Ruco Chan Denies Plastic Surgery At “Ruse of Engagement” Promotion

The cast of Ruse of Engagement <叛逃> promoted their series with an outdoor war game on March 26. Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) commented on his gravity-defying roof jump, saying that the scene did not look exaggerated at all during the shoot, and jokingly called netizens’ online parodies creative. Recently accused of plastic surgery, Ruco also dismissed the baseless accusation on today, and assured that his handsome features are completely natural.

Ruco, Ron Ng (吳卓羲), and William Chak (翟威廉) were dressed in protective gear at the promotional event. The three were charged with moving through war game obstacles while carrying their female co-stars on their backs. Despite all the on-screen training he received, Ruco lost the game and was punished with a round of airsoft gun shots from all the winners.

Gaining fame quickly in recent years, Ruco is now facing a slew of gossips which he describes as becoming increasingly negative. Aside from his alleged playboy behavior with female co-stars and jealousy issues with Edwin Siu (蕭正楠), Ruco is now also a victim of plastic surgery accusations.

A local tabloid magazine published a report this week claiming that Ruco had become obsessed with his looks. The 37-year-old allegedly received excessive cosmetic injections that caused his face to look extremely bloated at an earlier promotional event for his police drama. Ruco defended himself, attributing his more-rounded look to a recent illness. “I have been sick ever since I completed filming All That is Bitter is Sweet <大藥坊>. My face was very bloated from water retention that day. I have just fully recovered.”

Although he is confident in showing off his natural face, Ruco does not immediately deny the possibility of receiving plastic surgery in the future. “We’ll discuss future matters when the time comes, maybe we’ll be able to recover our youthful looks by just taking a pill. Plastic surgery is very risky.”

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  1. ruco so handsome,,of course no doubt been typecast as playboy as he really look hot..all the girls also willing to if he indeed wanted

      1. Really? I didn’t know there are botox stats. Has botox been around long enough for stats to be meaningful?

      2. I’ve never done PS before so I’m not familiar with the different procedures they have but I think Larry meant Botox asap. Unless there’s a procedure called Botox stat? ………

      3. stat = statistics?

        I don’t know too much about all the cosmetic enhancement (PS, botox, etc.) procedures either.

  2. seriously? this is news!? Come on. compare his looks from 2010 to now. looks the same. is there zero guidelines on what articles to translate?

  3. “his alleged playboy behavior with female co-stars ”

    This is utter rubbish. All fans know that Ruco always keeps his distance from his female co-stars so as to avoid unnecessary rumours with them. He is like his character Keith in TOT who tells Mavis that he can’t afford to be too nice to the women around him in case they get the wrong idea. It’s the tabloids who insist on linking him romantically with every female seen in his company and portray him as a serial dater.
    Ruco’s features are all natural as can be seen in his pics from his much younger days. Also he was unwell recently (as revealed in his interviews which Jaynestars also carried an article)hence the slight bloatedness. This rumour is just rubbish.

    1. Furthermore, he has not been away from HK for a prolonged period due to his hectic work schedule, so how on earth did he do his plastic surgery which requires a fair amount of downtime? Only dumb people will believe these tabloid trash.

      1. Well, there are busier ppl but tabloids still say they did PS. So workload isnt an excuse.

      2. Busier people who are in public eye all the time like him? Nah!

      3. List me his schedule for me to see he is busy 24/7 in all year

      4. Don’t let yr prejudice and jealousy blind you. Take a look at his old pics and you will know the truth. There’s none so blind as those who will not see.

      5. You’re welcome. I have never thought or said Ruco was PS but I can tell that he isn’t as busy as you said. Since you can’t prove.

      6. No, you didn’t say but you insinuated. Don’t use that “since you can’t prove it” baloney on me. Some things are just so obvious a little brainwork or common sense will show you the truth. Obviously you have none. I guess it just makes you feel good that Ruco has been dragged into this just becos yr idol plastic Ray is well known to have had work done to his oversized ginormous nose and god knows what else.

      7. He is very busy. He is filming non stop (we don;’t have his schedule but apart from reports of his supposed love affair with Linda, you can clearly see those were taken when they were working), promotion (ROE promos here and there), functions (those asked about Natalie, etc) and many more. What he is NOT busy with is holidays with his young girlfriend which he doesn’t have one at this moment.

      8. @buzz: If you like I can give you pic of LF’s old nose and it’s much of the same size to now. Even reporters don’t say his nose increased the size. So babe, check for your fact at first.

