Ruco Chan Needs to Train Harder for “Extraordinarily Mysterious Case”

Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) and Ben Wong (黃智賢) are hard at work for their new TVB crime drama Extraordinarily Mysterious Cases <逆天奇案>, in which they both play police captains solving a strange case. Yesterday, Ruco was shooting a chase scene involving him hanging on a wire 28 stories high, jumping across obstacles. Although safety precautions were met, Ruco couldn’t help but to feel terrified.

“Maybe it’s because now that I’m older, my fear of heights is growing,” he said. “It’s 28 stories high after all.” Reporters pointed out that it could be because Ruco’s now a father, and he’s become a lot more cautious with his job. “I don’t think so. I do want to another breakthrough, but I’ve come to discover that my endurance isn’t as great as it was before. I need to do some more training to build strength.”

Ruco recently shared a video of him cutting his daughter’s umbilical cord when she was born. “I was really scared at first. I didn’t know how to cut it, and I didn’t want to hurt the baby,” he said.

But now that his daughter with wife Phoebe Sin (單文柔) is five months old, is Ruco ready to chase after another baby? He laughed and said, “Too soon. My daughter is slow at warming up to people. She needs a lot of interaction. She’s only finally recognized me. I do want her to learn how to say mom first.”

Asking if Phoebe will be making a comeback soon, Ruco explained that they haven’t even been married two years. She’s only just learning how to take care of the newborn, and doesn’t have the time or energy to restart her career. “Maybe she can work on being an influencer temporarily,” he suggested.

In related news, Ruco’s costar Ben Wong was asked about his thoughts on his friend Alice Chan (陳煒) being photographed moving in with her new boyfriend. He said, “That’s normal for couples to do. I haven’t asked her personally. I don’t want to be too nosy. We do see each other, and I can tell that she’s very happy. She really is the winner of all winners. She’s beautiful inside and out. (Prepared to give a wedding gift?) I’m always ready.”


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