB husky voice* Why won’t you love me…”

        The wall : ” We love as much as we hate, we hate as much as we love. We love you therefore we hate you. We hate you therefore we love you. Smash your nose against me, once you’re back to your old self, we will love you…”

      11. Jayne, I interpreted Quynh’s comment the same way that Lolly did — it was a comment about JayneStars commenters (that Tavia seems unpopular amongst the comments here), not a slam on the JayneStars admin or writers. And I don’t think Quynh’s comment is wholly inaccurate given the context here — this is an article about Rebecca Zhu, and yet the second comment on this article, written by the fake Funn Lim, is a comment about Tavia’s nose, derailing the topic of discussion. (Actually Fake Funn Lim’s comment is the first comment on this article if we don’t count the earliest comment by Jayne herself.)

        Anyway. I think these celebrities being media personalities are free game for criticism. What I personally feel is over the line is when the nastiness or bashing turns to target fellow fans and commenters. Like this comment:

      12. @Brie – Did you read the comment above?
        biascp says:
        October 20, 2012 at 1:19 pm
        you seem to have some hateful disorder. get help plz.
        He said I have a disorder, so I said he has a fragile heart?
        Who bashed which fellow commentor first?

      13. Poor TY! It is abt the new pairing btw Rebecca and KM. TY can still be dragged in. She is really popular till such extent. Good for her 🙂

      14. It is normal to have lovers and haters and that goes for everyone, not only artists. I feel that some fans are too sensitive. Other celebs are often bashed as well but their fans do not seem to go as crazy. It feels like idolizing an artist is like worshipping a religion or goddess/god or something. People get crazier than I thought.

    2. Jayne,

      I think you misunderstood quynh’s comment. However, I think your reply was kinda harsh.

      1. I apologize to Quynh if I misunderstood her comment.

        The level of cyber bullying has increased at our site recently, including accusations thrown against JayneStars (as being a haters site which I have repeatedly clarified that we are not), thus I jumped the gun.

        I am also tired at the level of mockery that fans have posted against certain artists, Tavia included, as well as amongst commenters themselves.

        If you enjoy this site and have enjoyed the conversational exchange with other readers, it’s a system of self-policing that I have allowed. However, recent comments have repeatedly targeted certain artists and commenters, which makes our discussions to become increasingly inflammatory and less enjoyable for all.

        I urge certain commenters to stop the mockery, as it does come across as repeated bashing, petty-minded, and it just builds an ugly reputation towards yourself. There are other haters’ sites to generate such negative remarks and our site is not one of them.

  4. i am looking forward to performance, as seen in the trailer her acting seems good for a newcomer. GOOD LUCK!

    1. I think so too. She is one of the only reasons I think I would watch for in this SSSS. I mean I won’t watch SSSS but I would find some scenes of Rec to watch. Of course, these scenes only have Rec or of Rec and Ron.

  5. Rebecca is a pretty girl and her acting looks fine for a newbie in the 8 min trailer I watched! She might as well be another favourite for me along with Heung Heung Eliza! 😀

      1. Her future will be bright if she doesn’t associate with Ron that close.. in an intimate way.. or else, she’ll follow Ron’s footsteps.. going to freeze very soon.

      2. Dont be worried, Linda still can act jade girl, Ella still can turn likable, Toby still can have good husband and best of the best Viann still can have Li Chen, close to Ron is ok.

  6. I’ve read somewhere that his motive is also related to Damian and Kenneth’s lawyer cases but I’m not sure. I knew Ron said he’s the sole villain in the drama. This might bring Ron the spotlight.

      1. I think she looks like a plainer version of Fala from certain angles. But other times, I don’t see much similarity.

      2. Fala was plain too before she gets popular. Most of these artistes look better when they are more popular, with some exceptions…..

      3. I think Rec looks more pleasant than Fala while Fala looks more photogenic than Rec. But both pretty.

      4. @ Vivien

        I don’t think Fala was ever plain. but she was defo plainer in the beginning than now. Good makeup can definitely transform a woman. That said, I think Rebecca’s features are not as pronounced and that’s what I mean by “plain”. In time, of course she might also become more glamourous. I saw her in Yan Oi Tong and she was definitely much more glamourous looking. Though I still think Fala is more unique looking.

