Ruco Chan and Ankie Belkie Do Not Deny Dating Possibility

Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) and his Brother’s Keeper <巨輪> co-star Ankie Beilke (貝安琪) are reportedly in a relationship and neither denied the possibility.

Meeting on the set of Brother’s Keeper, 36-year-old Ruco and 30-year old Ankie quickly became close and may have developed more than just a simple friendship. Ruco, who has remained single since breaking up with his former love Eunis Yiu (姚嘉雯) in 2010, first hinted his admiration for Ankie in January of this year. After filming a passionate kissing scene with Ankie, Ruco logged onto his Weibo and posted an ambiguous message: “Morning everyone. I continue to work today after last night’s swimming pool scene. I feel happy but also a little bit confused.” A few days later, on his birthday, Ruco shared a personal photo taken with Ankie and addressed her in the message: “Smile can be given to anyone. But your heart is for only one.”

Despite his limited abilities, Ruco frequently wrote English messages to Ankie. A production crew member who worked on Brother’s Keeper revealed that Ruco spent a lot of time studying conversational English, and often asked the crew for help before sending out text messages. He was also always available to help Ankie with her Chinese dialogues, and praised her whenever he had the chance. “There are always girls trying to get close to Ruco, but he is very cautious and would keep a distance from them. He has had bad luck in his career for many years, so of course he doesn’t want to be affected by gossips. His attitude towards Ankie is definitely very different than others. Not only was he attentive, he also praised her over everything…. Once, Ankie was able to say all of her lines in one take with no outtakes. As soon as the director yelled cut, Ruco started clapping and got everyone cheering for her. Ankie was very embarrassed.”

Sharing a Car Ride

On October 4, Ruco and Ankie attended TVB’s lighting ceremony to promote Brother’s Keeper. Afterwards, the two were seen hopping into Ruco’s car to attend Louis Cheung’s (張繼聰) concert together. When reporters took photos of the concert guests, Ruco and Ankie appeared cautious and immediately pulled away from each other. The two kept their distance until the concert began and the lights finally dimmed. To avoid attention, Ruco and Ankie quickly left the venue before the concert ended. As they headed towards the parking lot, Ankie reached out and held onto Ruco’s arm several times. After they retrieved the car, Ruco drove aimlessly to cover up his trail. Reporters eventually lost track of the two and gave up on the chase.

Sharing Mutual Good Feelings

The press contacted Ankie to ask about her relationship with Ruco. Ankie insisted that the two are only good friends, though she finds Ruco “very humble, very nice, educated, and good looking.” When asked if Ruco is pursuing her, Ankie said, “We are a good fit and have a lot to chat about. We talk over the phone. Pretty good!” Asked if Ruco is her first Chinese boyfriend, Ankie replied that she has never dated a Chinese man, but would like to try. Reporters then asked Ankie how her mother, actress Ankie Lau Heung Ping (劉香萍), feels about Ruco. She said simply, “Mom thinks he’s great and knows that he cares about me.”

Reporters also reached out to Ruco regarding this rumor. He denied that their concert outing was a date, saying that he had earlier promised to drive her to and from the venue. When reporters mentioned that Ankie had praised him, Ruco quickly asked to find out what she had said. Asked what he thinks about Ankie, Ruco praised her for being smart and for her cooking abilities, which he observed from watching her on cooking programs.

When reporters mentioned that Ankie’s mother also spoke highly of him, Ruco said, “Really? Maybe her mom wants to introduce girls to me.” As for whether he and Ankie may develop something further, Ruco stated, “I don’t know how to answer. Let’s see if there is an opportunity. We contact each other whenever she is in Hong Kong. It all depends on fate!”

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  1. I believe that Ruco is interested in Ankie. Her comments indicate a familiarity with Ruco and that they’ve met each other often outside of the filming set.

    As for Ruco, he’s normally very, very careful around his female costars to avoid romantic rumors. He went beyond his normal colleague treatment towards Ankie, which shows a lot. When he said, “I don’t know how to answer” regarding the dating question, it’s a big giveaway that they are already dating.

    1. Jayne, I actually feel the opposite. Ankie might be interested in Ruco but Ruso seems to be a good friend of Ankie. I guess Ankie is the type of girl who is sweet and down to earth, which makes Ruco feel comfortable to be with. being an encouraging person, Ruco may have been supportive when Ankie acted in her first drama in tvb.

      I can see that Ruco avoided Selena and Fish Wong. but I remember when a reporter asked him the same question: whether he will persue Myolie or not he also reply similar way to this time” Oh who knows, depends on “Yuen-fen”.”

