Simon Gong Jun & Elane Zhong in “Rising With the Wind”

Slated for an October 30 release, Simon Gong Jun (龔俊) and screen goddess Elane Zhong’s (鍾楚曦) anticipated urban romance Rising with the Wind <我要逆風去> has already secured over a million viewer reservations.

“Rising with the Wind” to Put Gong Jun Back into the Limelight?

Debuting successfully with 2020 sweet romance Begin Again <從結婚開始戀愛> and sealing his popular siusang status with Word of Honor <山河令> the following year, Gong Jun’s star appeared to dim when his performance was overshadowed by second male lead Liu Yuning (劉宇寧) in Legend of Anle <安樂傳>.

Hopes are therefore high for him to ride on Rising with the Wind and Fox Spirit Matchmaker <狐妖小紅娘月紅篇> to give his popularity a strong boost. However, with Elane Zhong and former boyfriend Zhang Yunlong’s (張雲龍) drama The Furthest Distance <最遙遠的距離> already airing — on top of swirling rumors of her and actor Terry Hou Wen Yuan (侯雯元) in the headlines, viewers might find it hard to immerse in their onscreen romance!

Will Viewers Take to their Onscreen Coupling?

With Zhang Yunlong on “The Furthest Distance”.

Billed as a motivational drama, Rising With the Wind’s production team had teased several short videos of Gong Jun and Elane’s interactions even before the drama was officially announced, to build up hype.

While Rising with the Wind teases tension and romance, Elane and Zhang Yunlong’s drama The Furthest Distance, which got a headstart airing on October 26, is replete with sweet moments of the onscreen couple kissing by the beach, and even testing a mattress at the furniture shop by laying on it together.

In fact, the two leads allegedly took their romance offscreen, but later broke up before The Furthest Distance was aired. Lately, Elane was pictured holding hands and waist-hugging actor Terry Hou, causing netizens to comment that Zhang Yunlong to appear rather ill at ease during a recent publicity event for Rising With the Wind, as if he had “eaten expired candy”.

The latest teaser shows Elane’s (Jiang Hu) character giving Gong Jun (young investor Xu Si) a hard slap.

Though Elane has denied talk of cheating, it remains to be seen how well viewers will take to her couple vibes with Gong Jun, amid her swirling offscreen rumors hitting the headlines.






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