Selena Li and Boyfriend Share Passion for Sea-Diving

TVB actress Selena Li (李施嬅) and her current boyfriend, Christopher Hodgson (潘樹維), have been dating for a year. As a Marine Science Committee Chairman and a part of the Hong Kong Underwater Association Board of Directors, Christopher has a prosperous background and resides in a luxurious flat in the Mid-Levels worth over $10 million HKD. The 34-year old actress happily shared that the two bonded over a mutual passion for diving.

Selena admitted that it is easier to meet individuals from different backgrounds within the entertainment industry. However, she refused to label her boyfriend as a city bachelor, and emphasized that he is just a normal person. In fact, she has only seen him dressed up in a suit two or three times since they began dating.

With an adventurous and risk-taking nature, Selena loves to engage in activities such as hiking and sea-diving, which are also hobbies of her boyfriend. She enjoys interacting with marine animals, and has swum alongside turtles and sharks. Selena shared that one time, she chased after a whale shark only to run into a bullhead shark. The frightening experience was extremely memorable.

When there is time, Selena would love to continue exploring the world. She exclaimed, “There are still so many great diving spots I need to go to. I also want to see the northern lights. I hope my career goes well so that I can earn more money and cross off the items on my to-do list. Getting married and having kids are at the very bottom!” Selena added that if it becomes too late for her to have kids, adoption is always an option.

Cried From Liza Wang’s Praise

Guest starring as the young version of veteran actress Liza Wang’s (汪明荃) character in Master of Destiny <風雲天地>, Selena admitted she faced a lot of pressure while filming. In addition, all her scenes were extremely dark, featuring bankruptcy, the death of her husband, and nearly being raped. She had to cry in most of the scenes and she did not get enough sleep while filming in the hot weather in Beijing and Tianjin.

Liza is known for holding high expectations, and Selena was worried about her evaluation towards her. Before shooting the series, she studied several of Liza’s past dramas and took note of the vibes and feelings she exhibited. In the end, it turned out the veteran actress was extremely pleased with Selena’s performance and praised her acting three times. Selena revealed she was so happy that she cried tears as if she had won the lottery. In the future, she hopes they will have future collaborations.

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