Screenwriter of Korean Drama “Signal” Wants to Write a Sequel

Screenwriter Kim Eun Hee is famed for helming Netflix zombie series Kingdom, but she is also known for writing highly-rated crime drama, Signal. Although it has been five years since Signal aired, the talented screenwriter recently hints her desire to write a sequel for the thriller drama.

Released in 2016, Signal was hailed as breaking new ground in the time-travelling genre. The drama starred Lee Je Hoon as a detective who found a walkie talkie that allowed him to communicate with a cold case profiler from the future. With knowledge of the past and the future, the two team up to solve cold cases and prevent future crimes.

Given that the drama ended with some unanswered questions, many fans were hopeful that the drama would eventually have a sequel. While there had been chatter that a sequel was in the works, it was delayed due to casting issues.

Fortunately for fans, Kim Eun Hee renewed hope that the sequel could happen in the near future, “As a writer, Signal was the greatest gift ever given to me. Although the work cannot be made with just the determination of the writer, I want to show the sequel to the audience before I retire. I will try my hardest to make this happen. I really want to do it.”

Meanwhile, Kim Eun Hee is thrilled that Kingdom: Ashin of The North, a prequel of the Kingdom series, is receiving positive reception. Released last month, the special episode stars Jun Ji Hyun as the mysterious woman who traces the source of a special plant that can revive the dead.

Kim Eun Hee is currently writing the third season of Kingdom, and asked everyone to look forward to see how the different characters respond to a widespread and dangerous zombie pandemic.

Source: Korea Star Daily

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