Sammy Sum Invests In Home Gym During Pandemic

As a gym lover, Sammy Sum (沈震軒) believes in a quality workout session. While Sammy does have convenient access to a local gym, there’s nothing wrong with bringing the gym closer to home, if one can afford it.

Currently currently lives in an independent house in Yuen Long, which includes a private backyard. To maximize his large space at home, Sammy spent time and money to invest in expensive gym equipment to bring his workouts closer to home. He also extended his living space to fit in additional machines and rackets for his weights.

In addition to adding extra rooms in the home for his gym equipment, Sammy also added a music room and another private room to store his collectibles, mostly superhero figurines. Sammy’s home is the epitome of a man cave!


Source: Sky Post

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  1. Yeah, so even if he has a body like Stallone………he still has no career in the entertainment industry………So what does he do with his six-pack then?

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