Xiao Zhan Rumored to Star in “The Bridge”, a Drama About China’s Architectural Feats

A drama to commemorate the architectural feats of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge (HZMB) is slated to begin filming very soon, and production studios have started to open up casting calls.

The Bridge <大桥>, produced in celebration for the 100th year of the Communist Party of China, was first announced in 2018 with screenwriter Lu Tianming (陸天明) in the helm. The Bridge will be about the construction of the HZMB, a 55-kilometer (34-mile) bridge-tunnel system connecting Hong Kong, Zhuhai, and Macau with four artificial islands.

The drama will detail the struggles of local engineers as they work towards creating the longest sea-crossing bridge in the world. Originally scheduled to start filming in November 2019, production was pushed back due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The lead engineer He Buwei will be portrayed by veteran actor Chen Daoming (陈道明). Lead female character Xiao Huifang will be portrayed by Liu Mintao (刘敏涛). Starring alongside the two leads will be a team of younger actors, rumored to be The Untamed <陈情令> stars Xiao Zhan (also known as Sean Xiao 肖战) and Wang Yibo (王一博). If the rumors are true, The Bridge will be the duo’s first collaboration since The Untamed.

However, sources are saying that it is more likely that Xiao Zhan will be cast, as his manager Wang Liwei (王力威) is a shareholder of Xing Yuan Tian Hua, one of the drama’s production studios.

Source: HK01.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Wow! I’m so happy and excited for Xiao Zhan if this is true. He deserves it. After all the things happened to him – I hope more good projects will be offered to him. Jia you Xiao Zhan.

  2. I am so excited Xiao Zhan and Yibo might be in Bridges! I love the two actors they have already picked and with Xiao Zhan it could only be even better! I think Xiao Zhan and Yibo both would make great Engineers having worked with a lot of engineers myself. This makes my day and gives me something to look forward to. One of the things I really loved about the Untamed was the cinematography and the attention to details like close ups, lighting, photography techniques and capturing the small emotions that exist in every situation. Out of all the Chinese dramas I have seen since, the Untamed did the best with cinematography and music. Bridges will be such an epic show but I’m praying they give the topic the cinematography and attention to detail it deserves. I’m really hoping they will put it on Netflix with English subs as well.

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