The 8 Contestants on ViuTV’s New Cooking Show

Although viewers are comparing ViuTV’s newly premiered cooking show Hot Chef <辣伙頭> to TVB’s Cooking Beauties <美女廚房>, the show is more like Gordon Ramsay’s MasterChef. Of course, co-hosts Michael Tao (陶大宇), Derek Kok (郭政鴻), and Christian Yang (楊尚友) are incomparable to Gordon, but the eight contestants’ beauty can surpass the renowned chef.

It is known that the contestant with the least badges will be eliminated in each episode, but it’s hard to say who will be the last one standing. Continue reading to take a look at the eight participants’ weaknesses and strengths.

8. Lokyii (洛兒)

Lokyii started in the entertainment industry as a model before turning into a DJ a few years ago. Since then, she’s become known as Asia’s famous sexy female DJ, and recently, she has taken over the entertainment news section. Before Hot Chef even aired, it was reported that she almost burnt down the kitchen during the first episode. Lokyii also revealed in an interview that her younger brother is the only one in her family willing to taste her cooking. One can only guess she will not go far in the competition.

7. Yoshi Yu (余逸思)

Yoshi participated in ViuTV’s beauty pageant show, The Queen of D.n.A. (美選D.n.A), before joining the station officially. She received countless of opportunities and starred in many travel shows including Secret Travel 2 <暗中旅行 2>, Good Job <開工>, and Witch <旅巫>. As a travel expert who has tasted food from various places, one would think she knows how to cook a few dishes. However, in a live Facebook broadcast of Hot Chef, she served undercooked spaghetti, which caused Derek to wince. Her chances of winning appear to be quite low as well.

6. Shirley Sham (沈殷怡)

During her first year with ViuTV, she was cast as Adam Cheng’s (郑少秋) daughter in Psycho Detective 2 <詭探前傳>. Even though she’s still an amateur actress, her sweet performance won over the support of male viewers. She has further impressed the audience with her hosting skills on programs like Primary School Quiz 2019 <小學校際通識大賽2019>, Mastermind <估你唔到>, and Wars <今日疫情>. Although she is presentable with her good looks, she may not be well versed in the kitchen because she has never cooked a meal before participating in Hot Chef.

5. Larine Tang (鄧月平)

A Hong Kong actress and model, Larine made her debut in ViuTV’s beauty pageant show The Queen of D.n.A. She was once nominated for the best new performer award at the 2018 Hong Kong Film Awards. Not too long ago, she gained attention for putting on 40 pounds for the movie, The Abortionist <墮胎師>, which was released in theaters last month. Now, her fans can catch her showing off her cooking skills on Hot Chef.

4. Ashina Kwok (郭奕芯)

This EEG artist has been acting since 2015. Some of her recent works include The Lady Improper <非分熟女> and The Fallen <墮落花>. Like Larine, Ashina is experienced in the kitchen, so she’ll probably stay in the competition for at least a few more weeks.

3. Isabella Chang (陳海寧)

Isabella began working as an actress since graduating from college in 2016. She has made appearances in a series of movies and television shows, and Hot Chef is her latest venture. She’ll probably get a lot of screen time if she manages to utilize her cooking skills to prolong her time on the show.

2. Sophie (蘇菲)

Sophie is a new artist that joined Macau’s online entertainment platform, Manner, which features funny short films. Some of them are quite popular in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, and other places. Although she only participated in a few of those films, she already caught the eyes of netizens. Since she studied in the United States for several years before returning to Asia, she can probably whip up a home cooked meal with ease.

1. Shirley Chan (陳欣妍)

Shirley is considered a newcomer in the film and TV industry. When she debuted in 2017, she was cast in the films, Our Days in 6E <我們的6E班> and I Miss You <沒有傍晚的後天>. She was even a host on the red carpet of the 38th Hong Kong Film Awards. Aside from films, she also stepped foot in the TV sector and participated in the drama, Dark City <黑市>. As for her cooking? Shirley often shares photos of her cooking on Instagram, and you can tell it tastes good just by the presentation.

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