“Reborn Rich’s” Spectacular Ratings Attributed to Veteran Actor, Lee Sung Min

Many viewers were initially drawn to watch Reborn Rich due to Song Joong Ki and Shin Hyun Been’s partnership, but became unexpectedly captivated by Lee Sung Min who plays the grandfather and CEO of Sunyang Group. The veteran actor is speculated to be the reason behind the drama’s specular ratings!

Airing in late November, Reborn Rich captured the chilling aspects of a chaebol family inside and outside the boardroom. Average nationwide ratings quickly climbed from 6.1 to 24.9 percent, and became JTBC’s highest rated drama this year. With the finale to air on December 25, large crowds are expected to gather for watch parties and challenge the broadcaster’s highest rated drama ever, The World of the Married, which received 28.4 percent in its finale ratings.

Although Lee Sung Min has participated in many different dramas, viewers may not have recognized the actor’s name before Reborn Rich. His enthralling character morphed from initial conceit, to rage when he discovered his grandson’s opposition, to loss of self-control after a car accident and illness. A very intelligent character, he had to battle his grandchild and children who are all fighting to be his successors. Despite their best efforts, he was able to use his wits to resolve any crisis.

Reborn Rich’s skyrocketing ratings have been attributed to Lee Sung Min’s acting. Netizens pointed out that the ratings rose until the eighth episode to 19.4 percent and then had a slight decrease during the ninth episode to 16.9 percent, since the latter episode was focused on Song Joong Ki and Lee Sung Min had very few scenes. Many netizens left messages stating that they were only watching for Lee Sung Min’s powerful acting!

Many viewers thought that Lee Sung Min’s character as a ruthless businessman would be the villain  and the object of Song Joong Ki’s revenge. As their characters faced off many times, Lee Sung Min started to respect his grandson’s opinions and ambitions, and began to see him as the true successor. After getting into a car accident with Song Joong Ki, his health quickly deteriorated. Viewers were in awe at his ability to showcase this quick change in character and temperament.

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This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I feel otherwise, from the beginning, many fans were looking forward to Song-Lee combo… In fact I believe both were marketing as the main dynamics. Everyone knows just how good a actor Lee Sung Min is… they are looking at this chemistry. I do enjoy watching Lee Sung Min too.

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