Sammy Sum is Dating Actress, Shirley Chan

Rumored with numerous females in the past, Sammy Sum (沈震軒) was seen recently in public on a date with 25-year-old actress, Shirley Chan (陳欣妍). Hugging intimately despite being on a crowded street, the couple appears to be in a stable relationship.

Leaving TVB in 2016 and signing with Paco Wong’s (黃柏高) Sun Entertainment, Sammy’s career seemed to have taken a turn for the better with doors opening for him in television, movie, and music sectors. Now that his career is more stabilized, Sammy seems to be more open about his relationship as he didn’t mind going on dates with Shirley in public.

Meeting on the set of movie The Lost Tracks in the Paradise <狼人遊戲>, Sammy and Shirley immediately hit it off with each other. Although the two have not officially announced their relationship status, they were seen shopping for groceries, going on dates, and heading back home together.

With netizens doing some digging into Shirley’s past life, it was revealed that the actress was dating wealthy second-generation tycoon Tarzan Yip (葉韋彤) prior to dating Sammy. Having been with Tarzan for over half a year before splitting up, Shirley previously wrote a breakup post indicating her sadness,  while still offering her best wishes for Tarzan and his new girlfriend, JW (王灝兒).  

While Sammy had kept his dating life low-profile in the past in order to grow his career, it looks like the actor is not worried about hiding his new budding relationship with Shirley anymore. Currently starring in the new ViuTV drama Ho Yun Ho Jeh <好人好姐> as the first male lead, Sammy is romantically paired with Prudence Liew (劉美君), who is 20 years his senior.

Source: East Week

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