        I said you can’t prove that Ruco is too busy to have time for PS. In fact there are artists with same or busier schedule than Ruco with rumours of PS and some of them indeed had PS or injection. Yes, I’m dragging TY in. Hence, Ruco’s work schedule can’t be an excuse to say that he didn’t do PS. Moreover, he is just busier in recent 2 or 3 years, how about the period he was free?

        However, in my opinion, Ruco didn’t have PS. I watched few ATV series ft him and I think he looks quite the same. I only intentionally mocked you for your excuse of “busy schedule, no way to PS”. No, Ruco has works but not that 24/7 to find no time for PS, if he wants.

        @Funn Lim: I can say that the one who took any free time to go with his gf was busier than Ruco as he stretched himself on 3 sides, not only Txb series. The amount of functions he went I don’t think is less than Ruco, even now when he reduced his works to enjoy life. Ruco films many Txb series and that’s all. He only has series to film and function to go. He still has free time to take Linda and Ankie home, to have some rumours with Natalie and if I rmb rite, with his old gf as well. However, since he hasn’t an official gf, he can spend time to play around to find one. And it’s how his free time runs. LF surpassed the time when he filmed Txb series after Txb series as well, and during that moment, he still can dated. Ruco isn’t different. Maybe when Ruco reaches to the top, he’ll find a way to enjoy life by holidays as well.

        If you say taking holidays is free, Steven Ma, Linda Chung, Charmaine Sheh, your three beloved artists took holidays frequently. Linda Chung took a 3 month holiday recently. Well, are you saying she is too free?

      9. “He still has free time to take Linda and Ankie home”

        I don’t get your point. When does being a gentleman (Linda) and a short term BF (Ankie) means he has free time?

        I don’t get it.

      10. “However, since he hasn’t an official gf, he can spend time to play around to find one. And it’s how his free time runs.”

        I suppose this is true compared with Raymond who has a fixed girlfriend whom he can spend his time to play around with her. I don’t get your point though. Are you saying Raymond spends his free time in a more meaningful way rather than Ruco who doesn’t? Is that it?

      11. @Funn Lim: If he wasn’t free, how can he send them home? You are the one who mentioned of free time to take holidays with gf, did you try to say that that time was wasted? Or not meaningful? I don’t get your point as well or you’re pointless there.

        I think in their free time, they can do watever they want. They are human, too. Ruco can do watever he wants in his free time, sending girls home or going dinning or playing or even to do PS, as much meaningful as having some time for gf. He doesn’t have an official one now, he can use spare time to find one by hanging out with girls around him. Just face it, Ruco isn’t the busiest man in the world or even in Txb. He has free time and he can do PS during tat free time if he wants. I don’t say he has PS (because he looks pretty much the same to me) but work isn’t a way to prove he didn’t had one.

        You two (Funn Lim + buzz) are talking like Ruco is the busiest man in the world, which I find not true. Like I mentioned, TY with Txb series after series + promotions + a bf still can find time for injections/PS, so Ruco can find

        Better to say “see in pix”.

      12. Seriously? Someone can be so busy he can’t send a girl home and being gentlemanly?

      13. ” I only intentionally mocked you for your excuse of “busy schedule, no way to PS”. No, Ruco has works but not that 24/7 to find no time for PS, if he wants.”

        It is this intentional mocking that i have issue with. See, you admit just as much that you’re a troll. Why stir up the hornet’s nest intentionally? I’m not interested in LF’s romantic life which is a great big show which he put up for the whole world to see. Why are you so interested to know who Ruco is sending home or who he’s rumoured with?

        ” If he wasn’t free, how can he send them home? ”

        What an utterly stupid thing to say! Sending someone home is just the gentlemanly thing to do as Funn has pointed out especially since Linda lives in his neighbourhood and they were filming together. In the light of all the rumours, they have stopped taking rides together, are you happy now? As for Natalie, it’s just a rumour and really none of our biz.

        Trolls like you deserve to be slammed.

      14. Seriously, can you two stop twisting and go to the core of the discussion: Is Ruco Chan that busy to have no time for PS?

        @buzz: Yes, I like to troll kids like you. You say you have no interest in LF’s romantic life? Lolz, go watch yourself wat you’ve posted in this forum, babe. You are eager to post in every single article of such. And am I the one who drag him in or your “frienemy” Funn Lim?

        I don’t really care for whom Ruco send home (but those events were nothing but a show to gain public stunt – I’m cool with that as it’s a method used by many), but it tells that he has free time and not a busybody like you are portraying him.

