Sean Xiao and Yang Zi in “The Oath of Love”

In the new drama, Sean plays a surgeon who romances Yang Zi, the daughter of a patient.

Soaring in popularity after the drama The Untamed <陳情令>, Sean Xiao (肖戰) is currently filming new romantic drama The Oath of Love <餘生請多指教>. He will play a surgeon named Gu Wei, alongside leading actress Yang Zi (楊紫).

A member of boyband X-NINE (X玖少年團), Sean has been in the industry for three years prior to The Untamed. The success of the drama caused him to go up in online search rankings with his every move being followed by fans. The Oath of Love, a novel-to-screen adaptation from the book of same name by Chinese author Bolin Shijiang (柏林石匠), tells the story of the female lead who meets her doctor’s father (played by Sean) in the hospital, and falls in love with him.

Recently released on-set photos have already evoked much discussions from fans who can’t wait for more. 26-year-old actress Yang Zi will play an innocent university undergrad who reveals her worries about her father’s illness, while Sean looks equally dashing whether focusing on his tasks in his gold-rimmed glasses or as a decisive doctor in his dashing surgeon outfit.

Source: Ettoday

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