Shirley Chan is Not Worried About Sammy Sum Cheating

With her boyfriend Sammy Sum (沈震軒) currently filming in China, Shirley Chan (陳欣妍) is not worried about being temporarily apart. Though cheating easily occurs when a couple spends a lengthy amount of time away from each other, Shirley has full confidence in Sammy and their two-year relationship.

Meeting on the set of movie The Lost Tracks in the Paradise <狼人遊戲>, Sammy and Shirley were immediately attracted to each other. While both are prioritizing their careers first, Shirley said they have “a very stable relationship and see each other as potential marriage partners.”

Because of Sammy’s filming commitments in China, the couple has not met up in four months. The long distance does not make Shirley worried, as the couple can do video calls and there is mutual trust between them. Sammy would also update Shirley on his plans and let her know where he is going at all times.

With Mid-Autumn Festival approaching on October 1, the ViuTV actress revealed that she will be spending the holiday with her family by eating dinner and lighting up lanterns together. Sammy will also be back from Hong Kong briefly to join her for the festivities. When asked if Sammy has done anything romantic for her during Mid-Autumn, Shirley expressed, “I remember one year he bought me a really traditional rabbit lantern. It was a complete surprise, and I thought that was super romantic. You don’t have to try extremely hard to be romantic.”

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Sammy Sum is Dating Actress, Shirley Chan

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  1. Guys will have Temptations especially for one that’s cheated b4 and he’s in China mainland female artist will come knocking at your hotel door in the middle of the night I know that becuase during one of the board cast tv show of Kenneth rRon and bosco the host was asking is it true that female artist will come and knock on your door for a happy ending he say yes it will happen lol….honestly its nice that the GF trust Sammy but once a cheater always a cheater and I highly doubt that he’ll tell her if it does happen

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