      1. Norika,
        Ankie and Ruco see each other when she’s in HK. This takes more effort than normal colleagues would show towards each other. Ankie’s mom approves of Ruco…I remember her mom had visited the filming set of “Brother’s Keeper” so they may have met there, but to bring it into the conversation hints at a closer relationship.

        Also, Ruco is not the type to give women false encouragement if he’s not interested in them. If Ankie’s interest is so obvious and he’s not avoiding or discouraging it, then he seems welcome towards it.

        We’ll have to see how this plays out. This will not be the last time that reporters will ask Ruco about Ankie.

      2. My feeling is they’re dating since they’re flirting, even if not together but on separate occasions. Does Ruco sound like that sort who will do that? If not then they’re dating.

    2. Jayne,
      I agree with you about Ruco Chan. He has very few or even no rumours with female co-stars. In fact he is trying very hard to avoid them, but now he does not seem to mind having rumours with Ankie Belkie.

      Well, perhaps it is about time for Ruco Chan to have a girlfriend. He is 36 years old now.

    1. Very few Eurasian girls I talked to go out with asian guys in my neck of the woods.It looks like ruco hit the jackpot!

  2. Hope its true ruco always said his more interested in starting a family then winning tvb best actor hope ruco gets both

  3. good for Ruco and he is not young another golden couple if is true..wait for more juicy news.

  4. A man his age dating isn’t anything out of the ordinary. I’m only surprised if it’s Ankie becos they cant be more different in their background and culture. She’s very westernised and cosmopolitan and ruco doesnt seem to fit her type of guy, not that he’s not good enough for her. A beautiful woman like her has lots of pursuers and she sounds and looks very high maintenance. Hope Ruco’s career wont be affected if this turns out to be true and that his heart wont be broken eventually.

  5. Anyone knows what is her origin? Her name sure sounds funny & how do we pronounced it?

    1. Copied from Ankie Belkie’s Facebook:

      – Was born and raised in Dusseldorf, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, her mother Lau Heung Ping is from HK (actress, director/Producer) and father Michael Beilke(owns Advertising Company) from Berlin Germany. At a very early age Ankie Beilke started acting and modeling, later she attended The Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute in New York, she also studied Fine Arts at The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City.

      In Germany she became known Actress in 2009 from the movie Wickie und Die Starken Maenner in which she plays the female lead. Besides her acting career she also is a Topmodel.

  6. In this picture, Ankie looks a little like Marion Cotillard. Ruco has great taste. 😀

  7. Find it funny that people are congratulating Ruco. He’s an eligible bachelor so why isn’t anyone congratulating her instead?

  8. Ruco said in a newspaper today that they are common friends only, even though Ankie is more high profile. I think he’s still careful in relationship with female. This article is more likely promotional as Ankie’s role will be out soon, such coincidence. Their appearance together was to provide news to the media.

  9. Well, Ankie has never dated a Chinese man and she doesn’t mind trying.
    Her high profile may not be really suitable for Ruco especially when he potrays a very humble image, but anything is possible. Hope all the best to Ruco in his career as well as his lifepartner.

  10. How interesting, congrats if true. They are both yummy cute and they should have made her lead since I really don’t care for LC. haaha…LOL…

  11. Ruco n fala r my favorites, wish both of them the best of luck, also like michael miu, n linda

  12. Why do i feel like i’m watching a real life version of BK? In it, Sam and Rachel are from different backgrounds too and Sam was struggling to learn English. Same here.

  13. Most likely a publicity stunt? Brother’s Keeper was filmed around late 2012/early 2013 and I don’t remember reading any rumors about them then.

    But there is also that possibility that they really are dating and TVB paid out the reporters to hush-hush on the news until BK aired.

    But either way, this is a positive rumor, in whatever way you choose to see it. Both artists have good reputations and it is good publicity for BK.

  14. Is ankie’s mom supposed to be some famous actress? Cos i googled but her face doesn’t ring a bell at all. She’s supposedly a peer and good friend of Michelle Yim.

    1. Probably veteran stars that we never really heard for the younger generation. But she was on super trio show one time ( the old ones ) and the shorty host did introduced her as a famous mom’s daughter so that’s how i remember this Ankie’s face. She is def cute.

  15. Ankie’s multi-lingual which isn’t too shabby. She also went to a professional renown performing arts school which is much more than Fala Chen, Christine Kuo or Samantha Ko graduating from the mickey mouse 6 month TVB acting school.

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