Sammy Sum and Girlfriend in Sexy Underwear Photoshoot

In a stable relationship for five years, Sammy Sum (沈震軒) and Shirley Chan (陳欣妍) have progressed to living together and reached the stage of discussing marriage. The couple also does not mind working together, and recently filmed a sexy underwear photoshoot.

The pair wreaked havoc on Instagram on Valentine’s Day, sharing photos of a sexy underwear photoshoot for Calvin Klein. They wore matching red and black underwear showing off their toned and muscular physique. Netizens excitedly praised them for their physical compatibility and great bodies.

Although Sammy is often travelling between Hong Kong and China for work, their relationship is still stable and sweet. The couple is rumored to reach the stage of discussing marriage, and Sammy admitted that Shirley’s positive personality has allowed him to approach life with a more relaxed attitude.

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  1. I liked him in that ViuTV drama where he played Prudence Liew’s younger lover. Then he went back to TVB and ended up starring in nothing drama series !

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