      5. advo, Rebecca’s features being not as pronounced is why I find her prettier. I think it’s because I find it more feminine, especially in terms of Chinese beauty. Of course, her face is not so flat like a pancake face that it becomes ugly. Fala is more striking, but I don’t find her as pretty as Rebecca. Especially nowadays, really too thin, that her features look sharper. Lenna who also looks like her, is not as pretty as the two as her features are too sharp.

      6. @ Nicole

        You’re right as in I do think Rebecca would make a much better ancient beauty than Fala whom I always thought look too modern. In terms of beauty, it is in the eye of the beholder. I think you said it right, when you said Fala was more “striking”. Fala is more of an unique beauty (so not everyone will like that either), not classically beautiful. However, I don’t think the classical beauty is at all plain. So I guess, I don’t entirely agree with you on Rebecca.

      7. Advo,
        I don’t find Rebecca classically beautiful as well, although I find her prettier because of her rounder features. I do find Fala more striking of course, and I don’t think it’s bad to be more striking than pretty. Classically pretty will be someone more like Gigi Lai, who has features that are more pronounced than Rebecca, and also a little more plumpness in the face than Fala. Of course, when it comes down to it, I do find all of them pretty. but you have to admit, it’s harder to look like a beauty in ancient china, than it is in modern. In modern dress, regardless of whether you are striking, pretty, cute, sexy, trendy, we are actually rather accepting of their looks, but in an ancient setting, it’s much harder to get the ancient beauty look down pat.

        Back onto Rebecca, overall, I do like that she has a little more meat on her compared to Fala, and even with that extra weight on her, she’s not flabby like Christine Kuo. Very toned and trim due to her dancer training.

      8. @ Nicole

        I think it’s harder for someone who’s more unique looking like Fala to fit into the ancient canvas. (Although, I do actually think she looks very beautiful in Da Mo Yao in comparison to LSS who’s rather plain – far more than what I think of Rebecca. A classically beautiful woman would probably be most beautiful in ancient costume, but a plainer woman looks better than someone more uniquely beautiful because unique beauty is more of a modern notion.

        I see you point about Fala’s features can get too pronounced when she’s too skinny and I agree. I actually think Rebecca is quite slim too – probably due to her dancing as you said. I think someone like Eliza Sam is more someone I associate with being a more meatier beauty (she’s more pretty than beautiful). I will say though, Eliza is much prettier in action than in pictures. I think it’s because her innate charisma and charm make her much livelier on screen than in pictures.

      9. And yes, Gigi Lai was very beautiful at the height of her career. I find her to be a bit too plump now that she’s a housewife. However, terrible actress!

      10. Fala and Rebecca are among the prettier actresses TVB has now. In my eyes, these are the TVB actresses that can pass in looks and attractiveness(in no particular order):

        Eliza Sam
        Christine Kuo

      11. @ Salamander

        Christine is quite beautiful but has far too thin skin to last. She’s also a terrible actress and does not seem to work very hard on improving her Cantonese. Unlike Eliza who’s working very hard on it and making great improvements. I predict a good career for Rebecca because she seems to be a hard worker too. JJ – I like her – and she’s so so pretty but she does need to improve her Cantonese. Personally, I don’t care about actresses perfecting their Cantonese but there are basic comprehension issue with both Christine and JJ’s speech. More Christine than JJ though.

      12. Forgot to say that I’m happy the new bunch of Goddess namely Eliza, Christine and Rebecca all have meat and curves compared to their seniors. Hopefully they will keep the healthy shape 😀

      13. @advo

        My current favourites are Eliza and Rebecca! They have their own charm. Eliza is the cute and lively one, while Rebecca is the elegant and more sophisticated one.

      14. @ Salamander

        Actually most of the current fa dans were much meatier when they first entered TVB. E.g. Myolie, Fala, Tavia. I doubt the new “goddesses” will remain curvy.