        Then, I beg trolled kid buzz to go back to the core of the discussion: Prove Ruco is too busy to be unable to take PS, if you can.

        Btw, it’s kinda funny to see tat you are making him a grass-eater boy.

      15. @Fox, are you so free to track my activity on jaynestars? Unfortunately you must have made a mistake with the identity of whoever it is that you have a bone to pick with regarding trolling LF’s articles. I have made a couple of comments but they’re none so obsessive as you on Ruco’s threads. You obviously hv nothing better to do with yr life than to track LF’s love life and Ruco’s scandals.
        Coming back to the core of the argument , pls note that this article is abt the rumours regarding Ruco having plastic surgery. As you hv already acknowledged it yourself, you don’t think so. Therefore, is it necessary for me to prove that he’s so busy that he does not hv time to do ps? You’re slapping yourself in yr own face. Even if you doubt that he’s so busy that he does not hv time to go for PS, I’m asking you to use your own eyes to judge based on his old pics if indeed there was any alteration of his features which you’ve admitted more than once that there isn’t. So what’s there for me to prove? Or are you merely trying to use that “you can’t prove anything ” baloney on me again? This is going around in circles, thanks to you. Get a life. Stop trolling.

        Btw, sending someone home is no big deal If you’re a guy, I’ll say you’re not a gentleman as you so lack these basic social graces. If you’re a gal, I feel sorry for you that none of yr men friends are gentlemen enough to show you some basic courtesy. Either way, it means you’re a loser.

    2. Uhm huh? He has been rumoured with 3 girls (or 4?) in just few recent months, how can say he avoids unnecessary love rumours with colleagues?

      Furthermore, if he avoided, he hasnt taken Linda home by his care when his series with her was going to be aired where reporters were around. They must know reporters would write something.

      He can do better to avoid, of course in case he really wants to do so. However, why he has to do so? He is single and its good to have free public stunts.

      1. He can do all he can to avoid those rumours but the pen is in the hands of the paps-dogs. He can’t control what they’re going to write. Sending a co – worker who lives near you is a very normal thing to do.

      2. The pen is mightier than the sword, haven’t you heard, poor child!

      3. suggest you go back and ask yr teachers what that means cos obviously you don’t get it, do you?

      4. @ Fox, the one who atarted the mudslinging is calling for time out?

    1. U have bad taste. If Ruco is not hot then I don’t know who is.

      1. lol i also dont think he is hot at all. he is okay, but not hot….

    2. It’s ok, all those who don’ t think he’s hot. Every artiste has their fans and haters. He won’t lose any sleep over

  4. I don’t think Ruco is as vain as Tavia. All Ruco’s fans love his because of his acting not his looks. Ruco is not Lam Fung who only cares about his chok looks.

    1. his acting is medicore, not like GREAT GREAT. but better than most of the tvb actors these days…

    2. It would be funny if Ruco turns out to be the one who only care for his look. A big slap to his fans like you. If you like him, just like him for watever he has. Look is a part of an artist and an artist who dont care for his look isnt a professional one.

      Btw, I dont think you can represent for ALL Ruco fans, hence you cant say ALL of his fans like him for his acting, not look.

    3. Ouch!!! You just stepped on Fox’s tail cos he or she’s a big fan of LF.

      1. Why? You going to sock me in the eye? ?? Muah hahaha!

      2. I’m not that free. And you are the one who got mad, not me.

      3. In this particular case I don’t believe you, buzz. You sound like you are deep in mad :).

      4. i always enjoy taking on trolls like you who have nothing better to do than to troll other people’s comments.

      5. @buzz: Lolz, you think you are not a troll? Well, kid, you should look at yourself. Yes, I like to troll kids like you because they are too crazy.

      6. Thanks for telling. I guess I really did step on the fox’s tail. Ouch.

  5. hi there

    1. really, “eat full very free”.
    2. ruco does not need that to look good.
    3. he is one fine macho-looking dude.

  6. CP always look good and need plastic surgery 🙂

  7. i don’t wtch to see this article about this tv film
    RUSE OF ENGAGEMENT at all because i really hate watching this tv film

    1. wow, so much hatred over a tv drama, i can practically feel the venom spewing from you. Chi-lax!

  8. i’ve actually always suspected he’s had a nose job. it just looks too pointy, the tip a little too hooked, and his nostrils look a bit unnatural. he might have had eyelid surgery. anyway, as long as the end result is good, who cares?

    1. He looked the same like he was when he was at ATV unless he did it before then. I don’t think so. I think age is a factor.

