Sammy Sum Starts Gym Business

It will be a busy year for actor Sammy Sum (沈震軒), who will be revving up on the career and romantic fronts!

Now contracted to Emperor Entertainment, the 1.82m-tall former TVB actor revealed that he has pumped in a seven-digit figure to start a gym with business partners!

New Gym Business with Friends

Looking forward to his new identity come March, Sammy shared that he almost threw in all his savings into the business venture. “Russell Street in Causeway Bay is really costly, luckily the landowner is charging a lower pandemic rate,” Coincidentally, Emperor Entertainment CEO Albert Yeung’s (楊受成) luxury watch store is located directly a floor below the actor’s gym unit. “So I can pop over to bother boss when I’m free,” he quipped.

Setting his sights farther ahead, the savvy entrepreneur is already envisioning a fitness empire that will include, among other concepts, a “healthy café and beauty parlor”, and shared that he and his business partners are confident of turning profitable in a mere nine months’ time.

Surprise Proposal Brewing in 2023…?
Although his girlfriend Shirley Chan (陳欣妍) did not invest in the business, Sammy is already addressing her as “boss lady”. “She will also help me with word-of-mouth, the impression we give is that both of us love exercising,” he explains. The lovebirds, who have been dating for 5 years, also shared photo updates of recent vacation to Thailand, with Shirley commenting with amusement that the first thing Sammy did on reaching their hotel was  heading to check out the gym facilities!

Asked about whether marriage is on the cards since the two share a stable relationship, the sweet boyfriend said that he is already planning, “(Will) do my best to give her a surprise, there’s plenty to prepare, but I’ve nailed down the arrangements, which will all happen within this year, but though I’d (be keeping) a low profile,” Asked about whether he will share any news with the public, he said, “You’ll know when it happens. I’m turning 40 in May, it’s an age to be working hard, I think it is also a new beginning.”

Source: HK01

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