      15. Advo,
        I think we should forgive Gigi nowadays, as she’s really a housewife, and she seems very happy and satisfied. It’s not unusual to gain a little weight at that point in life. Acting wise, I won’t call her a terrible actress, just an average actress who is good in some roles, but weak in others. It also sucks to say this, but with her looks, she doesn’t need to be an amazing actress, just a satisfactory one, and people will love her all the same.

        About Eliza, she is someone I consider cute. I really don’t find her pretty-pretty, in the way Christine, Rebecca or Fala is, but like you said, she’s very lively on screen. Charisma is a lot more important, as you can’t learn it. Some are good at acting, but they are so methodical in their approach, it ends up a snoozefest. But Heung Heung, is also a easier role to portray than many. I will withhold my judgement until I can see her in more roles.

        Onto the figures, well, most chinese girls fall into the categories of either Fala/Sharon or Eliza/Christine, because many girls aren’t toned. Like if you want to be slim, you diet and become a stick, if not, if you have a little extra weight and curves, you are a little flabby. Rebecca is different, as she actually has muscle definition. When I watch her in a bikini during the pageants, I don’t feel that she’s uncomfortably skinny (lenna), or flabby (christine), which is good. Sometimes, I worry that Fala will end up a Kenix or Tavia, as she continues.

        As for Shishi, I do agree with you, that she’s kinda plain, but I don’t think I find her as plain as you do. But then again that’s our personal preference. Overall they are all pretty, different audience may find them prettier than others, but they all have nice, proportionate features.

      16. @ Nicole

        I didn’t mean it as a diss to Gigi at all. Only that she’s past being just curvy. Though, it’s also possibly due to her pregnancies. I don’t really see pictures of her unless she’s pregnant (not news if she’s not, I guess).

        I haven’t seen Eliza act so I can’t comment on that. I was only referring to her in the Yan Oi Tong show where I found her to be a very lively and cute girl. She definitely has screen charisma and you’re right, that’s very important and will help her in her career.

        I think the issue with Fala/Sharon (and Kenix) is that they are reasonable tall. Not Western people tall, but pretty tall for Asian actresses. (I would say that TVB’s entire first line actresses are pretty tall girls except Tavia. And actually, Myolie is the only one who doesn’t look stick-thin despite her being the tallest.) That can quickly look stick-thin when they diet. I’m not sure how tall Rebecca is – she looks tall (and actual stick-thin too in Yan Oi Tong charity show) to me – but I’ve not seen her bikini body. Also, let’s be honest. A lot of newbies are meatier when they enter TVB than when they become famous. If LF who’s a man was pressured into losing weight can you imagine how it must be for the women? That’s why I don’t think even the new “goddesses” will continue to look curvy. I have to say though, I don’t think Christine and Eliza are similarly proportioned. Christine is taller than Eliza and just seem to be bigger somehow. Eliza has a “chubby” face and while she does seem curvier, she’s has a proportionally smaller frame.

        See: and

      17. I agree with HTS that Rebecca doesn’t look much alike like Fala. I think the Malaysian Lenna even resembles Fala more. But of course Rebecca got a curvy body, her outlooks already very outstanding.

      18. advo,

        I missed your post.
        I guess I shouldn’t use “meatier” when it comes to Rebecca? maybe just more toned and fit? She’s definitely slim, but in a healthy manner.
        you haven’t seen Rebecca in a bikini?
        Since, I brought them up, here’s Christine and Lenna for comparison.
        Christine –
        Lenna –
        One has the figure of my mom, pooch included, and the other a survivor contestant after 30 days. Since Fala lost quite some weight since her early days, I reckon she’s close to how Lenna look. I can’t imagine how much worse Kenix looked during her diet pills spokesperson day. Has she gained any weight recently?

        Yes, and Eliza is tiny. I saw a photo of her and Myolie, and Myolie was a head taller.

