Sandra Ng Reins in Peter Chan’s Cheating with Daughter

Last week, mainland Chinese actress and film investor, Tian Pujun (田朴珺), revealed her close relationship with Hong Kong director Peter Chan (陳可辛). Pujun’s spilling of her involvement with Peter for the past 10 years raised eyebrows as he was concurrently dating Sandra Ng (吳君如), with whom they have a 7-year-old daughter together.

Calling Peter her soul mate, Pujun shared bits of Peter’s everyday life in a column she wrote for a magazine. Her knowledge of Peter is astounding, and could even list out the essentials Peter would pack in his suitcases.

Sandra faced the rumors calmly and joked on her Weibo, “It does not matter, as I know his heart (and money) belong to me!”

Sandra Caught Peter in Bed

Though Sandra reacted to the rumors in a carefree manner, a tabloid magazine recently reported that she had known about Pujun for quite a while. Last year, it was reported that Sandra had confronted Peter and Pujun in their hotel room in Beijing. Threatening to leave him and bring their 7-year-old daughter Jillian Chan (陳是知) with her, Peter agreed to break it off with Pujun.

A source allegedly close to the pair reported, “Sandra was smart. When Peter was filming American Dreams in China <中国合伙人> [in Beijing], her calls would fly to his voice mail. Sandra knew something was up so she secretly flew to Beijing to meet with him. Finally, she confronted Peter and Pujun in their hotel room. With Sandra’s strong personality, she wouldn’t let something like this slide. Peter then said that he could never leave Sandra and their daughter, and that he would always return home. Because he wanted to find inspiration for his film, he wanted to keep his life exciting. Sandra threatened a breakup, and told him that she would bring their daughter with her. Peter really loves his daughter, so he immediately promised Sandra that he would break things off with that woman.”

Peter and Pujun allegedly met in 2004, when Pujun was shooting Peter’s Dumplings <三更 2之餃子>. With Pujun’s strong connections with various Chinese film investors, Peter and Pujun quickly grew close. Pujun is also credited as executive producer for American Dreams in China.

These claims were never clarified, as both parties refused to respond to the rumors. Sandra turned down phone interviews. Peter, on the other hand, is busy promoting American Dreams in China at the 2013 Chinese Film Festival, which is currently being held in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Peter Did Not Want to Get Married

Although the couple have a 7-year-old daughter, Peter and Sandra never married. A source said, “Actually, Sandra considered marriage with Peter for their daughter, but Peter was feeling hesitant. Said he didn’t really believe in marriage. He and Sandra lived in the same building for many years, but they don’t live in the same flat. They say it’s because they want to give each other more creative space, but it’s actually more because they don’t want their daughter to control them. Peter mentioned that [Sandra] is in charge of his finances, but that’s not really the case. For many years, they never shared the same properties, because they never married. If anything happens in the future, Sandra wouldn’t be able to divide his assets.”

A Player Spots Another Player

Sandra once mentioned in an earlier interview that she found it “normal” to see Peter with other women. She said, “A man in this industry who has money, fame, and status but no women? Are you kidding me?” She then added, “But nothing can pass my eyes.”

Despite Peter’s countless cheating rumors, Sandra remained supportive of Peter. However, Hong Kong director and actor, Matt Chow (鄒凱光), spilled on a recent program that a famous Hong Kong director who is known for being loyal to his celebrity wife is actually quite amorous in his private life.

Matt said, “There is a famous director who cheats around. He has a celebrity wife. He’s always pretending to be a good husband but in private, he actually has many girlfriends.”

In a follow-up interview, Matt was asked if the famous director he mentioned was good friend, Peter Chan. He said quietly, “I don’t know if I said that. I really don’t know. It’s been a long time… I don’t remember.” Asked if Peter is a flirtatious person, Matt laughed, “I don’t know! But compared to me, he’s not even qualified.” Professing that he once dated 20 girls at once, was Matt implying that Peter had at least 10 girlfriends before?

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    1. Haha..LOL..True, but even very ugly guys are cheaters. I remember one of my friend’s sister’s brother said to us one time, whoever told you guys that handsome guys do not have a heart = 靚仔無本心 is NOT true, ugly guys are as well. 1000% true haha…

    2. i dont think ugly has anything to do with getting girls. as long as he got dinero~

    3. Sandra is not Jue Shi Mei Ren either, but there is way more to anyone than just looks. OF course money is a big part of it too. However, Sandra herself is not poor and she is a successful actress so it is not like she has to rely on him to support her.

