Yang Mi and Gong Jun to Star in Fantasy Romance

Yang Mi (楊冪), 35, and Gong Jun (龔俊), 29, are reportedly starring in a historical fantasy romance, but the actress’ fans are voicing their displeasure over her upcoming project.

Gong Jun Perceived as a “Risky” Costar

As Yang Mi is one of the highest-paid actresses in China, fans believe that her status allows her to  star with any A-lister in the industry. Instead, fans are confused why she decided to work with Gong Jun, whose breakout performance in last year’s Word of Honor <山河令> helped him gain millions of new fans, but still has yet to prove whether his popularity is here to stay.

In addition, Gong Jun has been embroiled in controversy when Word of Honor co-star Zhang Zhehan (張哲瀚) alleged the former actor’s team intentionally linked them together and used their “CP fans” couple fans) to earn money and gain popularity.

While filming Rising With the Wind <我要逆风去>, Gong Jun shared that restaurants in Qingdao were not providing in-house services. However, a video surfaced showing the actor having dinner with his co-star Zhong Chuxi (鍾楚曦) and his assistant at a local restaurant. When netizens questioned him, Gong Jun issued an apology and the drama production team came forth to clarify that the restaurant was indeed privately reserved for the cast and crew members. However, netizens were highly wary of their explanation and listed Gong Jun and Zhong Chuxi as “risky artistes” attracting negative gossip.

Yang Mi Should Stay Away from Idol Dramas?

Aside from worrying about her choice in co-star, some netizens also criticize Yang Mi for filming another historical idol drama instead of opting for more diversified genres. In her new drama, which is derived from popular video game series Fox Spirit Matchmaker <狐妖小紅娘月紅篇>, Yang Mi is slated to play a fox spirit once again. She has already played a fox spirit twice, in 2005’s Strange Tales of Liao Zhai <新聊齋志異之小倩>, and then again in 2017’s megahit Eternal Love <三生三世十里桃花>.

One netizen commented “Even though we hoped that rumors are not true, it looks like Yang Mi already accepted the series we should learn to accept it as well.”

Source: Up Media

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I don’t know why, but I can’t watch more than two episodes of Gong June’s dramas.

    1. They’re trying to milk his popularity right now. He did ok in Word of Honor; I felt ZZH had the more complex character and was underutilized. And a good script helped the show a lot.

  2. Lol… Must be fun to live Yang Mi’s life… she is having lots of fun pairing with different younger actors now… I bet she is really enjoying her life.

    But if this rumours were true…Gong Jun is going to benefit from it alot…He really need a good drama to stay popular… The recents dramas he starred it were rather boring…

      1. Both are doing rather well. Ruby Lin is quite successful as a producer; Yang Mi helped boost the careers of Diliraba, Zhang Binbin and Vengo Gao.

      2. I can see why people think that , but I felt like ruby only moved on when she moved her career back to Taiwan. I feel like Taiwanese people are more accepting and don’t need to produce so many idol dramas like China

    1. @ay789 Ruby Lin can’t help but gotta go back to Taiwan because she and her husband were suspected of evading tax in China.

  3. OMG please no! I am so tired of him. I had high expectations from him but he turned out to be just another traffic star. I can’t watch any of his dramas! I really would like to see young actors that sky rocket to overnight fame to take their time learn their trade, improve and be more than just fresh meat running from one drama to another while their star is shining whole 3.5 minutes.

    On the other side I can’t wait for new Hu Ge drama with little Wu who is not little anymore at all!

    1. I am a Superfan big fan of HU Ge!!! Not big by China standards but the fandom culture there is mental…
      I am too looking forward to his next project…

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