        Among the 5 I believe Linda is taller than Myolie, from the photos I’ve seen of them together. Linda, Myolie, Fala, Kate, Tavia in height order.
        But Linda doesn’t look stick thin either, due to her broad shoulders, but she is very skinny.
        I don’t really agree with you about height being the problem when it comes to dieting. They need more weight training in their workouts. Like Sharon has a big face, and she tries to lose weight to make her face smaller. She probably does it by dieting and some cardio for weight loss, but when she loses the miniscule amount of fat on her face, she’s also losing fats on her body, ending up only skin and bones, since she has no muscles and no fats.

    1. I think they only look alike in some angles (profile). Both are pretty though. As for their acting, I think Rebecca is good at what Fala still has problem with, that is crying scenes. But I’ll reserve further comments on other parts till SSSS airs.

      1. I agree with you. I like her crying scenes. When she cries, she still very pretty!

    2. I was looking at the picture above and thought she looked like a cross between Fala and maybe Sheren. More like Fala in certain angles though.

    3. I don’t see the resemblance.

      Rebecca looks different every time I see. Sometimes, she’s pretty and sometimes not.

      1. Rebecca has a good and fit body with the necessary curves. At least better than her plywood senior fadans LOL

    4. I agree with you, specially if they have the same make-up look on they can definitely pass as sisters.

  7. i really dont like how they these miss hk or miss chinese international girls are rising and will soon be a lead in a drama while there are other actress who can act and are always just supporting cast. its sad

    1. You can’t blame pretty girls like Rebecca and Eliza for having better charisma and screen appearance.

    2. Tell me who are the young actresses who can act and always just supporting cast but not from MHK or MCI?

    3. Hasn’t it been that way for several years already?? Maybe that is another reason why TVB is going downhill?? They no longer have the acting class and just throw anyone onto their screen and think they are good enough.

  8. Was really surprised by her acting seen in the trailers…she does have the potential of being a good actress, at least she doesn;t have a stone-face when acting during her emotional scenes. Looking forward to how she goes in this series.

  9. Honestly, I don’t find Rebecca Zhu that pretty. And it’s quite mean of the media to say that Fala Chen rejected the role because she did not want to play second fiddle to Tavia. I thought it was because she had an attack of Trigeminal Neuralgia.

    My mom suffers from that and it’s not pleasant at all. When my mom gets her attacks, she even has to shield her face from the wind to prevent triggering shooting pains down her face.

  10. I have watched the longer trailer and from what I have seen of Rebecca she seems good for a newcomer. Her crying-scenes were done well.
    I have read that she will practise how to cry at home and also on which word (that she or her partner say) that the tears should fall to make the scene even more convincing and touching.
    She is someone who have been through a lot of hardships despite her young age so I believe she will really cherish every opportunity that is given to her.

  11. Rebecca wasn’t bad in the trailer. What if she overshadows the main female lead?

  12. has Rebecca already hit “Stardom” status? Isn’t a bit early for her to declare?

  13. at least rebecca was favored by the hk majority when she won misshk so she’ll be liked by the audience if she acts. besides, she looks like a hardworking girl

  14. I thought Rebecca’s character marries Kenneth for revenge? Hmm I guess they changed the storyline around.

  15. All i can say is that Rebecca deffinately have potential of becoming a good actress.

  16. If it’s only because he lost Rebecca to Kenneth then it does seem like a very weak motive. I hope it’s more related to why he ended up getting the death penalty in the first place.

    1. Did Damian or KM made the judge give death penalty to Ron? Maybe that’s why he wants revenge and add that maybe he thought KM stole Rebecca.

  17. “quite similar to a mainland TV series ”

    Which series?

  18. Fala’s role was reduced a lot to fit Rebecca. Actually, the plot was changed quite a bit. I guess it makes sense for Rebecca to play a supporting role than being on par with Tavia.

    1. Are you sure the role was reduced? Because usually the actual series won’t be exactly like in the sales presentation clip, such as how Tavia’s role isn’t evil as the sp clip portray her to be.
      So I think whether it was Fala or Rebecca who took on the role they would have had changed the plot anyway.

      1. I recalled reading articles about it (a long time ago!). I believe the producer had to tweak the storyline a bit with the addition of Rebecca.