  1. Good thing Sandra is smart in this relationship or things could be a lot worse.

    1. Not sure if she is smart but she is tolerant. Maybe she is doing it for the sake of their daughter??

    2. That is not smart. If she is smart, she would divorce his ass off in the first place.

      1. hhaaha That’s true. The dude had it all figured out, they are NOT even married so what’s there to get 1/2 his fortune??? Had a kid and still just living together, doesn’t that tell you something about the guy? sigh….

      2. Even if they are not married, she could get rid of him and find another guy who is better the last guy.

    3. I’m just wondering. It seems that women expect rich, talented, famous men to be attractive to women. Hence, they understand that women will take iniative to get close. Also understanding mens nature, it’s no surprise they will get involved etc etc. So they tolerate this behavior. Why is it so often that a women tolerate such behavior??

      Why can’t the roles be turned around??

  2. Wow, the fact Sandra is so open about it, she’s really quite something. I don’t know if I would ever be able to let my future man be engaged in such activities but at the same time I feel like she’s extremely smart as to how she plays this game. I guess sometimes instead of trying ot change a person whose personality is just impossible to do so, it’s better to work around those harsh corners if you really do love them so much.

    1. Me too and it’s not like she HAS to be/stay with him. She chose to so had to accept him for who he is. Also, the fact that he refused to legally marry her shows something in this case. I personally would not just stay with a guy if he is not willing to marry me.

  3. when you’re rich and tail keeps throwing themselves at you, how are you supposed to resist? he’s just being a man

    1. Good point. There is a Chinese saying” Which cat doesn’t eat fish!”

    2. yeah… he’s an ugly ol’ fart, but he’s filthy rich and also a director. Just like in movies, all those chicks wanting to be superstars will flock around him and offer themselves for free just to get a role in a movie.

    1. He is not good looking and he’s unlikely to have a good heart, doesn’t want to committe. Wake up Sandra

  4. You only live once. Why put yourself so low just for money fame and the cause of your daughter’s childhood. Having parents living like them is totally insane. Woman that spoiled their husband and talked themself into believing you got their heart and money is not a happy woman. This guy is a douche bag and deserve no true love and respect. Sandra should leave him and find someone who respect her and love her. I heard Sandra have a bad childhood and she doesn’t believe in marriage too.

    1. It is sad that just because your parents divorce or that you do not have a good childhood causes you to not believe in marriage… How sad… It is Sandra’s choice so it is not like she has to stay with him. She can leave him easily since they are not legally married.

    2. YOLO is a bad motto to live by, it’s only a trend and a very dumb one created by Drake.

      I don’t believe everyone who is in a relationship/have a family together should get married, if they’re in love then that’s all it matters. Why settle your love only by papers? It’s only a title and quite frankly people these days could really care less for that. If Sandra is looking at it positively then so should we.

      1. People who think registering a marriage means only a paper – so, why can’t you take the extra step of signing a simple paper? Why the reluctance?
        Even in olden days, when there is no marriage registrar, there were church wedding/handfasting, etc… It signifies a commitment/vow by both party to each other for life and isn’t something to be taken lightly.
        When I was reluctant to register my marriage with my partner, it is because I was scared of the commitment and responsibility to my partner as I respect the institution of marriage. However, after I got over the initial fear, I have to change my mindset. I have signed on the dotted line, sworn in front of witnesses – therefore, I am committed to be faithful to our marriage through thick and thin instead of easily throwing in the towel and say I Quit.
        Unless one is in an abusive relationship, both parties should always find ways to compromise.
        Therefore, to me, those who do not respect marriages would be the modern couples who give up on relationship easily because they have not found the person they feel they can commit to for life. It’s like they’re hanging on to a float while waiting for someone better to come along – don’t give the excuse of if you love each other the paper don’t mean a thing. You’re only cheating yourselves and if you look deeply into yourself, it’s because you can’t overcome your fear of committing yourself to someone.
        Like Sandra – she can say what she wants. But those who understand knows, if Peter were to sincerely offer her marriage or propose to her without fail and try to change her mind, she would definitely want to get married (if not for herself, then for her child). It’s usually the men who seem reluctant to commit (especially those rich and successful ones) and the women, sensing that and unwilling to let go (either due to love or $) would turn a blind eye and nonchalantly say they don’t think a piece of paper is important.

