Romance Revealed: Carlos Chan, Jeannie Chan Spend 3 Nights in Tokyo Together

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Romance Revealed: Carlos Chan, Jeannie Chan Spend 3 Nights in Tokyo Together

Spotted by the paparazzi having dinner together in December, 32-year-old Carlos Chan (陳家樂) and 29-year-old Jeannie Chan (陳瀅) initially denied they were dating. The pair claimed they got along very well as friends, but the denials may only serve to shield their budding romance away from the public eye. The couple just returned from a three-night trip in Tokyo, spending their New Year’s Eve together.

An eyewitness spotted the couple at Tokyo’s Narita Airport on January 3, waiting to board a plane back to Hong Kong. Although Carlos and Jeannie both wore face masks and hats, their features were still distinguishable. 

Tried to Shake off Paparazzi

When the paparazzi got tipped that Carlos and Jeannie’s plane would land later that evening in Hong Kong, they waited for the stars to appear.  Afraid that they would be more easily recognized locally, Carlos and Jeannie had already separated when the plane landed. Scanning the crowd, Carlos seemed aware that there were reporters following him and spoke into his earbud headphones, likely alerting Jeannie to not make an appearance.

Realizing he was still followed, Carlos got onto a train and even switched train cars to shake off reporters. He got off at Kowloon station, and apparently wanted to visit Jeannie’s apartment in the area. However, realizing there were still reporters following him, Carlos instead took a taxi and headed back to his home.

Mutually Attracted Since August

It wasn’t hard to see that Carlos and Jeannie were mutually attracted since filming ICAC investigators <廉政行動 2019> in August. They were very playful towards each other at the press conference for the drama. At the time, Carlos had just broken up with his ex-girlfriend, actress Jennifer Yu (余香凝) so he may not have been ready to enter another relationship yet, but his initial impression of Jeannie was very positive.

In December, Carlos and Jeannie were sighted having dinner at a Japanese restaurant. Jeannie also drove him back to her apartment afterward. When confronted about their rumors at the time, Carlos said, “Jeannie is a loyal friend, like Michelle Wai (詩雅); we’re like brothers. We’re not dating.”

But their status seems to have progressed quickly, advancing from friends to lovers going on vacation together.

Source: HK01

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  • 3 comments to Romance Revealed: Carlos Chan, Jeannie Chan Spend 3 Nights in Tokyo Together

    1. oystergirl says:

      I saw one of their live interviews for ICACI a while back, and thought it was blatantly obvious that Carlos was interested in her. He was constantly staring, teasing and nudging her. Definitely didn’t come off platonic to me, haha.

      She kinda reminds me of Jennifer. Seems like he has a type! If the rumors are true, then I hope it pans out well for them. They look compatible.

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      • jayne replied:

        @oystergirl good observations! I also saw earlier interview clips when Carlos and Jeannie spoke about what they thought of each other. Jeannie’s eyes especially lit up and her smile was so wide. She seemed so animated as she praised him for his responsibility and being a nice person…seemed too earnest if they were just friends.

        I hope they admit their relationship openly instead of continuing to deny it after this Tokyo trip.

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    2. bubbles23 says:

      I ship this couple!!! So cute. Knew smthg would happen when they did not deny whether they had a chance with each other.

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