Ruco Chan and Natalie Tong in a Budding Relationship?

Both currently single, Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) and Natalie Tong (唐詩詠) allegedly generated romantic sparks after filming TVB drama, The Apothecary <大藥坊>. It all started when Natalie’s good friend, Jazz Lam (林子善), acted as a matchmaker and frequently dragged them out on meals together. Through regular interaction, Ruco and Natalie’s good feelings intensified.

Wrong Timing

Natalie’s previous relationship with Amigo Chui (崔建邦) suffered hurtful bumps before finally coming to an end half a year ago. Reportedly, Amigo betrayed her several times, cheating on her with other women. Seeing Natalie’s heartbroken situation, close friends urged her to move on to find a better man. However, Amigo allegedly continued to latch onto to her, resulting in a rocky on-and-off relationship.

Ruco and Natalie first developed a good impression of each other when filming The Other Truth <真相> in 2010. However, their relationship experienced no progress since Natalie was still with Amigo and Ruco was dating ATV beauty queen, Eunis Yiu (姚佳雯).

As a good friend, Jazz tried to set up many dates for Natalie, including diamond bachelor Kenneth Ma (馬國明). Reportedly, actor Stephen Wong (黃嘉樂) also liked Natalie and constantly offered to drive her to and from work. Unable to completely break her ties with Amigo, Natalie treated other men only as friends. An insider revealed, “Meeting Amigo was bad luck for Natalie. She missed out on many chances of a good marriage.”

After Natalie officially broke up with Amigo several months ago, Jazz dived in and immediately introduced her to Ruco. The source continued, “While filming The Apothecary together, Jazz thought Ruco and Natalie are a great match. Ruco has a good impression of Natalie, and Jazz constantly praised her in front of him. He even told Ruco about her hurtful relationship with Amigo, which led to much sympathy.”

Hot Pot Date

Before long, Ruco and Natalie started to spend time frequently together without Jazz’s initiation. On March 14, the cast of The Apothecary headed to Sai Kung for a hot pot dinner. Preferring to keep their budding relationship a secret, Ruco and Natalie arrived separately to avoid speculation. Although Natalie left earlier that night, she reportedly texted Ruco right after entering her car.

Asked about her rumors with Ruco, Natalie replied, “We’re not an onscreen couple in The Apothecary. I mainly share scenes with Raymond Wong (黃浩然), and barely film with Ruco. We were supposed to have a rectangular relationship, but sadly it was deleted!”

Natalie also denied eating out with Ruco after work, and claimed she barely sees him around. When the hot pot dinner was mentioned, Natalie pointed out there were others present as well. Despite her denial, she did not omit chances of getting together with Ruco, “If I see him more often, I’ll think about it! Hahaha!”

Source: Oriental Sunday

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  1. Pretty sure it’s the media making something out of nothing. And Ruco’s one true love is Linda!!!!(IMHO)

    1. and you would know because you are Ruco’s little voice?

      1. I said IMHO (in my humble opinion). Read everything before you reply.

  2. Although Natalie left earlier that night, she reportedly texted Ruco right after entering her car.

    How does the media kno? Srly, some articles can be refrained from posting. There r so many FAKE gossips spread by JS.

    1. My guess is they saw her SMS-ing someone and they ASSUME she SMS-ed Ruco. Could be anyone.

      And if there’s anything budding, thanks to these gossips nothing will come out of it. I still feel this is pure gossip but if Ruco never deny like he did with Linda and some others, there may be some truth in it?

  3. I rubbish this unless Ruco changed his preference. Natalie I think still has feeling for Amigo whilst Ruco probably has his eye on someone else. Unless like I said he changed his preference.

  4. someone should count how many times Jaynestars has published news on Ruco’s status and which one of those are actually true.

    Probs used as an attention grabber

  5. ….well they do make a cute couple………………………….

  6. Another fake news^^…Ruco and Nat should be good friends.
    btw I think Ruco never deny directly about Linda, but Linda and Ruco tend to make the Panda whatever-tionship more and more ambiguous!

  7. wow ……………..yeah i think so too nat and ruco
    could be great friend as well but not just linda chung

  8. I always find it pathetically sad that this pretty girl kept on going back to a cheater. Sometimes when ppl say once a cheater, always a cheater. It’s actually true than false. For any girl who keeps on saying we are friends if not lovers, that’s not a good thing if that cheater is violent and cheats a couple of times. Sometimes severing all ties will really make your life easier. I mean life goes on and you can only hope for the best.

    1. Indeed, I feel sorry for Natalie. She should really severed all ties with Amigo and ignore him. She deserves better

  9. i love it if it is true…i love them both…hope they are together!!!

  10. per on cc:
    Ruco denied the rumour with Nat. but said a nice change other than Linda. He’s hot so more topics about him. The actresses in ROE all have b/f or husbands. So the mags have to create new romance for him.

      1. 有傳@陳展鵬煎PANG 撻着@唐詩詠Natalie,展鵬笑說:「都好嘅,唔使成日同嘉欣傳緋聞。」雖然他否認搭上詩詠,但讚對方是個好女仔:「佢演戲好好又好乖,都幾得人錫!(單獨約過?)冇!(有冇機會發展?)將來嘅嘢冇人知,可能第時再一齊拍劇,戲內戲外擦出火花。」

        There are rumours that Ruco Chan has gotten together with Natalie Tong, Ruco laughed while saying: “That’s good actually, then I don’t need to always have rumours with Linda.” Though he denied that he is dating Natalie he praised that she is a good girl: “She is very good at acting and also very obedient. She is actually quite likeable! (Have you gone out alone before?) “No!” (Is there a chance for development?) “No one will know about the future, perhaps when we collaborate again we would have sparks in the series and in real-life as well.”

  11. I still don’t get what she saw in Amigo, he’s short, ugly and a woman beating cheater. Anyone is better than him, hope Natalie moves on. She’s very pretty and seems like a sweet humble girl.

  12. Ruco with Linda, then Ankie, then now Natalie? which is true??

    1. He never did deny Ankie. So I will say Ankie was true. Perhaps a brief fling. The rest which he denied openly is probably not true. Especially Natalie. I just don’t see them together.

  13. Man, take a shot every time Ruco is rumored with is co-star … I feel like every single article has been about his dating life more than his actual work; which is a pity, since he’s such solid actor.

    As for Natalie, I hope she can find happiness again after that whole Amigo nightmare …

  14. omygosh…….here we go again another who starts up with these ridiculous rumors anyway itz kinda getting boring Geeesssshhh for every new movie that’s coming out they have to spread the word that so and so is acting romantically blah blah blah… on and so on… Arrrgghh rubbish

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