      1. If he did anything to his nose, then i would say that he should have made it less prominent cos it’s still the prominent nose from his youth that he has now! He also has double eyelids since he started out when he was about 20 years old. He’s been on Weibo posting some old pics to refute the rumours. Posting a couple of them here:

    2. anoninhk,
      “i’ve actually always suspected he’s had a nose job.”

      Ruco’s features seem to resemble his mom, don’t think he had any plastic surgery.

      1. He didn’t. Saw his younger self pictures, looked the same except much much much older now. Even the lips is the same. Nose is the same.

    3. Ruco looks the same from when he was in ATV. The ones who did will have obvious change on their appearance. Notably Tavia’s nose, Dodo Cheng’s fail plastics and Raymond’s facial enhancement to his nose+other things and so on.

  9. Is there a video of this report? Maybe some showing the whole war game?

  10. If I were Ruco I’d refrain from trying to defend myself for the more you are on the defensive the more criticisms you’ll get. You just can’t stop mouths from wagging. On that account maybe he should from Kevin Cheng? Just say nothing. He looks ok to me.

  11. don’t know about you guys, but i think 翟威廉 is really hot. say him yesterday in the show. as hot as ever.

  12. I think the rumour mill these magazines use is the same template for each TVB actor lol…. as soon as popularity increases; they will have stories of “heat on the set of a shoot”…. “costars getting cosy”…. then fabricated relationships… driving home with someone… the inevitable plastic surgery was just the next step up in the ladder of the magazine template 🙂

    1. yes, i agree, they go thro this same old routine, it gets so predictable.

  13. I not a big fan of Ruco but do find that he is handsome and have that playboy kinda looks.

  14. Ruco Chan look a bit like Pierre Png – the Singapore actor who acted as Phua Chu Beng (PCK’s younger brother)

  15. This Ruco is so plastic fake. LF is the real deal! <3 <3 <3

  16. Ruco is fine for another 10 years, he just need to stop chain smoking.

    1. Maybe he is the sort who looks better as he is older? I mean when he was young he looked old, so when he is old he will even out the look thing? He does look better now. But he does look older with glasses.

  17. Ruco seems much irritated by this report. He posted old pics in his inst. and weibo to proof his innocence. Rarely find him so high profile. He’s in fact angry, probably he’s proud of his natural beauty. Tbb’s entertainment news have several reports on this issue to support him and said that these rumours were made cos he’s HOT. He said he’s bloated due to sickness. I believe that’s the result of soaking in water for 3 hours for the underwater kissing scene with Linda in a cold winter night. Hongkongers saw him in the recent days said there’s no change in his looks. The Nexx Weekly just took revenge on tbb for being boycotted.
    P.S. The comment on 27/3 @6:47 is not mine. I will change my name.

    1. Yes he does look bloated with a fuller face. If he did PS, why just bloat up the face? He is right to be pissed off. Like you said, he is proud of his natural beauty (by the way I chuckled at that line a bit! sorry!). PS? Hardly. He looks the same.

    2. Yes, he is not the same but doesn’t mean he had PS… if he still look the same as 15 years ago then he definitely had PS. It is just aging that make him look manly. Why comparing photos when he was 20+ years old even 3-4 years ago he can still gained weight and make his face look fuller. I think criticism is just a way to show how popular an artist is otherwise the news is worthless (沒有新聞價值)Ruco you are just too popular that people wants to turn you down…you look so good that people envy you.

  18. Ruco Chan did have his plastic surgery. Please review the late 1990’s police movie with Lau Ching Wan and Jordan Chan where armed robbers break into HK Interpol HQ and steal back drug money. Ruco plays an UI as is Jordan’s younger brother. Check out his facial features then and now.

      1. Agree. His looks varied since his teenage but can’t find much difference in his features. I did watch some of his old series n movies.

    1. aptos, I think you just envy Ruco. You think only PS can make a person looks good?
      Don’t compare him right now to when he was 20+ years old. Aging will make people face look fuller. He just look manly now compare to his youthful age overall he still looks good.

      1. I did for a moment thought he probably did his nose but then I realise he is usually slim but in ROE he was way too thin and then in OL he looked bulky. In all circumstances, 3 years can make a huge difference with a man’s feature. He was sayyy 33 compared with 37 and he got older, much older. His features is still the same since young. So no, I don’t think there’s any PS, just slimming, fattening up and growing older. Maybe a bit of facial spa treatment. He generally has good skin.

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