Sammy Shum and Girlfriend Open Gym Together

Actor Sammy Shum’s (沈震軒) new fitness center is open! Pumping in an eight-digit figure into the business together with his girlfriend Shirley Chan (陳欣妍) and a group of other friends, the “Ones Fitness” center opened its doors at Causeway Bay on July 7. Many celebrity friends and entertainers turned up in support, including veteran actor and film producer Raymond Wong (黃百鳴).

An Attractive Butt Catches His Attention?!

Currently contracted to Emperor Entertainment, the actor shared that he had poured in a great deal of effort into his “baby” as he really wanted everyone to feel his sincerity. As the business was keen on attracting a female clientele,  it made a point to feature female celebrities on its social media, including Shirley, who chimed in and said she had trained especially hard so she could help publicize for the center. “Look at my butt, I wore this dress today specially to let everyone have a look, to know that our fitness center can help you get ideal results for your targeted body parts!”

Asked about which body parts of the opposite sex he is most drawn to, Sammy laughed and replied, “I feel like a trained arse is really attractive whether on a male or female, for myself, I really like how well-defined James Bond’s (referring to the actor in the popular action franchises) butt looks when he’s in a suit,” Politely declining the reporter’s question to elaborate more on whether Shirley’s butt meets the mark for him, he only said that Shirley is still keen on attaining a shapelier bottom! Already a regular gym-goer, the 30-year-old actress said “That’s right, I want my trainer to be even stricter with me.”

Source: HK01

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  1. I actually watch them on YouTube and they are quite funny and very compatible. They are a hot couple for sure. Shirley has done loads of plastic surgery to look the way she does now face wise but her body she worked hard for. And Sammy has always looked good, now even bigger and better than before. Wishing them much success at their new gym. It’s always a bright idea to start a business especially if their career isn’t taking off elsewhere.

    1. @Gnomageddon, Dang, now that you mentioned the PS I can see it now on her face…sad ah well, at least she works hard on the body. Good for them! I like Sammy as a singer too.

    2. Her fact looks very natural, good for her successful surgery. Not everyone is that lucky.

  2. Time to sign up to a Gym…I wonder just how often I will go to make my money’s worth???

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