      2. @bizzybody,
        You have said what I wanted to say and thanks for sharing your experience as well. I just feel that it is a bit sad when people think that the marriage registration and all is just a piece of paper. It is not just any old piece of paper, it is a paper that represents your love and union. Basically the meaning behind it is strong and important. I do not think a guy truly loves and wants to spend the rest of your life with you if he is not willing marry you and sign those papers. I feel that it shows that they are afraid of commitment and just want to leave whenever they want without going through the fuss and trouble of a divorce. That to me shows that they do not want to commit and have second thoughts as well as doubts whether they want to spend the rest of their lives with you.

  5. Any guys regardless of their looks can cheat if girls were to throw themselves at them,what it matters is whether they are able to resist. So bottom line is their heart and tolerance ability.

    The fact there are more women than men in this world,so there is a tendency for women to throw themselves at men out of desperation. Also some guys cheat to boost their ego.

    1. True. Especially a director who will have many stars wannabes who will throw themselves to get roles. Sad.

  6. Just a question…..if a man wants his another half to accept his way of finding “inspiration” for his film, does it mean she can also use this way of finding “inspiration” for her acting skill? Can he accept it?

  7. Jerk! I feel sorry for Sandra and her daughter! Please dump him! You need him!

  8. People as a whole cheat regardless of ethnicity and nationality, but it seems to have become a common cultural practice in HK, especially for men in the entertainment industry, to have affairs and for women to turn a blind eye. (Just think Alan Tam, Nat Chan, Jackie Chan, Michael Miu, etc.)
    The “I know his heart (and money) belong to me” attitude is really quite weak and pathetic. Women in HK need to start standing up for themselves already and stop tolerating men who can’t keep their pants on, especially when the reason for cheating is because “he wanted to find inspiration for his film, he wanted to keep his life exciting”. A lame excuse, to say the least!

    1. Exactly, Sandra Ng was kind of a comedian actress right? Perhaps, that kind of lame excuse reply works on herself but when others hear it, it shows how pathetic and stupid a woman sound like.
      But let’s face it, she is no beauty but she might have a bit of money on her own since she’s been out forever but perhaps she needs his help to land roles herself b/c she is not really in demand but she is kind of does b/c of her connections to him? I mean, he’s so ugly and needing inspirations sound like a first class jerk of an excuse. If a woman really love that man, I doubt they will let him do whatever but if she needs him kind of financially still perhaps that’s why she is turning on the ‘one eye open and one eye close’ ?

  9. “Because he wanted to find inspiration for his film, he wanted to keep his life exciting.”

    most lame and cliche excuse ever. you want and exciting and inspirational life, go out into the world and live it. skydive, russian roulette. explore the wilderness, whatever.

  10. A cheap men. Feel like want to slap his face.
    As for Sandra, she is just in denial. If you have his heart, he won’t go around and cheat on you. You have long lost his heart. I really think they will separate soon. Didn’t this Peter chan go around and critisize everybody acting?. Seriously his movie are not that great either.

  11. AGREE that it’s stupid too. And not just the “I have his heart and $$$ line” … it only works for her because he cares enough for the daughter. Which is why Sandra is using her as ‘bargaining’ pawn leverage. That’s sad.

    Though it’s a surprise to learn he’s not faithful. I always thought they connected on an intellectual level, since she’s quick on the uptake.

    And that it would last bec she was no beauty type either (although she’s been keeping herself really toned these past yrs, and honed her fashion sense to more classy) …. bec he didn’t seem drawn to the pretty faces. Who knew?

    Sandra strikes me as a smart modern independent woman type, with guts and balls. Yet, .

    She’s not ugly either (compared to Mak Ling Ling the fortune teller, she’s a beauty).

    Yet …..
    I really don’t know why some women choose to live the rest of their lives like that. Isn’t it unpeaceful and torturous for themselves? Nor can it be satisfying to ‘catch adultery’ in hotel rooms.

    1. oh come on, sandra is in this relationship for the connection! that’s it! it is just a transaction between them and her chip now is her daughther.

      1. WHo said that people who got married marry for love?? Many marry for money, convenience,connections,etc….

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