        “So I think whether it was Fala or Rebecca who took on the role they would have had changed the plot anyway.”

        Nah. If it was Fala, then TVB would have kept the Tavia-Fala going against one another. As you can see, Fala is co-leading with Myolie in TITS2. I doubt she’ll play second fiddle to Tavia. Rebecca is a newbie, so it makes sense for her to play a supporting role.

    2. LOL. Every sales presentation isn’t final. The plot always change but it can be either way. Either:

      a) The role was smaller from beginning. Fala got disappointed to be supporting to TY’s trump card role and use ‘sick’ excuse to leave the series and went on vacation with bf and take advertising jobs.
      b) Fala was sick as she claimed. The role was reduced to be smaller to fit Rebecca’s fresh newbie status.

      1. If the role wasn’t reduced to fit Rebecca’s status, you would see a lot of outcry over Rebecca being given a co-lead role already.

  19. To Daisy:

    “I thought Rebecca’s character marries Kenneth for revenge? Hmm I guess they changed the storyline around.”

    That is what I read in the past article too.

  20. Watched the first 2 episodes of SSSS… I think Rebecca has potential, but she needs to improve her canto. I might be pedantic, but am seriously getting tired of listening to bad canto by all the beauty pageants contestants/ queens.

    Damien is awesome; thought his English is much better than MM who studied in Canada! MM’s pronunciation and articulation is poor in my view.

    1. Actually to be fair Rebecca’s canto is much better than some of the others… Just that my patience is running thin…

    2. She was born and grew up in China, of course she cant turn a Cantonese native like speaker soon. Im pretty tired with the comments on Cantonese, too. If you can understand, a bit of accent isnt the matter. Look, MM studied in Canada in years but how his English is? So dun request Rec to have good Cantonese when she has just been in HK few years. Not everyone has talent in language.

  21. @Fox, didn’t you say in another post that falling sick is an excuse for a group of people? Personal opinion is bad cantonese and growing up overseas is just a poor excuse for the group of beauty queens!
    Fair point on Kenneth Ma. Boy his english is so bad for someone from Vancouver!!!

    1. Falling in sick is different to language. Falling in sick can be solve by medicine in short term with not too serious illness like flu. And not only one person is sick. There are more Txb artists with more serious health problems but they still work without complaints from them and fans about their sickness. Language needs time and talent. Having ppl spend the whole life in a country but still cant speak the language of this country properly.

      1. Sorry don’t agree. Tavia never used it as an excuse. So beauty queens should spend more time & efforts improving their cantonese, like taking medicine to do their job properly. Well, let’s agree to disagree on this one?

      2. Im afraid that you have to recheck for your info.

        The young artists must be given sometimes to improve their cantonese, ok? And where you give them sometimes. The sickness can be solve faster so it cant be compared to language. And mayne I dun buy the excuse because everyone in Txb has tight schedule, some even have busier schedule but they still can manage to work, why nobody complain? And using this excuse once or twice is ok, but all the times then it becomes lame.

      3. Tavia didn’t use sickness as excuse. Paparazzi caught her looking sick and reported on news. Not lame. Last response on this matter from me.

    2. Now I ask you, how many ppl in Txb can speak Mando properly and native like? They have TVB8 interviews in most of their functions but why they cant speak it well. Should they be bashed for their poor Mando?

      1. I do bash them for their poor mandarin! I can’t stand tvb8 and I don’t watch it for that reason.

      2. I dun recall you bashed anyone for,their Mando. Or with other username then I!dunno. Can you name someone you bashed for their Mando in here?

    1. your crazy her might have the accent but acting is definitely not stiff

  22. Hi Jayne,

    I don’t know how to respond specifically to you so will just leave a comment here. I didn’t mean any disrespect to your site. My response was geared towards the increasing number of negative comments regarding Tavia in particular and actors/actresses in general. It used to be fun reading the comments and the bantering among members; however, most of the comments nowaday are just so…hateful.

  23. I just watched the 1st 2 eps of SSSS , and find that rebecca’s performance was quite good. Not sure if i like her yet.

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