Roxanne Tong Hints at Destination Wedding

Returning from a trip in Japan, Roxanne Tong (湯洛雯) and Kenneth Ma (馬國明) enjoyed their travels and look forward to taking their next step in life together.

While promoting her new movie Love Suddenly <忽然心動>, Roxanne could not stop gushing about Kenneth, who will be watching the film premiere with her later that night. When asked if she is scared that Kenneth would be jealous over her intimate scenes, Roxanne said her scenes only involve hand holding. “He films more [intimate] scenes than me! The drama where I had the most kiss scenes was Mind Hunter <心理追兇> which was filmed with him!”

When reporters jokingly asked if they were successful in procreation while in Japan together, Roxanne laughed, “We succeeded in having fun on the trip! We’ve been together for over two years, but this is the first time that we’ve gone on vacation together.”

Roxanne added that traveling together “will test your relationship because it will reveal sides of each other that we’ve never seen before,” but the couple got along extremely well. “I discovered even more perks to his personality. I really like having a planned schedule, and he is very easygoing and doesn’t really have an opinion which works well. He drove the entire time, and also helped carry my things! His photography skills also improved.” As Kenneth is ticklish, Roxanne did not give him a massage after a long day of driving.

Making great memories in Japan, the couple is already planning their next vacation at a sunny destination or visit their college campuses. As Kenneth is quite busy, there are no concrete plans yet.

Asked when they plan on getting married, Roxanne shared their consensus, “The pandemic is easing up, so it can happen anytime. We’ll let everyone know when we  decide. With  travel restrictions being lifted, there is a big chance we’ll have a destination wedding!”


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