Sammy Sum Works Out for the Perfect Abs

It took a decade for Sammy Sum‘s (沈振軒) to become a star at TVB. Building up his recognition from minor to supporting roles, the 36-year-old actor nevertheless decided to leave the station in 2016 to broaden his opportunities in China by accepting drama and movie offers.

When Sammy was at TVB, he never became an A-list celebrity. However, his career is now rising thanks to his masculine image. His current figure is amazing, and many questioned how his transformation happened. Sammy decided to share his workout routines on Instagram for those hoping to gain a new image like himself.

From his videos and pictures on Instagram, it was evident that Sammy has been working really hard on developing his muscular abs, chest, and legs. His two-hour workout consists of many barbells and chest presses to achieve his sculpted look.

Source: HK01

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  1. In the entertainment industry and especially for actors, getting sculpted abs does nothing for your career prospects……….It does boosts self-confidence and self-ego when you take off your shirt and stare in the mirror, but other than that, it does not get you good roles or enhance your career……….Unless you plan to be a Chinese Rambo or Terminator.

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