Sebrina Chen, Simon Gong in “Fantasy Westward Journey”

Stealing the show due to her acclaimed role in Wu Xin The Monster Killer <無心法師> as the series’ main antagonist, Mainland Chinese actress Sebrina Chen (陳瑤) stars as the first female lead in new web series Fantasy Westward Journey <夢幻西遊> opposite Simon Gong (龔俊).

Having outshined the first female lead in the first installment of Wu Xin The Monster Killer, Sebrina reprises her role Yue Qi Luo in the sequel, Wu Xin The Monster 2 <無心法師 2>. However, in the sequel, Sebrina takes on the challenges of playing Yue Qi Luo’s alter ego, Xiao Ding Mao as well. Praised for her performance in the second installment, Sebrina is set to play another character with a split personality in the upcoming game-based series, Fantasy Westward Journey.

Recently, an extended trailer for the new series was released, showing Sebrina as a university student and skilled video gamer who takes on a gaming challenge with friends she met online. During a gaming session, glitches in the system caused by a bug transfers the powers of Sebrina’s gaming character to her. When Sebrina realizes that the merging of the online gaming personalities has also occurred with her friends, they start a pact to protect the world from unknown forces.

Although enamored by the new-found powers, Sebrina soon realizes that she got more than she bargained for. Unable to control her gaming character’s alter ego, Sebrina develops a split personality and seemingly switches back and forth between the ruthless Gu Jing Ling and her normal, innocent self.

Although superhero-themed series and movies are all the rage right now, regulations for this genre is rather strict in Mainland China. Luckily for fans of this genre, they will finally be able to watch all of their favorites in the upcoming Fantasy Westward Journey.

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