Selena Li Considered for American TV Role

TVB held its annual Sales Presentation event to showcase upcoming dramas for 2018. Many current and previous company artistes were in attendance, including Nancy Wu (胡定欣), Elaine Yiu (姚子羚), Selena Li (李施嬅), and Ron Ng (吴卓羲).

Although Ron did not renew his contract in 2015, the 38-year-old actor remains on good terms with TVB. When asked whether he will film for TVB again, Ron revealed that he has remained in contact with the company regarding possible opportunities. However, he has not come across a suitable script that would fit his schedule yet. Since his departure, Ron has primarily focused his career in movies. In the upcoming year, Ron will be collaborating in a new film alongside Nick Cheung (張家輝).

Good friends Nancy and Selena attended the event together. Despite her toned physique, Nancy was dressed in a conservative red dress, while Selena donned a dress with a plunging neckline. When teased whether Nancy was purposely giving the limelight to her friend, Nancy said, “No! I just know what I look good in and what I don’t. All my girlfriends have fit bodies!”

Selena argued that her dress is not too daring. “It’s really nothing. Not too deliberate. I just returned from Shenzhen for filming, so I didn’t have time to shop for a dress. Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) knows my size, so she prepared this dress for me. I didn’t have a chance to take a look at it beforehand!”

This year, Selena won the Best Actress award at both the Los Angeles Film Awards and European Cinematography Awards for her role in the Hollywood short film, Once More. She is currently in talks about a new Hollywood project. Selena added, “Yes, it’s Hollywood! Actually, it’s an America drama. Hopefully it all works out!” Nancy added, “Hopefully she can help the Nonsense Club step into the American market. We can form a girl group and go film in the United States together!”

Nancy was also busy with work and will begin filming the new TVB drama, Justice Bao <包青天> next month. The two-time TV queen expressed, “I am very happy to be able to work with my good friend, Elaine Yiu. Later, we will travel to Mainland China for outdoor filming. Having a friend with me is always better, because we have to rent a hotel room for a month and a half. We will also have to go to Xinjiang for several days.”


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  1. I hope it’s not just a minor role that is being offered to Selina…at least also an important supporting role. Of course it would be better if she can be among the main casts…which i doubt so if it is a big production.

    Although yes, she won best actress in Los Angeles Film Award, but we don’t know how significant and well-recognized is that award to those in Hollywood. Anyway, all the best to Selina!

    1. @diana80 Its a small award but still happy that she won one. Forget about the nonosense club, just concentrate on your own path selena!

  2. they do all have very nice physique. Esp Nancy Wu, she can pull off any assassin role with Hollywood.

  3. Reading all these weinstein thing am quite worried for her. Am sure HK has same system but no one is speaking and no one will.

    1. @funnlim

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Weinstein made moves on Chinese actresses. Pictures of him at 2005 Cannes Film Fest party showed him leering at Tang Wei.

      1. @msxie0714 Harvey Weinstein apparently made moves on a Vietnamese actress before; it’s why she quit entertainment biz after that harassment. I really hope tang wei wasn’t part of his casting couch. though I’m sure china has their own version of casting couch, which might be even more lurid and secretive than their American counterparts

      2. @coralie
        sexual abuse is rampant in every sphere wherever there are men (or women in some cases) in power.
        hk also has their own version of the casting couch. young s.korea actresses have committed suicides because they could no longer endure the abuse.

      3. @msxie0714 @coralie He actually did hit on Asian actresses. Zhang Ziyi said in an interview recently that one of the reasons why she refused to participate in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon sequel was because of Weinstein (who was one of the executive producers for the film)….she didn’t give much detail but it’s implied that he tried to proposition her, claiming that he could help her win an Oscar. Michelle Yeoh said that Weinstein never harassed her, but that was probably because he knew she would probably beat the you-know-what out of him if he even tried to lay a hand on her.

      4. @llwy12 didn’t know that, good to know… I hope there are more actresses that managed to escape his claw.

        @msxie0714, unfortunately true. I’m glad Hollywood is shining a light on these nasty sickos (better late than never). i hope Asia will follow suit and prevent these dirty transactions from happening.

  4. Have always thought that Selina is the best actress in the nonsense club. She just failed to get a popular role.
    Hope she’ll have more opportunities abroad and at tvb

    1. @bubbles23 selena has gotten popular roles before. I think she’s a good actress, but when it comes to best actress among the group, mandy wong has my vote.

      1. @coralie

        I also choose Mandy Wong and another one is Nancy Wu as the best actresses among the group. Myolie is good too but Mandy and Nancy are my picks for the best actress.

        Actually i think it’s Mandy Wong who always failed to get a breakthrough role despite her good acting. How I wish Mandy was the first female lead in Law Disorder last year because her acting is way better than Ali Lee (who seems to be the first female lead) in the series.

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