Gong Jun and Zhong Chuxi Star in “I Want to Go Against the Wind”

Collaborating in Legend of Anle <安樂傳> with Diliraba Dilmurut (迪麗熱巴), Simon Gong Jun (龔俊) already has another drama I Want to Go Against the Wind <我要逆風去> added to his tight schedule, with filming expected to start in November.

Adapted from a novel of the same name by Chinese author Wei Zai (未再), the drama adaptation of I Want to Go Against the Wind will be helmed by the same production team of We Are All Alone <怪你過分美麗>. Also starring Elane Zhong Chuxi (鍾楚曦), the workplace romance tells the story of how a traditional family-run retail business revamps itself after rising competition from e-commerce.

An intelligent but arrogant daughter of a clothing enterprise CEO, Jiang Hu (Zhong Chuxi) has been living a sheltered life, shielded from harsh realities by her father. This all changes one day, as a sudden turn of events throws the 90-year-old company into disarray. With her father gone from the company, Jiang Hu faces a double whammy as she is forced to confront challenges from Xu Si (Gong Jun), an investor of the company whom she seems perennially at odds with.

With no choice but to face up to reality to save the declining family business, Jiang Hu achieves a small success by opening a new revenue stream via e-commerce. However, she faces pressure from Xu Si who challenges her marketing approach, and has to deal with pressing financial concerns of graduate entrepreneurs, all while trying to keep the enterprise from falling apart.

Source: Beauty 321

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